SwissAllianceFX Review: A Desperate Broker

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SwissAllianceFX Review
  • License and Registration
  • Fund Safety
  • Contact Details and Customer Support
  • Client Testimonials


In case SwissAllianceFX chooses to leave the market today, clients won’t receive compensation. You will be left high and dry with no one to help you get your money back. The anonymity of the broker is unacceptable.

SwissAllianceFX allegedly has the most profitable opportunity for investors. Their trading conditions are ideal. The scheme lists 145 products that investors can diversify their accounts. They also guarantee there is no commission. The entity offers Web traders. We do not see anything unique about the venture. 

SwissAllianceFX Review, SwissAllianceFX Company

The online investment industry is competitive. Therefore, the legit brokers set the bar high. Nonetheless, scammers still make their way out, promising the best outcome but failing to deliver. The rookie clients are their main victims. If you aspire to get rich overnight, then you will only end up dealing with fraudsters. 

SwissAllianceFX is a convincing scheme. They make it appear as though their clients come first. The scheme allegedly always strives to provide professional services. The venture claims it has hired a professional team. Unfortunately, we are yet to see the, as the entity has not credited the express. This could be because the firm is bluffing, and the people handling your funds are incompetent.

Moreover, the broker claims it uses cutting-edge technology. However, no trading activities are happening. The broker has failed to provide its best trading performance. It has become the trend of con artists to fake having superior trading tools but providing basic materials.

Instead of wasting your time and money with a losing scheme you can try out some of the leading forex trading companies in the market. These are ventures that have been in the market for years. They have survived the volatility. You can also check out how they have been performing. Review

SwissAllianceFX states it has professional customer support. They also guarantee the safety of funds and traders’ data. However, this is a company that fails to disclose its banking information. We are not aware of the financial institution the entity segregates the accounts of users. There is a high possibility the deposit clients make goes to the wallet of the con artist.

Moreover, we have constantly warned clients against sharing their data with offshore firms. Even if they promise to use high-end encryption, never rely on the word of fraudsters. This is because it is impossible to trace down the con artists. They provide false contact details. Once you give them your phone number, they frequently call promising luring awards. You will innocently accept their terms only to end up losing money.

SwissAllianceFX can manipulate the trade. The support is said to assist clients in generating high ROI. The worrying factor is that there is no proof that anyone has earned funds. The majority of offshore schemes are after looking after their selfish gains.

Before investing with any online venture, ensure they are operating legally. Numerous scammers are tactical in the market. Blindly trusting their sales pitch could lead to your complete loss.

Trading Conditions and Accounts

SwissAllianceFX claims it provides multiple analytical tools to help inventors gain profits. The firm attributes its success to its team and superior technology. They allegedly know how to make novice traders professionals. 

The entity has four trading accounts. The minimum amount that you can start trading with is 10,000 EUR. We are yet to see extraordinary features that the broker possesses. The venture also offers bonuses to clients. The monthly returns vary but range between 15% to 70%. The offer is intriguing, but it is impossible to earn such a high ROI in a short timeframe. Even professional traders will tell you there are both good days and bad ones.

All the accounts have an account manager. SwissAllianceFX’s last three accounts have webinars, daily market analysis, and free withdrawals. The more money you deposit, the more perks to enjoy. For instance, clients that purchase the mega plan receive daily trading signals. We cannot validate that investors are earning.

The scheme offers leverage of 1:100. It is beyond what the EU permits. Therefore, this is enough validation that the scheme is unregulated. Their spread is 1.7 for the EURUSD pair. It is not lucrative as better entities are offering better outcomes.

SwissAllianceFX Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods are Visa and MasterCard. Nonetheless, we cannot certify that the options are what the scheme is accepting. SwissAllianceFX does not plan on giving investors back their money. Their terms state that the withdrawal process will be processed within 30 days of opening the account. Review, Features

It is unacceptable. The legit ventures handle the request within 24 hours and at most 48 hours. The least amount to cash out is $50. The information about the bonus is missing. This is a dangerous offshore platform. Could you stay away from them?

Contact Details and Customer Support

SwissAllianceFX fails to disclose its office location. The anonymity of this venture is baffling. You should not waste your time and funds with the Ponzi scheme. A company that does not see the need for hiring professional support does not care about the experience you will get from them.

Ask yourself if you face any challenge who will resolve the issue? They have an email address, but we highly doubt the fraudsters shall waste time responding. Legit investment ventures invest highly in their support team. They also operate around the clock. 

Clients Testimonials

SwissAllianceFX brags ever since it joined the market, the platform has met the expectation of investors. They have contributed to the growth of many traders globally. The statement that the venture avails indicates that the broker is professional.

Their analytical tools are super helpful. There is also a demo account that helps investors familiarize themselves with the trading activities of the entity. However, the entity is bluffing as it uses stock images. Therefore, they write what they want clients to see. There are no reliable reviews from their real clients. We checked everywhere online to no avail. 

Scammers tend to pay their marketers to advertise their bogus services. Once you sign up to their website using the promotional code, they receive a fat commission. The fact is the individuals have not earned using the venture. Normalize checking for proof of payment.

Regulation Status of SwissAllianceFX

The scheme is targeting investors from the European Union. This is one of the regions that has strict rules for investment schemes. The entity has not attained the capital of 730K EUR. They are also not reporting their daily trading activities to anyone. Moreover, the information regarding the parent company is missing.

In case SwissAllianceFX chooses to leave the market today, clients won’t receive compensation. You will be left high and dry with no one to help you get your money back. The anonymity of the broker is unacceptable.

Offshore entities tend to change their terms and conditions without giving notice. The safety of your money is in grave danger. Instead of risking dealing with a Ponzi scheme, stick to the legit investment schemes in the industry. You get to enjoy peace of mind. 

Final Verdict

SwissAllianceFX is an entity that allegedly utilizes technology to yield high outcomes. Investors across the globe can utilize the services of the venture. However, the platform operates illegally. They do not have a license from any reputable body. They are also operating as they please without minding the consequences of their activities. 

Instead of wasting your funds in a losing entity we recommend that you stick to some of the best forex trading brokers that are reputable. These are entities with the best trading conditions for investors. You will trade with confidence and earn passive income as you boost your trading skills. 


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