SwissFXPro Review: A Notorious Scam

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SwissFXPro Review
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SwissFXPro does not have any past trade data that verify any trade activities taking place. They urge initial traders to invite new members and gain commission from the invitee deposits.

SwissFXPro is an offshore forex broker that provides forex, CFDs ad Crypto trading. However, do not be so quick to fall for their catch and deposit funds yet. Hold that thought because we unravel reasons why we do not think you will benefit profitably. Investing with these legit transparent forex brokers will generate reasonable profits for you. Through the various techniques that are guarantee to generate reasonable profits.

The main concern here is transparency and a lot of data has been left out without any explanations. Details of the founders of SwissFXPro and the team of employees are hidden raising more doubts on the investment firm.

The founders’ details help you in knowing the kind of qualifications they hold and whether or not it will be wise to trust them with your funds. Who is controlling funds and operations of SwissFXPro is unknown.

SwissFXPro Review, SwissFXPro Company

Thus not only will you be on the verge of losing funds but also personal information to criminals. Scammers will try every means possible to hide information from clients and rob as much as they can from you. They also result in opening new platforms and try to continue robbing innocent investors. Moreover, if there is no data on the founders then also the strategy and systems in place are questionable.

SwissFXPro is shady in the methods of operation. The algorithm and systems that are in use are also not known. They allegedly provide forex trading services even to newbie traders. Yet how they plan to do this is also not known. Review

SwisFXPro will lure you with attractive bonuses to try and get you to deposit funds with them. Therefore when you fall for the catch and deposit money. They will try and rob you more or your details may even be blocked from accessing any of their services.

The company only seems to be targeting us to deposit funds. Pop-ups keep appearing on the website with attractive offers and bonuses. You will not receive any bonus and even if you get it you cannot withdraw.

SwissFXPro does not have any past trade data that verify any trade activities taking place. They urge initial traders to invite new members and gain commission from the invitee deposits.

However, you will only be risking your friends or family to become scam victims. Meanwhile, to prevent all this shame why not invest with legit forex brokers and earn reasonable profits.

The returns to expect from are unknown. No risk measures are known to us and even experts within the niche will avoid the platform at all costs. There is a lot of data missing in the sales pitch raising doubts about the services to expect. You should always find all the relevant details on the company and without any details on the founders or style of operation, SwissFXPro is definitely a scam.

SwissFXPro claims to have a team of professionals and experts with years of experience who help in determining market conditions and analysis. The timeframe that is in use or the leverage is also not known.

SwissFXPro Funds Safety

SwissFXPro accepts several payment methods: Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. However, depositing funds here is very risky. You will only be making the anonymous founders rich.  There is no banking information to assure us that funds are safe and within reach. There is also no refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the services they provide. 

Hence you may even be shocked to find out that they are storing your money in personal accounts. SwissFXPro main interest is the funds that you deposit once this is done. You may never receive a single call from them.

They may hold your money for a very long time and some transactions are irreversible. In addition, there is no customer seen to successfully withdraw profits from

No educational materials are available or any training materials to help you understand their services. Trading involves taking risks whereas trusting the wrong forex broker may lead to significant losses.

The platform was anonymously launched into the market yet they claim to be at the top level when it comes to trading. Consequently, if they were making trading easier SwissFXPro would be known across the globe and traffic also would be different.

Testimonials and Awards

SwissFXPro uses fake data of “happy investors” who claim to have made huge profits. The trait is very common among scammers and you should only invest with companies that have verifiable evidence.

The names of some of the customers if not all are made up. Others are used against their own will. Nevertheless, they also claim to have won multiple awards that do not exist anywhere. Testimonials are very important. However, blindly believing any claims from SwissFXPro will lead to investment losses.

Customer support

Working customer support is very important in earning trust with the company. SwissFXPro has no contact support details. Therefore if you have any queries related to the platform reaching them is almost impossible. The location’s whereabouts are also not known to us and a major red flag.

There is no way you can reach anyone once you lose money in SwissFXPro.  Thus it is only wise that you avoid the company at all costs. 

SwissFXPro Regulation

SwissFXPro does not fall under any regulatory body.  So they are operating illegally against the set guidelines. They may easily break the law whenever they choose to this is because they are answerable to no one.

The company may also go out of existence at any time with all your funds. Meanwhile regulated platforms will always showcase a very high level of transparency. Funds safety in regulated platforms is not questionable. Your money is always safe and you can easily receive any type of assistance you require. 

The founders of SwissFXPro risk facing charges once they are caught by the law enforcers.  Most countries have made it mandatory for any trading companies to generate funds from public regulation is mandatory. 

Regulated platforms will even use their legit verifiable documents on the website. This helps them attain more willing investors. SwissFXPro uses fake registration papers and company numbers.

Beware of registration and regulation as they vary and you should not confuse one for the other. Scammers can barely afford to pay for regulation papers and they will try every way possible to beat their way out of this 

Final Verdict

SwissFXPro has no evidence of any trade activities taking place. The founders’ details are hidden from the public. You wouldn’t risk your funds with a company that is not transparent.

Furthermore, there is no data on regulation to show you are dealing with a legit investment firm. The company uses fake testimonials and awards to try and seem legit. Their main area of interest seems to be the funds’ customers deposit. 

The sales page is also poorly presented and misses relevant information. Besides the trading world is rapidly increasing. Scammers also try to take advantage despite the various measures put by governments to protect citizens. To save yourself from Ponzi schemes you should make a wise decision and only trust. Legit regulated and tested forex brokers to generate reasonable returns for you.

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