SwissSafeway Review: a Shocking Firm

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SwissSafeway Review
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A company cannot operate on the jurisdiction without having a capital of 20 Million Swiss Frank. Moreover, they must also register as a bank. SwissSafeway can’t afford the license. The people that are behind the entity cannot afford an open trading platform.

SwissSafeway allegedly creates the best trading environment for traders. They have competitive trading assets. The firm is using a Web trader interface. The platform brags it provides clients with the best trading educations in the market. Unfortunately, we did not have the advantage of viewing the materials. Hence, we cannot validate the material are of high quality to both novice and expert traders.

swissSafeway Review, swissSafeway Company

The entity claims it has professionals handling the accounts of investors. However, they fail to credit the team. They expect investors to believe there are experts involved blindly. It would help if you were careful with the information that brokers avail. There is a high need to research as it helps to display the obvious red flags.

SwissSafeway assures clients it invest in top-notch security. How comes the broker does not fall under any regulatory body in the market. The only assurance that clients need is for a scheme to display its license. Unfortunately, signing up with the platform only exposes you to more hazards. The entity can exit the market unceremoniously without giving notice.

Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are leading and reputable ventures that provide professional services for clients. Their trading conditions are ideal. You can also view the performance of the schemes. Review

Investors can invest some of the best assets in the market. The account manager allegedly provides the best analysis. Therefore, clients will be able to make a sober decisions. The clients also have the accessibility to the latest news. The withdrawal and deposit are automatic.

Offshore schemes do not waste money hiring customer support. However, SwissSafeway claims that the issues of clients are handled fast as the team operates 24/5. Once you deposit, you will be in communication with the sales reps. They will be engaging and polite. This is until you make a deposit. At first, the broker may pay to win your trust.

Sadly, if you deposit more money and keep enquiring about the whereabouts of the cash, the scammers will cut you off. Instead of wasting your money with fraud, we recommend you find a genuine broker that will help you earn real-time returns. SwissSafeway claims it gets its liquidity from the top providers in the industry. They do not mention any names.

The company has recently joined the market. It takes time to be reputable. The industry is super competitive. The legit ventures update their services to maintain their popularity. It is a big surprise that there are individuals that are still falling for the sales pitch of the con artists.

Trading Conditions of SwissSafeway

SwissSafeway allegedly grants investors the power to trade various assets. They can build their portfolio regardless of being professional or rookie traders. The platform has a web trader interface. The MT4 and MT5 software have multiple advantages. Review, Features

The leverage of the scheme is 1:300. It is beyond what the government approves. In Australia and the EU, the leverage is 1:30, while in the USA and Canada, it is 1:50. The risks that are awaiting you in this murky firm are huge.

Withdrawal and Deposits

SwissSafeway is allegedly accepting payment via MasterCard, Visa, and Bank transfer. Unfortunately, the entity leaves out essential information. They fail to feature the minimum amount that clients can deposit. We also can’t validate if the listed payment options are indeed what the scheme is taking.

The withdrawal information is also inadequate. We can’t tell how long it takes for the scheme to handle the request of investors or the minim amount to cash out. The only available data is that of trading bonuses. If you accept the bonus of $200, you must meet a turnover of $5 million, which is the same as 50 lots. It is ridiculous.

False Testimonials of SwissSafeway

Th scheme features a testimonials section on their website. The individuals are praising the account managers or offering excellent trading services. Despite the clients being new to the market, the professionals are patient and guide them. Currently, they have become expert traders, and they trade in the volatile market with confidence.

Those that were searching for an extra source of income endorsed SwissSafeway. They exploit the opportunities in the market. The venture has the best technology and competitive features. They are peerless to the rest of the brokers.

It would help if you were not quick to believe these statements. We found out that the entity is using stock images. The above individuals have nothing to do with the scheme. The Ponzi scheme leaves the information itself if they can stoop this low. Who knows what else the entity may be hiding.

We recommend that you look for clients’ testimonials on third-party websites. At least here, the fraudsters cannot manipulate the reviews. Moreover, check for verified trading results or proof of payment.

Contact Details and Customer Support

SwissSafeway features an office address that indicates it hails from SVG. This is one of the notorious areas that act as a hotspot for the Ponzi scheme. It is impossible to go after the scheme. Hardly do investment firms that come from the country survive long in the market. They end up abandoning their clients after their systems collapse.

Investors can reach the support via email or phone. We cannot validate that the team is responsive. We are yet to encounter a real trader that has tried out their services. Nonetheless, firms from the place do not care about the quality of services that investors receive. Once they get their hands on victims’ funds and realize you have run out of cash, they deem you useless.

They can even blacklist your phone number. The emails will also be ignored. You are not safe with a suspicious scheme. We recommend that you invest with open platforms that understand the importance of having a good support team.

Regulation Status of SwissSafeway

The government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines does not license investment schemes. Therefore, any broker that claims to have offices in the country is operating illegally. The domain name suggests the company originates from Switzerland. However, this is another scammer’s ploy.

The country has a strict regulatory body. A company cannot operate on the jurisdiction without having a capital of 20 Million Swiss Frank. Moreover, they must also register as a bank. SwissSafeway can’t afford the license. The people that are behind the entity cannot afford an open trading platform.

Your money is not safe as it may be deposited in the wallet of the con artists. You cannot recover a single penny. Moreover, the entity is also not reporting its trading activities to the authority. They can easily manipulate the price. The terms and conditions of the entity can also change. Offshore schemes are hazardous.

Stick to the regulated forex trading companies. They have multiple advantages for traders. For instance, the EU watchdog will compensate clients in case they face bankruptcy. Moreover, the financial bodies set trading conditions to protect consumers against losing funds.

The Domain Insight

SwissSafeway is a platform that was allegedly established in September 2021. The people behind the scheme are responsible for various other Ponzi schemes. The domain name is expected to expire after one year. Their trust score and traffic are low.

Final Verdict

SwissSafeway is not a legit investment scheme. The people behind the platform will eventually shut down the platform. There are no benefits to the shady platform. We recommend that investors choose the best forex trading entities in the market. You will earn passive income. The trading conditions of the schemes are also genuine.

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