Syganica Review: a Dark Broker

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Syganica Review
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Syganica’s withdrawal information is inadequate. Also, offshore firms rarely allow their victims to cash out funds. They disappear with the money and deactivate their websites. Your money is only safe with a licensed company.

Syganica might seem like the best opportunity for traders. However, there is more than what meets the eye. The broker uses false information to market its services. For instance, the venture is allegedly an award-winning investment platform. 

Syganica Review, Broker

The information is vague since the company has only been in the market for a short duration. Additionally, the scheme has low website traffic. This means that there are not many people interested in the platform. 

Syganica does not reveal the organisations that credit them for being the best in the market. Moreover, the firm lacks trading performance. There is no evidence that the scheme is investing customers’ funds. Review 

We are yet to see the audited trading performance. Do not be surprised if you realize the venture is cooking data. The broker is not reporting daily transactional history as it is a requirement for the financial bodies. Instead of risking the safety of your cash and data invest only with genuine crypto firms

Syganica is operating behind the shadows. The platform has not credited its team. We are unaware if the people behind the entity are professionals. A broker must provide all the necessary information of their financial analyst, parent company, and account managers. The process instils confidence in traders. 

Syganica Trading Conditions and Accounts 

Syganica provides a web-based trading platform. The interface is easy to use but lacks advanced trading features. Expert traders won’t waste their time and resources with basic software when there are better trading tools. Investors should be able to trade automatically and keep track of their active orders. 

The entity accepts a minimum deposit of $1,000. The amount is extremely on the high end. The broker has not proven itself and you shouldn’t deposit such an amount when companies are accepting $10 up to $250.

Syganica accepts a leverage of 1:100. The cap is unfarable and exposes traders to high risks. Offshore entities entice clients to deposit high amounts with the promise of high returns. However, they fail to disclose that high leverage can either attract high returns or losses there is no in-between. 

Their spread is allegedly 0.1 pips. The company cannot be so generous without including commission. However, the firm has not disclosed this information. Ensure you know all the trading parameters before registering with any firm. 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

Genuine investment companies accept multiple payment methods. They do this to make the deposit and withdrawal process easy for customers. However, Syganica limits clients to crypto payment. It is a norm for most offshore firms. The method limits clients from issuing chargebacks or tracing their funds. 

Syganica’s withdrawal information is inadequate. Also, offshore firms rarely allow their victims to cash out funds. They disappear with the money and deactivate their websites. Your money is only safe with a licensed company.

Syganica Regulation Status 

The company alleges its office is in Germany. The confusing scam fakes have a license in Cyprus and Dubai. Sadly, after thorough research, we realized the scheme has no license. 

Trading with illegitimate brokers exposes traders to a greater disadvantage. For instance, they cannot enjoy fund safety. Also, it has come to light that the venture is operating from Vanuatu. The offshore region is notorious for harbouring shady companies. The terms and conditions are vague and won’t serve any purpose.

The good thing about choosing a genuine firm is you are protected against a negative account balance. Additionally, you can trade in confidence. The safety of your money is guaranteed.

Final Verdict

Syganica is a dark broker that will soon exit the industry. The entity has low traffic and many negative reviews. They are also anonymous and unregulated. Choose a reputable crypto investment company to earn real-time returns. 

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