TDS Capital Group Review: Another Dangerous Crypto Scam

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TDS Capital Group Review
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TDS Capital Group is a platform that has several negative reviews. Investors are displeased with their services. They expose them as thieves who waste people’s time and resources. Their real location remains unknown.

You do not have information regarding the founder, financial analysts, and account managers. There is no evidence of professionals being involved. Despite the company defrauding customers there are false positive remarks from their marketers.

When investing online it is important to stay cautious and do serious research on any platform you intend to pursue. The number of scammers in the market continues to increase. Here is a list of some of the trustworthy cryptocurrency companies. These entities process withdrawal requests in time. Review 

TDS Capital Group does not have a compensation plan. Therefore, once they exit the industry investors will not recover their cash. They accept a minimum deposit of $250. Do not deposit a penny in their system lest you lose money.

The entity has a recently registered domain. Which is most likely that they will not survive the industry as their registration is only for one year. The scheme is using unethical marketing strategy to win over customers. 

TDS Capital Group Trading Conditions and Accounts 

The scheme mainly trades cryptocurrency. They also list products such as forex, indices, and commodities. These products will require advanced software. However, the platform presents a web-based interface. It has limited features and will not give investors a cutting-edge advantage.

The scheme offers leverage of 1:100 on currency pairs. The limit is hazardous and prohibited in various jurisdictions. Other trading parameters are not discussed, raising eyebrows. Do not register in any company without knowing what you are signing up for.

Financial watchdogs require brokers to report their daily transaction history. By doing these they ensure there is no price manipulation. Unfortunately, there is no evidence TDS Capital Group is conducting investment activities. 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

TDS Capital Group accepts funds via various cryptocurrency exchanges. They list Bitfinex, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Poloniez, Kraken, Huobi, Binance, CoinPayments, and Bittrex. Genuine companies present various payment methods to their customers instead of limiting them to digital currencies.

The company claims it does not charge investors withdrawal fees. However, there’s no guarantee they will not be hidden charges considering that this is an offshore entity. By registering with them you expose yourself to uncertainty.

TDS Capital Group Regulation Status 

Before registering with any investment platform ensure you do a background check to determine whether the broker is operating legally. TDS Capital Group is an entity that targets novice investors. They do not offer fund safety customers.

They fail to disclose its parent company. Therefore nobody oversees the activities of the broker. Financial bodies set up various capital requirements to gauge whether platforms have sufficient funds to run their activities. Sadly, with offshore entities there is no guarantee of investment. 

If TDS Capital Group exits the market today customers will be left devastated. The company is not working with a reputable financial institution. Therefore, there’s no segregation of accounts. The scheme will shut down its operation unceremoniously leaving its victims high and dry.

Unfortunately, the website has already collapsed. Victims cannot recover funds or issue chargebacks. The scheme terms and conditions were vague considering they did not fall under any jurisdiction. 

Final Verdict

TDS Capital Group is an offshore company operating from the Republic of Dominica. The entity violates several guidelines by operating illegally. Their trading conditions are unsuitable for customers. To avoid losing funds avoid investing with the platform.

There are genuine and trustworthy cryptocurrency entities in the industry. Investing with them will grant you peace of mind and a guarantee your money is being traded. Choose wisely and avoid being enticed with false information.


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