Tectum Review: Tectum.io Absurd Scheme

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Tectum Review
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Sadly, in the case of Tectum, once they disappear, you cannot recover your cash. The pyramid scheme lies reputable Canadian and American auditors have vetted it. Let it be known that the platform does not comply with any rules. 

Tectum is a company dealing mainly with crypto investment. It is allegedly the best and fasted blockchain provider in the market. If this were true, they would be listed on popular crypto platforms. The people behind the venture are running their business anonymously. 

Tectum Review, Tectum Company

You have the right to know the person handling your funds. It creates confidence knowing you can count on them. In case of any problem, you also know who to hold accountable. Legitimate entities operate fully transparently. They will have products and services which can generate income. 

Tectum claims to be a blockchain firm. However, the scheme only has generic information on the website. There is nothing unique about the entity. Investing with the entity will leave you high and dry. They have stock images in the name of founders and team. 

The president of the firm is notoriously known for running a scam. It would be hard to pin him down. The info on the website indicates the members originate from Ireland and USA. This is a fat lie. Scammers are tactical and would never blow up their cover. The authority would come after them and put them behind bars. 

Tectum.io Review

Tectum is a company that made its first digital footprint in June 2018. The least the venture would have done is to put its house in order. For instance, the entity should be able to provide a performance report. When investing, it would help to know what you are getting yourself into. 

The traffic visiting the site comes from; UK, Russia, Switzerland, and Canada. These are countries with strict jurisdiction. The platform would need a license. Do not throw your money in the air by choosing an illegitimate platform. 

The reason we all invest is to earn passive income. If you are looking for quick riches, you will only deal with scammers. They will request your phone number. When you mistake sharing your contact, they start cold calling with their pitch. 

The offers are intriguing and mind-blowing to think of it. You should know that it takes skills and practice to generate attractive outcomes. Once the scammers realize you have run out of funds, they will cut you off. On the other hand, once you invest wisely and choose genuine crypto ventures, you attain real-time profits.

Tectum Conditions and Accounts 

Investing in Tectum requires investors to purchase the platform’s native coin (Tectum Token) TET. The sad thing is the coins are only valuable on the website. You cannot use the token or exchange the coin on popular crypto exchange platforms. TET is useless and invaluable. 

Once the venture collapses, you cannot use the coins. You will exchange your fiat money for TET to be able to get SoftNote licenses. The license price range from $1 to $500,000. You can earn up to 300% returns. 

Tectum.io Review, Tectum.io Features

From what we see, the company does not have products or services for investment. For every referral, you get a commission of 10%. There is also a residual commission of 5% up to three levels of recruitment. You would make a lot of money by only inviting people to the site.

Those that qualify for the Team Leader position in Tectum get a six-level residual commission instead of three. The first person they recruit to deposit $100,000 TET gets a 10% commission. 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, and 1% down the line. 

There is a category of Regional Leader Bonus. The company takes its own money and pays the leaders a 5% investment of the SoftNote License. Unfortunately, the venture fails to disclose the qualification the Regional  Leaders must meet.

The returns are intriguing. The problem is we are yet to see anyone who has successfully withdrawn funds from the website. Stay away from the platform, as you will only lose funds. Nobody will come to your rescue once this happens. 

How is Tectum Operating?

The main selling point of Tectum is its SoftNite licenses. Both Tectum and CRispMind are companies that have been in the market for years. They claim a group of developers, mathematicians, and AI specialists have been designing the blockchain. 

They published an article, and the person the company introduced as the founder is listed as a software executive. It does not make sense unless the person is the scammer escape sheep or the real fraudster behind the operation. 

Do not invest in Tectum. The moment the affiliate recruitment stops generating income, the MLM shall collapse. The majority are the ones that will have lost money.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The affiliate membership of Tectum does not require a deposit. However, to earn better rewards, you will need to deposit funds. TET coin is equivalent to $2.50 each. The withdrawal requirements are not put forth. There are better options in the industry you can easily find. 

Performing research saves you the trouble of unimaginable losses. There is no evidence the platform has the fasted blockchain in the world. The chances of the founder trying to recover their money and then abandoning the entity are high.

Scammers are famously known for stealing money from innocent people. They use deception to lure in more victims. Forget about the high returns and only focus on investing with reputable companies. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Tectum features an office address in Europe and the USA. One of the addresses provided has been used by various scammers before. The company has many red flags proving they are untrustworthy. Nobody knows the actual location of the platform. It is also impossible for the authority to track down the con artists. 

A genuine company will work with professionals to provide competitive services. You can either phone calls or email addresses to reach the support. Scammers cut customers off when they realize they don’t have any more funds to give. 

Regulation Status of Tectum

The Tectum is not regulated to be collecting funds from the public. Some may argue that cryptocurrency ventures are not controlled by actual authority. However, these are mainly reputable digital currency coins like BTC, ETH, or Tether. These are tokens that can be exchanged for traditional money. 

On the other hand,  any company that is collecting money from the public must obtain a license. The platform must also participate in a compensation scheme. If the firm faces bankruptcy, then clients will receive compensation.

Sadly, in the case of Tectum, once they disappear, you cannot recover your cash. The pyramid scheme lies reputable Canadian and American auditors have vetted it. Let it be known that the platform does not comply with any rules. 

Deal with companies that possess a license. You will have peace of mind and security of funds. Additionally, your data is also in safe hands. You can also rely on legitimate crypto ventures for real-time returns. Additionally, they offer an educational program to clients. You will boost your skills as you practise. 

Final Verdict 

Tectum is another crypto scam in the making. They use deep technical language to confuse investors. It may appear as though the platform is doing something meaningful. However, it is a complete waste of time. Do not lose funds and be devastated. 

Instead, use these authentic and legitimate crypto companies. They have an investment history. They also care about the well-being of their customers. Ensure you read their client’s reviews to understand the experience of investors. 


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