TFmarketsFX Review: a Bogus Broker

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TFMarketsFX Review
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TFMarketsFX is a company that will not release your money. Their payment methods are shady. Moreover, you cannot yield returns with the platform.

TFMarketsFX website is accessible in English and Chinese. This is an anonymous platform. We suggest you refrain from trading with. The entity brags it has over 10 years of experience in the market. The entity is targeting both institutional and retail traders.

Unfortunately, this platform does not have a trading history. Additionally, there is no transparency in this entity. The time that the firm has been around being less than a year. Scammer feature false information to attract more victims. Review, Company

They also send quotations to traders. The more funds you deposit, the greater the benefits. The VIP clients also have a wide spread. This offshore entity is targeting Chinese citizens. If you know what is best for you, avoid the venture at all costs.

They fail to present necessary materials that shed light on their business. The market has several scammers that are tactical. They will lure you into thinking you will have the best outcome. However, the con artists exit the market unceremoniously.

The fraudsters cold call potential customers. The moment you answer their call they start pretending they have multiple successful traders. Invest with the best regulated forex trading ventures in the world. They operate in accordance with the law. Review

TFMarketsFX is no exception from other Ponzi schemes in the market. They are using a similar method. The scammers usually run adverts that promote their dirty operations. You may innocently click on their offer unknowingly.

The moment you engage with the platform, they will ask you to deposit money. Nobody would blame you for believing in their course blindly. Unfortunately, many traders have fallen victims to the culprits. Before it dawns on you that you are being scammed, it shall be too late.

However, you can avoid this by ensuring you acquire the necessary skills before engaging in trading. Several free materials can assist you in understanding the market. This is the only way that we can stop these fraudsters from stealing funds.

Con artists cut you off the moment you give them what they want. TFMarketsFX is a company that will not release your money. Their payment methods are shady. Moreover, you cannot yield returns with the platform.

The entity does not even disclose the minimal amount that traders need to deposit. You have to contact them. Legit companies set a uniform standard that is visible to all. The bogus venture can also go against their words.

TFMarketsFX Trading Conditions

The available trading software is MetaTrader. It is one of the reputable trading interfaces in the market. Moreover, clients can use several desirable features. Nonetheless, the problem is that an unregulated venture is offering this iconic platform.

TFMarketsFX is not worth the benefit of the doubt. They will mercilessly leave you high and dry. The leverage available to traders is 1:500. We don’t recommend this hazardous limit to investors. Furthermore, several watchdogs in the industry cap the leverage to 1:30, up to 1:50.

This is to protect traders against severe losses. But, of course, Ponzi schemes want you to lose funds. It is why they don’t care, considering your safety. Their spread for the EURUSD pair is 1 pip. It is in line with the market standard. You can find legit companies that are offering even tighter spread below 1 pip.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The only available payment method is Wire transfer. Unfortunately, the company does not accept popular payment options like Skrill, Neteller, Maestro, Visa, or MasterCard. This is very suspicious as scammers are the one who only accepts crypto payments or wire transfers.

It is never possible to issue a chargeback. The Ponzi schemes want your money to stay in their system. The venture also fails to disclose the withdrawal requirements. Therefore, we don’t know how long it takes for them to process the withdrawal requests.

TFMarketsFX Review, TFMarketsFX Features

Additionally, it is also hard to tell if TFMarketsFX is charging fees. The problem with offshore companies is that they end up inflicting high charges to their clients. Additionally, the inactivity period duration and fees are also anonymous.

It is best to avoid this broker because you don’t know what you are signing up for. The scammers will walk out on you when you need them the most. To avoid the unforeseen investment with legit platforms.

TFMarketsFX Regulation and Registration

The TFMarketsFX does not disclose its regulatory status. The company continues to offer financial services as they please. However, your money is not safe with the broker. The regulatory bodies exist to help customers against fraudulent activities.

The legit entities must report their daily activities to the financial bodies. This helps in ensuring the traders’ funds are properly used. The FCA, ASIC, CySEC, NFA are among the leasing watchdogs in the world.

If you invest with platforms that the bodies have licensed, you enjoy the safety of funds. Additionally, you stand a chance of receiving compensation in case of unforeseen risks. However, scammers usually manipulate the price.

Contact Details and Customer Support

TF Markets Ltd is the venture that allegedly manages the operation of TFMarketsFX. They do not have a customer support team. Investing with this platform limits you from resolving any issue that you encounter. It is an unprofessional scheme that is not worth the time.

The lack of a communication channel is a clear indicator that you are dealing with a Ponzi scheme. The entity does not even reveal its country of origin. It will be impossible to get hold of them the moment they close down their website.

A transparent investment company will have several ways of reaching them. For example, you can email, call, or chat on live support with their team. Some even have several social media platforms where they update their daily activities.

Invest with a transparent company where you are certain that you will receive world-class services. TFMarketsFX is a broker that does not care about the results that you shall get from their venture. Avoid the scam.

The Domain Insight

One way you can check whether a broker has a trading history is to check when it was established. TFMarketsFX is a company that made its first digital insight in April 2021. They do not avail trading results which is another proof there is no trading. The firm is anonymously registered. The traffic visiting the company is insufficient. The only way to be safe is to stay away from the venture.

Lack of client Feedback

The investment platform offers high leverage and an attractive spread. Therefore, it is a surprise that they do not have feedback from their clients. In the future, TFMarketsFX might pay people to leave positive reviews for them.

It is a common characteristic for scammers. Additionally, before believing everything you read online, we suggest that you check for proof of payment. It would help in showing that the broker is indeed paying.

Final Verdict

TFMarketsFX is nothing but a scam. Nobody knows where the firm is operating from or the people behind the company. The dirty scheme is after stealing from innocent people. Their trading conditions are also pathetic. We would never recommend such a scheme to the public.

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are the leading entities that are trustworthy. You can earn real time returns with them. All you have to do is complete the registration process. You also stand a chance of increasing your knowledge in trading.

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