The Crypto Group Review:  A Lying Cryptocurrency Scam

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The Crypto Group Review
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The Crypto Group supports only one payment option. That is bitcoin deposits. This is common with scam operations. Bitcoin deposits present a huge problem to investors. It is very easy to lose your money this way.

The Crypto Group is a company that calls itself the most innovative and lucrative way to earn bitcoin. The developers claim that their systems allow users to earn bitcoin every day. They guarantee clients at least a 2% ROI per day. They want you to believe that you can double your income in a very short time.

However, we can assure you that these are just empty words. In fact, we can assure you that everything on this website is just a lie. These people are only in the market to steal investors’ money.

The Crypto Group Review, The Crypto Group Company

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Prices may rise or fall within minutes. While this volatility may be a great opportunity, it also presents a considerable risk. It means that you can lose all your money in a matter of minutes. This makes it hard to guarantee any returns in the cryptocurrency space. Moreover, we can assure you that this company is not operating within legal confinements.

You are better off investing in companies run by professionals. Only invest in the top cryptocurrency investment firms in the market to save yourself some trouble. Such companies have been around longer and continue to prove to work. Review

The Crypto Group says that people can earn bitcoin daily from the company. The developers say that they have in place strategic mining and trading operations. However, they do not tell us the kind of hardware that they use in mining. No legitimate company would leave out such important information. These are not professionals who know what they are doing.

Moreover, they do not reveal the trading strategies that they use in the market. They expect investors to take their words without any insights. Furthermore, this company should present us with their trading results before we can trust them.

Even worse, we have no idea who is executing the trades. There is no introduction to the experts behind the trades. There is no way to trust such a secretive company.

Furthermore, if you look closely at, you will notice some issues. For example, the home link at the top of the website does not work. This makes it hard to navigate the website. No serious company would launch a platform with such a problem. We must insist that these are not professionals at work.

Looking at this company’s explanation of bitcoin raises another cause of concern. It seems that these people are not that knowledgeable in blockchain technology.

The Crypto Group Investment Plans

Now let us look at the investment plans that this company offers to clients. There are four main plans to choose from on These include the Starter, Intermediate, Advanced, and Ultimate plans. These plans are different depending on the amount of investment a client makes.

The smallest plan is the Starter plan. This plan supports a balance of between $500 and $4,999. Additionally, this account guarantees clients a 40% ROI.

The next plan is the Intermediate plan. This supports a balance of between $5,000 and $49,999. This plan guarantees clients a 60% ROI.

The next plan is the Advanced plan. This supports a balance of between $50,000 and $99,999. This guarantees clients an 80% ROI.

The final plan is the Ultimate plan. This supports a balance of $10,000 and above. It guarantees clients a 100% ROI.

These are some of the most expensive investment plans in the market. It would be a bad idea to invest such huge amounts in a company as shady as this one. Additionally, these plans only last 50 working days. After that, you have to make a new investment. We are not sure how that works, so it is better to avoid The Crypto group altogether.

The Crypto Group Deposit and Withdrawal

Most legitimate companies support a variety of payment options to accommodate clients’ needs. Therefore, clients can choose the payment option they are most comfortable with. This is not the case with The Crypto Group. 

The Crypto Group supports only one payment option. That is bitcoin deposits. This is common with scam operations. Bitcoin deposits present a huge problem to investors. It is very easy to lose your money this way.

Bitcoin transactions are permanent. Therefore, it is impossible to recover your funds through a chargeback. Additionally, ]bitcoin transactions are between abstract wallets. This makes it impossible to trace your funds to the recipient. For these reasons, many scam operations only allow bitcoin deposits.

Founders and Physical Address

It is paramount to know the people behind a company before you invest your hard-earned cash. There are too many risks involved in sending your money to unidentifiable people on the Internet. Moreover, you may end up investing in criminal operations if you do not do proper research. does not introduce us to any of the founders or team members. This is very common with illegitimate companies. The founders conceal their identities to avoid facing the law. Avoid this company like the plague. These people are only interested in stealing your funds and disappearing.

Further, some companies hide the location of their headquarters. However, this company chose to reveal the location they operate from. The company gives its physical address as 71-75 Shelton Street, London, England, WC2H 9JQ. 

While this may be good, it does not make The Crypto group a legal operation. For that, we have to look at its regulatory status.

Regulation and Fund Safety

The most crucial detail to look at in a company is its regulatory status. A license from a regulatory body is what makes a company legal. As such, companies without regulations are illegal operations in most jurisdictions. No unregulated company can have permission to offer investment services.

The Crypto Group promises clients that they are a legal operation based in the UK. The body in charge of regulations in the UK is the FCA. We searched the FCA’s registry through their website and found no results matching this company. This means that the people behind The Crypto Group are running an illegal operation. 

The Crypto Group Scam Review, The Crypto Group Features

Even worse, these people know they are breaking the law, but they do not care. There is no telling what such a company is willing to do to steal people’s funds. There are too many risks involved in investing in unregulated companies.

Furthermore, regulatory bodies ensure that companies have the right banking set up to protect clients’ funds. That involves having segregated accounts in a Tier-1 bank. No unregulated company can assure you that they have this in place. Consequently, this company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. Run while you still can. This is not the company for you.

Final Verdict is an illegal operation run by anonymous individuals on the internet. The company is offering investment services without a license from a regulatory body. Moreover, the founders are concealing their identities to hide from the law.

Further, we know that these people are willing to lie to convince people to invest. They want you to believe that they founded the company in 2016. However, they only registered the website in 2019. Stay away from these people.

There are better companies that will offer you better investment services. Invest only in the best cryptocurrency investment firms for your peace of mind. Only such companies can help you safeguard and grow your investment.


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