The Wise Capital Review: is a Scam

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The Wise Capital Review
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The Wise Capital is another shady investment scheme that is only after clients funds. The platform allegedly deals with forex services. Unfortunately, you will not get any decent returns from this suspicious venture. There are multiple reliable ventures that you can use to earn real time profits.

The Wise Capital is a platform that brags it has years of experience in the market. The entity allegedly has perfected the skill of trading forex. Additionally, the company conducts training services as well. They guarantee rewards to all their clients.

However, one thing that you have to understand as an investor is that an online venture is profitable, but you need to be keen when selecting a platform to invest with. The industry is a dangerous place that plagues multiple scammers.

Invest with legit companies with a great reputation. These entities have served various clients, meeting customer satisfaction. Your funds’ security is a priority in these platforms. Be careful as fraudulent entities tend to be good with words. They lure innocent people into their dirty schemes.

The Wise Capital provides to be more of an educational center rather than an investment venture. However, the main problem is that this scam receives multiple warnings from the regulatory bodies.

It is more awkward that the signing up process of this company is hectic. The links that are meant to guide clients are missing. The trading condition of this platform remains a mystery. There are better things and opportunities in the market that will help you make a decent earning. Review

The Wise Capital does not have an MT4/MT5 trading interface. The features of this software are admirable and of great use to traders. We recommend that you only trade with the regulated forex platform to avoid being conned.

The astonishing thing about this venture is that their terms and conditions do not have information pertaining to their withdrawal and deposit requirements. Nonetheless, the company features some payment methods that we cannot ascertain their payment mode.

The Wise Capital Review, The Wise Capital Company

The minimum amount that you can deposit in this platform is $100. Many people lose their money easily by trusting the wrong venture. Scammers will lure you with the promise of making huge returns in your accounts.

Sadly, their promises are empty, and by trusting them, you only help make them rich. The online venture requires one to be smart and differentiate a scam from a legit entity. Fraudsters will never allow you to issue a chargeback.

They use a funny deposit method that cannot be traced. Moreover, the real culprit running The Wise Capital remains anonymous.  Therefore, it is hard to trace them or put them behind bars. Ensure that you thoroughly research an entity before depositing money.

Contact Details

The information available on The Wise Capital shows that the entity offices are in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, this is not true as scammers have a way of manipulating information. The venture only displays this data for transparency purposes.

Once you deposit your funds with this dirty venture, there is no way of getting the money back. The contact details are fake, and you will never get hold of your funds. The people running this platform are smart and target novice traders.

We fail to understand why anyone would risk their funds with an anonymous company. Sharing your data with them puts you in great danger. It is essential that you only deal with the platform that has been verified.

Regulatory Status of The Wise Capital

The Wise Capital is not regulated, and they are the Financial Conduct Authority blacklist this company. The firm does not care about the law, and all they are after is innocent investors’ money.

It is a blind move to continue trusting such a platform even after receiving multiple warnings from the financial watchdog. Traders who will opt to venture with this entity will suffer the consequence.

Kindly keep in mind that nothing can be done once The Wise Capital exits the market. The government will not come to your rescue, considering that the real location of the company is hidden.

Fund Safety at The Wise Capital 

The forex trading entity does not offer fund safety to its customers. The Wise Capital does not have a compensation scheme to reimburse their clients in case of insolvency. The company should deposit an initial amount of 730,000 EUR.

Unfortunately, this is not possible for the fraudulent venture. Additionally, the firm does not provide information about the financial institutions that they are working with. Therefore, users’ accounts are not segregated.

The Wise Capital will use its client money for their needs. Ensure that you only trade with a company that is after the wellbeing of its customers. It will save you the agony and the drama of going after your funds.

The platform has three investment plans. They provide eBooks, updates of the market, lessons in the form of video, and other educational materials. The company has daily signals which they allegedly offer to their customers.

The more funds you deposit, the greater the features that you unlock. More money means more income to the scammers. There is no evidence of trading taking place. Moreover, we do not know what this firm is dealing with as they are discrete.

The Wise Capital Client Feedback

The majority of the investors are not pleased with how this company operates. The Wise Capital has received multiple negative reviews from their prior clients. The platform is shady and does not issue payments to investors.

The low rating from traders speaks volumes, and novice traders should learn from the mistake of other people. The support is also not responding to the query of their customers. The platform is a perfect example of a scam.

The entity has no intention of helping traders increase their capital. The people behind The Wise Capital have only build a website hiding their location and exploiting innocent investors. We do not recommend this entity to the public.

The Domain Insight

The Wise Capital is a company that does not have a history in trading. No wonder they do not publish their performance publicly. The entity was registered in February 2020. It will expire in February 2021.

The short period that this company has registered its business serves as a red flag. It is unwise to take them seriously when their business is meant to only exist for a timeframe of one year. Moreover, the traffic which this platform is receiving is low.

The Wise Capital Review, The Wise Capital Features

Furthermore, the loopholes of say it all. This goes way beyond the warning from the FCA and lack of transparency. Anyone who thinks they will make an honest income using this venture is wrong.

The suspicious venture has nothing to offer traders. is not the first scam that we have encountered that operate in a shady manner. It will also not be the last. Scam ventures keep emerging now and then.

Final Verdict

There are multiple companies that you can use to earn decent returns. You only need to ensure that the forex broker you are dealing with is authentic and legit. Unfortunately, The Wise Capital is not a reliable platform.

We do not know the trading condition of this venture. The available information is not enough to convince us that there are investment services taking place. The anonymity nature is only common with scammers.

A reputable financial watchdog blacklists the company. Therefore, trusting once you make the mistake of falling for their scheme, there is no going back. The contact details which this venture avails are unreliable.


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