TheRoyalfx Review: a Shocking Platform

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TheRoyalFx Review
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TheRoyalFx is a platform that is an offshore company. The location of the firm causes goosebumps to grow on our skin. Most offshore entities based in SVG are not genuine. They barely survive in the industry for one year.

TheRoyalFx is allegedly trading oil, gold, and silver. They allegedly have a total of 1000 products. They are using innovative methods to generate high profits. The entity can get the returns thanks to its platform and excellent trading skills. 

TheRoyalFx Review, TheRoyalFx Company

You can execute a trade in the blink of an eye. They also customize live data and charts. Ironically the entity is speaking about transparency. However, the information of the founder, account manager, and financial analyst is missing from the website.

Therefore, joining the venture will be a blind move. You have no idea who the people dealing with your money are, if they are qualified or not. Nonetheless, TheRoyalFx wants customers to believe it has the best support in the market. It is hard to believe, considering the scheme is anonymous.

They are also praising their cutting edge technology. Unfortunately, we cannot seem to find a trading platform. Instead of risking trading with a scam we suggest that you stick with the best investment forex trading firms in the market. These are transparent and trustworthy schemes. Review

TheRoyalFx tries to assure investors it has the best security measures. They allegedly segregate funds. However, the information of how they do it is not revealed. The scheme has an SSL certificate. Once you share your data with an offshore scheme they could do whatever they deem fit. 

The scheme claims it offers educational programs to investors. We cannot validate the information you will receive is of high quality. There are multiple Ponzi schemes in the industry, and they all try to win over customers. It is hard to believe the information left behind, yet there is no evidence. 

TheRoyalFx is a suspicious firm. Their anonymity does not serve them any good. Moreover, the firm does not have a demo account. There is no genuine review from their clients that sheds light on how the entity is operating.  

Trading Conditions of TheRoyalFx

It appears the platform does not have a trading interface. Hence everything else they claim should not be taken into account. The scammer provides the web traders in most cases, but these companies avail themselves of the MetaTrader platform.

 TheRoyalF has 5 trading accounts. The Classic package takes a minimum of $2,500. This is extremely expensive. However, the venture’s legal documentation features an amount of $250. Moreover, this is a firm that does not care about the rules the financial bodies have set.

It is providing clients with illegal bonuses. At fists, you may see the bonus as a lucrative opportunity. However, the money legally belongs to the ventures. Therefore, the entity could choose to withhold the payment. Moreover, scammers place unrealistic trade volumes that the firm must meet.

The advertised spread is 1:1 to 2.8 pips. The latter is not lucrative. You are subjected to pay more. The Ponzi scheme is the one that gets the best out of the deal. TheRoyalFx fails to show the amount of leverage that you can yield from the firm.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount that investors can cash out from the venture is $100. You won’t find a genuine entity limiting clients on the amount they can withdraw. Instead, you can get any amount that you please. The listed payment methods include the Neteller and Skrill. The firm also states it does not accept money via MoneyGram or Western Union. Review, Platform

The entity requires that clients verify their identity before depositing money. You should not share your data with a shady firm. You will only end up losing funds. TheRoyalFx is taking a withdrawal of 0.5% to 3.5%. The amount is equivalent to $30. 

The broker fails to disclose information regarding the inactivity fees. Hence, we do not know the duration that an account is deemed inactive or the amount deducted. A venture that shows suspicion in its withdrawal terms should be avoided at all costs.

Customer Support and Contact Details

TheRoyalFx is an SVG investment firm. Investors can reach the venture via email, telegram, live chat, filing in the contact form, or WhatsApp. They claim it takes approximately 48 hours for them to respond. 

A legit entity will provide all the necessary materials. They will even hire responsive customer support. It is unethical to keep investors waiting for a response. If you have an issue, be sure that this Ponzi scheme won’t help. 

Moreover, TheRoyalFx wants investors to install Anydesk on their platform. It is unwise to do so as you will grant the fraudsters access to your gadget. They can steal the information stored in the computer. You should never trust an offshore entity.

Regulation Status of TheRoyalFx

TheRoyalFx is a platform that is an offshore company. The location of the firm causes goosebumps to grow on our skin. Most offshore entities based in SVG are not genuine. They barely survive in the industry for one year. They run out of funds, or investors stop buying their narrative. Hence, they shut down their system with your money in it.

The scheme has a telephone number with a code from the UK. You may think that the scheme has an office here. However, scammers use VoIP numbers. The Ponzi scheme is targeting investors from the United Kingdom without having a license. The firm is confusing. Global Payment Solution LLC will allegedly resolve the conflict between investors and the company. It is based in Montenegro. 

There is no safety of data or information. The scheme has not deposited the required capital. They could also change their terms and conditions without letting investors know. Never rely on a suspicious firm. The safety of your money should always come first.

Clients Reviews Regarding TheRoyalFx

TheRoyalFx has numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot. The monitor of this platform is not thorough on those that leave the remarks behind. Therefore, you could read positive reviews that are manipulative. There is no evidence that the firm is trading. Neither can we validate that the reviews are coming from the actual clients of TheRoyalFx. 

The information appears cherry-picked. Moreover, there is no proof of payment. The reviews are left by anonymous people who do not have their profiles. These are the markets of the firm. 

Are Funds Safe at TheRoyalFx?

No, the entity does not disclose its banking information. They are operating as they please. Without segregating investors’ funds, you need to refrain from doing business with the firm. You will only be making the con artist richer as you make losses.

The Domain Insight is a venture that was registered in July 2021. The scheme targets being in the industry for one year. You cannot trace them once they close down their business. The information of the founder is also nowhere to be found. We do not know the location of their current target audience. If their sales rep contacts, you report them to the authority.

Final Verdict

TheRoyalFx looks like a good investment firm. However, this is an offshore venture that is not worth your time. They will only leave you high and dry. We cannot seem to find the trading results of the firm. Moreover, accessing their trading interface was a problem. The people behind the entity are nasty con artists.

Invest with reputable and genuine forex trading schemes. These are some of the leading brokers that care about investors. They have a sophisticated trading platform. You can as well see their trading performance. Hence, you will be making an informed decision. 

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