ThinkMarket247 Review: A Notorious Investment Scheme

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ThinkMarket247 Review
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ThinkMarket247 brags that it executes a trade at a high speed. It will take a millisecond to process your order. Moreover, the firm is also analyzing the market on behalf of its customers. Following the market news will assist you to make the best decision.

ThinkMarket247? What a strange name. You would think that this is an ideal investment company in the making. The venture presents an opportunity for novice investors to practice trading forex online. They recommend that you open a demo account with them.

However, you might think that you are ready to trade once you start seeing huge returns on your account. However, the whole time the platform is manipulating data. Scammers are dangerous and their sole intention is to get hold of your funds.

ThinkMarket247 assures its clients that it will provide them with the necessary tools. The company is trading forex, indices, commodities, and cryptos. Additionally, they brag about winning a number of awards.

ThinkMarket247 Review, ThinkMarket247 Company

However, we are yet to realize the organizations that awarded them these titles. They promise investors a low spread. Additionally, this firm avails educational services for their clients. You will receive articles to guide you in trading.

Moreover, you can also join their seminars and webinars. You will trade effectively and earn genuine returns. However, you need to be careful with this firm because it is not reliable. They have displayed red flags which makes us not trust them. Review

ThinkMarket247 brags that it executes a trade at a high speed. It will take a millisecond to process your order. Moreover, the firm is also analyzing the market on behalf of its customers. Following the market news will assist you to make the best decision.

The entity has four trading account available for their customers. It is easy for novice traders to fall for the scheme of this entity. Their website is attractive enough to deceive you into believing this is the best broker out there.

ThinkMarket247 is an entity that will not protect. The venture is operating as it, please. There is no fund safety and the best thing is to avoid them. Investors who join them will dance to the music once the venture decides to exit the market.

The people that are managing the operation of this scheme have chosen to remain anonymous. There is a lot that is missing from their venture. Fraudsters are the ones who operate in this manner to avoid the law catch them.

ThinkMarket247 Scam Review, ThinkMarket247 Features

If ThinkMarket247 has nothing to hide it would operate in a transparent manner. The market is flooded by multiple scammers and if you are not keen you will end up making huge losses. Invest with the right firms in the market.

These are some of the top forex trading entities in the market that are regulated by the government. They will help you to trade with caution and earn genuine real-time profits. You need to perform thorough research before entrusting your hard-earned money with these firms.

Trading Conditions of ThinkMarket247

ThinkMarket247 is a dirty investment scheme that purports it is dealing with commodities, forex, and stock trading. They avail a web trader interface that does not have multiple features. The software cannot be compared with an MT4.

The broker offers a spread of 3.8 pips to their customers. The range is not profitable to investors. Moreover, it is beyond the average market standard that is 1.5 pips. The transaction cost will be high. You will not be able to yield high returns.

The leverage of the platform could go high as 1:400. It is beyond the recommendable cap which multiple regulatory bodies permit. The highest cap is that 1:50. Investors need to cautious especially novice traders who do not have a high-risk appetite.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit at this firm is $250. The entity is charging more than most of the legit ventures in the market. The other account accepts $10,000, and $50,000. Account dormancy starts counting from a period of 6 months.

You will be subjected to paying a fee of $250 for that period. Moreover, they are accepting money using card payments. The venture is also offering bonuses to its clients. Refrain from accepting such offers because there are usually some requirements that you must meet to be able to cash out.

Regulation and Registration

ThinkMarket247 is a platform that is not registered nor regulated by any government in the world. Therefore, the company is operating on its own accord without following any set rules. The address on their website indicates that the entity is based in Marshall Island.

This beautiful island does not license forex trading activities or any other investment. Moreover, you do not have to be there physically to register a company. You can it virtually. Offshore investment firms are dangerous and can do whatever they please with your funds.

Additionally, it will not be possible to get hold of the venture once their system goes down. ThinkMarket247 also clearly states that their platform might go offline at any time. It could be either is indefinitely or temporally.

The entity does not hide the fact that it is fraudulent. Moreover, this firm has already been blacklisted by CONSOB financial body for illegally offering their services to the public. It is a clear indicator that should be taken seriously.

If you want to trade securely we recommend that you use legit forex trading companies that are genuine and transparent. You are going to generate high returns. The safety of your money should be your main priority.

Customer Support

ThinkMarket247 is a venture that does not provide its real geographical location. This is not a mistake and the scam has chosen to remain anonymous to avoid being put behind bars. Investors can contact them via filling a contact form, emailing them, or using a phone number.

The entity is not worth your time since their customer support will only be responsive when they need more money from you. Fraudsters will cut you off or even go the extra mile of blacklisting you from their website.

Invest with legit entities that put the need of their clients first. You will never regret entrusting your money with them. They will respond in time.  Avoid scammers and their lies. Their trading conditions will never generate sound returns.

The Domain Insight is a platform that is privately registered and the information of the founder is not accessible. The entity made its first digital footprint in May 2020. Their domain will expire after one year. This is an entity that has no intention of being in the market in the future.

Furthermore, the traffic that is visiting the firm is also low. Sadly, we could not determine the location that the scam is targeting their clients from. Stay away from this firm at all costs and your money will be secure. The entity does not have clients’ feedback.

Final Verdict

ThinkMarket247 is an illegitimate investment company that is not worth your time. The offshore venture is targeting investors with little to no knowledge of trading. Entrusting your money with them exposes you to more danger.

The best thing to do is to invest with genuine trustworthy investment firms in the market. You will trade with confidence. Moreover, these ventures have acquired endorsements from their customers and you can read their happy client’s review.

ThinkMarket247 is a shady entity that does not have a reliable customer support team. The moment they decide to close down their operation that will be the end of you. Avoid this and any other firm in the market that operates in this manner.


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