TopBtc Experts Review: Beware of this Platform

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TopBtc Experts
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TopBTC Experts is a platform that rips off any investor who funds accounts. Please find out more in our detailed review.

TopBtc Experts ( claims to help crypto investors make guaranteed profits. That’s not going to happen as current members are experiencing. Top BTC Experts has blocked all attempts to withdraw from the platform. There’s no way the platform will achieve the set target. We expose the platform’s practices that put investors at risk. TopBtcExperts won’t help you get closer to financial freedom, and it will ruin it. Here’s more in our comprehensive TOPBTC EXPERTS REVIEW.

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About TopBtc Experts

You won’t find much on the platform as it’s a clone. The platform is a replica of the Maxtradebitcore platform. Both of these platforms share the same aesthetics and results. We suspect the platforms belong to the same group of scam artists.

TopBtc Experts Pros and Cons

There’s no background and history to help pinpoint the mission and objective of the platform. For most investors, there’s no need for such. When it comes to crypto investing, reputation is everything.

And that’s why we have to check out their reputation. Based on the websites similar to this one, it’s clear no one gets to enjoy the profits. Instead, the platform is targeting naïve investors looking for guaranteed profits.

There’s no such thing as guaranteed profits when it comes to investing. With market volatility, prices drop or rise sharply without any notice. Even skilled experts who use robots do incur losses at some point.

TopBtc Experts tries to sell a successful platform, but there’s no proof. No investor has come out with proof of profiting from the listed investment services. And that’s why we have to come in and expose the red flags found on the platform.

Experts recommend that you research a platform before engaging with it. It would be best if you found out what the platform brings to the table. Find out the experiences of other users with the platform. It helps create a clear picture of what to expect with the platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TopBtc Experts

An intelligent investor will weigh the pros and cons of any platform before funding. It helps determine the expectations of the platform. Unfortunately, most of the investors who signed up failed to do so. The allure of making a quick buck blinded this effort.

And the platform creators know this all too well and take complete advantage. We have to expose the store for failing to provide any meaningful services. Despite claiming to offer forex trading, we couldn’t find any information on it.

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of;

Accounts and tiers TopBtc Experts

The platform offers three account types: silver, gold, and platinum. Each of these accounts has different features in terms of expected ROI. However, they all have the same quality, a guarantee of making a profit.

Let’s take a closer review of each account;

Accounts TopBtc Experts


For the silver account holder, there’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $500. The platform guarantees that you will make a profit of $3,000 and above. With such as high ROI, the platform claims to deliver over 200 percent ROI of the principal.


You have to make a minimum deposit of $1,500. There’s a promise of earning $9,500 and above with the account. You don’t get to know the vesting period, which to us is the con. No one achieves this high ROI; that’s over 400 percent.


It’s the most exclusive account, with the platform promising investors a hefty payout. The account also targets institutional investors. You have to make a minimum deposit of $2,500 and expect a profit of $16,000 and above.

Account hallmarks

One thing’s clear with each of these accounts, and there’s no mention of an available vesting period. The minimum vesting period in a legit crypto investment platform is three to four months. The platform in question offers less time for vesting.

There’s also the issue of guaranteeing profits. Ask any expert, and the market doesn’t accommodate such. We believe the platform uses the guarantee part to lure investors into depositing more funds. Woe unto you who deposits with them.

Despite claiming to offer forex trading services, no features are listed on the platform. Traders don’t know the acceptable minimum deposit for trading nor the maximum leverage. Most go in hoping to trade on their own until the platform takes over.

There’s also no demo account on either the investing or trading aspect of the platform. You would expect to get a demo account to test the accuracy of the platform’s robots. That’s not going to happen with

Business holder TopBtc Experts

You won’t see any name mentioned as the owner of the platform. If the platform were as successful as they would lead us to believe, the owner would get some recognition. Likewise, there’s no mention of the staff members working behind the curtain.

And this points to TopBtc Expert as an anonymous investment platform. Anonymity is the last thing you would want in a platform. There’s no way of recovering funds from an unknown platform.

There’s no proof of an actual physical location despite listing Los Angeles as their residency. Members who listed the services of recovery agents also have a huge problem to face. A recent investigation revealed that these agents are part of the scam.

The agents will get your information from the platform and make first contact. These agents claim to have won a lawsuit against the platform. All you have to do to get part of the settlement is cover legal fees. Don’t, as these agents will soon block any communication with you.

Client testimony

Are funds safe with NO

A client testimony section tries to sell a platform wanting to take advantage. The testimony is the same as with the other cloned scams. We know this as the names of the testimony givers are the same.

You won’t find any independent website heaping praise on the platform. And that’s why we have to expose the client testimony section on the homepage. It’s all a ruse to try and lure investors into believing the success of the testimony holders.

Compliance, License, and regulation TopBtc Experts

TopBtc Experts is not licensed or regulated by any regulator in the United States. Since the platform claims residency in the States, we checked with all regulators. Neither the NFA nor the SEC has any registered platform with the above credentials.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the platform once you deposit with them. There’s no live chat support, and the phone number listed rarely goes through. That’s how we know that the platform is a scam.

Daily Payout claims

Despite claiming to offer daily payouts, the platform hasn’t met this promise. No investors have had the chance to withdraw funds for the past few weeks. And this makes the platform a hard sell for us.

Is TopBTC Experts Licensed or Regulated? NO

Deposit and safety of funds TopBtc Experts

There’s no deposit insurance, and you should know that before investing. The platform doesn’t offer any safety net for deposits made by clients. We also suspect the store stores funds in a single offshore account. Recovering funds from such an account are nearly impossible.

Final remarks

Please stay away from Top BTC Experts, and it’s a fraud.

PS: Join successful investors using reliable crypto trading robots for a memorable trading experience.

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