TopFxMarkets Review: Bogus Venture

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TopFXmarkets Review
  • Fund Safety
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TopFxMarkets is a worthless scheme that nobody should test the water with. Some indicators show this venture is not trading.

TopFxMarkets is an investment platform where value matters. Investors are urged to register on the platform to get the best outcome in their trading experience. Customers can assess the market with a single click. The entity allegedly has over 5000K assets. Some of the assets available include; stocks, CFDs, commodities, forex, and others.

TopFxMarkets Review, TopFxMarkets Company

The company boasts it has an expert team, unmatched technical analysis, and current trending news. They are also accepting both novice and expert clients. It uses the latest technology to generate desirable returns. However, we find this venture unsuitable for investors.

TopFxMarkets is a broker that makes it appear they have all the necessary materials to assist traders in making profits. The security of your data should be your main concern. Promising security to personal information is one thing but delivering the same is another. This is an offshore firm that you should be wary about since their transparency is wanting.

The entity is another unregulated venture that every trader should watch up for. The people behind the venture are tactical and have done everything to make the platform appear legit. However, traders need to examine a broker thoroughly before making up their minds about joining the entity.

There are several genuine legit forex trading firms in the market. These are firms that have a past trading history. Their transparency is recommendable and the venture helps customers boost their experience. Review

The platform is using false information to trap more victims. TopFxMarkets is a worthless scheme that nobody should test the water with. Some indicators show this venture is not trading. The number of orders that the firm can execute in a day is 18K. However, there is no evidence for this information. There is also a 50% bonus, but we do not recommend accepting such a lucrative offer. This is because the venture does not bother to provide a terms and conditions policy.

Top markets claim it has 30 years of experience. This is nowhere to be seen as there is no trading history. The venture also does not have client feedback. The technology and strategy that the firm is using are unknown. The company also claims to offer educational materials to investors. We cannot attest that the materials are of high quality.

The company is collecting funds from traders all over the world. However, they are violating various rules in the industry. The platform is dangerous, and customers need to watch out for them. The venture boasts it has won several awards in the market. They fail to mention the organization that awarded them the title.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The entity has a customer support team that operates 24/5. The available office address is from the UK. The location of the entity appears to be from the SVG; this is an offshore area. The entity is not in the United Kingdom. This is only a location that scammers use to appear like they are operating from a reputable area.

They have a phone number, but we doubt TopFxMarkets will maintain contact with their victims. Offshore schemes tend to exit the market without giving notice. The phone number will cease to operate.

TopFXmarkets Trading Conditions and Platform

TopFxMarkets claims it offers both the MT4 and MT5. However, the interface is not working.  The nasty scheme presents software that does not belong to them. They even label it as a MetaTrader. The firm takes extreme measures to con investors.  There are no trading activities taking place on the platform. Review, Features

The advertised leverage and spread is a complete bluff. Investors have the right to know what they are signing up for. You need to understand the trading conditions of a venture.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The payment methods available include; Visa, Neteller, and Skrill. It is not easy knowing the minimum amount that investors need to deposit on the platform. TopFxMarkets requires investors to request support to send the information. This means that there is no standard price which is a big red flag.

Nonetheless, the withdrawal request is processed within 3 days. We do not rely on the data that the venture avails. We are yet to encounter anyone that has used this broker. Conduct a chargeback if you have deposited any amount with the firm via credit or debit card. Never trust an offshore entity with your funds. The company is even capable of withholding users’ funds.

Regulation Status of TopFxMarkets

The company claims it has a license from Cyprus (CySEC), Mauritius (FSC), and Seychelles (FSA). However, it appears that the venture is operating from SVG. This is a notorious region that hosts various scammers in the market. The country has no forex regulator, and this is dangerous.

TopFxMarkets also brags it has had a license from the FCA for the last 15 years. Heading the website of the Financial regulatory body of the UK, you will find that the scheme is using false information. Investment ventures cannot operate in the United Kingdom without having a minimum capital of 730K EUR.

Investment schemes can exist here without following any rules. Moreover,  this broker does not have a registration form. It is uncalled for to entrust your hard-earned funds to such an operation. If you care about your safety, then it is best to settle with a licensed firm.

Fund safety is something that investors are not going to get from this firm. Moreover, you cannot also get data safety from the platform. Some agencies are focused on protecting investors against severe risks.

The Domain Insight is a platform that has been in the industry since June 2020. Nonetheless, the entity falsely claims to have 20 years of experience. Faking their history is a weak move that is common with scammers. The domain name is registered for a period of two years. The registrar of the broker is Porkbun LLC. We cannot trace down the corporate. The traffic that is coming into this entity is not much.

Final Verdict

TopFXmarkets is a company that is operating discreetly. The firm does not have a license, and this is a big red flag. They are offering bonuses, yet the form does not have a legal document. The firm is dangerous, and they even fake the time they have been in the market.

Invest with some of the best forex trading firms in the market. These are leading brokers in the market that have a great reputation. Your money is safe with these entities. The customer support is also professional.

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