TopMarketCap Review: a total scam

TopMarketCap Review, TopMarketCap Company
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TopMarketCap Review
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TopMarketCap brags about being a top-notch forex trading website that promises to make its clients huge gains. Additionally, the company claims to have excellent client feedback and ensures the client’s money is safe. Unfortunately, it is all a bluff. TopMarketCap does not have any credibility and proof of its operation. Furthermore, the website is not licensed, and the team behind the company is operating anonymously. Do not trust your money to any unlicensed and anonymous offshore broker because you risk losing your investment.

TopMarketCap is one of those companies that you should avoid at all costs. The platform brags about providing endless trading opportunities to its clients. They guarantee of taking investors trading to the next level.

The offshore venture is one of the dangerous ventures in the market. Online investment has become popular. However, this does not mean that every firm that makes attractive offers are going to deliver.

TopMarketCap brags about having the best trading tools in the market. They are targeting both novice and expert traders in the market. Nonetheless, the main problem is that there is no evidence of trading activities taking place on this platform.

TopMarketCap Review, TopMarketCap Company

The company allegedly executes a trade at a breakneck speed. They have over 200 trading instruments available for their customers. The entity is trading commodities, stocks, crypto, indices, currencies, and forex.

The platform guarantees a successful trading process to their customers. You will have a brighter future once you choose to invest with them. Unfortunately, there is no evidence. Investment is all about the statics, and this company has nothing to show the public. They are only bluffing. Review

TopMarketCap is also offering educational services to its customers. There are free tools that clients can use. The platform grants traders full access to their trading portfolio. It is hard believing a word, especially if it is coming from an offshore broker.

The majority of these companies exit the market when their clients least expect it. We are not surprised to find that many people have lost money by trusting the wrong venture. Nonetheless, this platform boasts of having a great fund protection mechanism.

The information of their customers is allegedly encrypted. Unregulated brokers do not grant fund safety. There is uncertainty, and many investors’ funds are usually trapped in their system once the firm collapses.

Invest with the best forex trading companies that are genuine and transparent. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your money is in safe hands. We are always on the lookout to help investors not to make the wrong call. Ensure that you research before trusting blindly in any venture.

TopMarketCap promises investors constant stable returns. However, the platform fails to disclose the historical background of its financial officers. Traders ought to know the qualification that the people handling their funds pose.

Trading Conditions

The platform has diverse trading assets. The company presents a web trading platform to its clients. The firm is an anonymous entity without any intention of making anyone rich. A basic web trading interface is common with multiple scammers.

It is easy for them to manipulate data and show false outcomes to their clients. They offer a spread of 3 pips on EUR/USD currency pair. Unfortunately, this will only benefit the broker. Their leverage cap is that of 1:100 up to 1:400.

If you deposit more funds, that is when you stand a chance of gaining more rewards. It is a narrative that is common with all scammers in the market. Since this offshore venture does not have a reputable MetaTrader interface, they won’t have much traffic coming their way.

TopMarketCap Withdrawal and Deposits

The company accepts funds via Bank wire, visa, and master card. The minimum amount that you deposit at TopMarketCap is $250. They have four investment accounts for their clients to choose from. The firm is also accepting payment via BTC.

The least amount of money you can cash out using bank wire and credit cards is $100. However, for Bitcoin, you can withdraw an equivalent amount of $250. They also have charges of 1% for every withdrawal request.

TopMarketCap scam review, TopMarketCap features

TopMarketCap handles withdrawal requests within 7 to 10 days. You won’t find such outrageous requirements with legit forex trading companies. Moreover, the venture terms an account dormant if it is inactive for one month.

The duration is concise, and the fees are also ridiculous. You will be subjected to pay $99 every month. In case this venture offers trading or welcome bonuses, please avoid them. This is because you will never be able to withdrawal your earnings until you meet a certain trading volume.

Contact Details

TopMarketCap is based in an area that is not known. Nonetheless, this platform displays phone numbers that investors can use to contact them. They have UK, Australia, and Austria telephone number. Their support allegedly operates from Monday to Friday 9 to 1 GMT.

Moreover, investors can also reach the firm via email. Trusting a remote operating broker is a serious mistake. How can you trust platforms like this with your personal data, yet they are trying to conceal all their information.

Legit brokers will display their office address openly. Furthermore, investors can also visit their offices at their convenient time. The best companies have excellent customer support services. They are friendly and will handle your complaint in time and professionally.

TopMarketCap Regulation Status

The trading broker is not licensed by the authority to conduct their trading activities. TopMarketCap does not care about the set rules. They are running their operations without adhering to the set rules.

Additionally, this suspicious broker conceals information regarding the corporate that manages their business. The firm is an illegitimate venture that does not care about its customers. They are collecting funds from traders in countries with strict jurisdiction.

A company should have a license from the FCA before starting up its trading activities. TopMarketCap does not provide fund safety to their clients. They target naïve investors with little to no knowledge about trading activities.

Clients Review

TopMarketCap is a platform that uses false information to lure in more innocent victims. The company claims that it has the best trading tools, charts, and guides its clients in making the best decision.

There are multiple positive reviews on the Trust Pilot website. However, the problem is that this platform’s moderator is not keen on the information left behind. There is no evidence that these people have used this entity before.

The investors claim that TopMarketCap is the best in the market. They also praise the support for being helpful throughout the whole process. Lack of payout evidence is almost the same as not undertaking trading activities.

Investors are constantly on the lookout for the best companies to invest with. However, the main problem is that their scammers pay random people to endorse them. Some of these individuals do not have trading activities taking place. Therefore, keeping this in mind, it is best to trade by selecting a reliable partner.

Final Verdict

TopMarketCap is unsafe to trade with and will only leave you high and dry. The company has no intention of generating genuine returns to its customers. The platform leaves out essential information that can help in building trust between them and the traders.

The entity collects funds from investors across the globe. Unfortunately, the entity fails to provide its address. It is a dangerous scheme that does not care about making anyone rich. Instead of wasting your valuable time and resources, it is best to avoid this scam.

Trade with reputable and legit forex trading brokers in the market. The trading conditions are clearly outlined for interested parties to see. Furthermore, happy client reviews are also available. Trade with confident by selecting the best brokers.

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