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Summary does not disclose the trading account that it is presenting to investors. Instead, the firm states that they are going to contact you and provide all the necessary info regarding the same. The broker is a scam to find better firms instead. is a company that has an attractive website. Everything appears to be in order with this venture. You might not suspect them of being involved in illegal activities. Moreover, this platform claims that it is a leading forex trading entity.

Additionally, once you sign up you will start trading instantly. The entity also states that it is a transparent and genuine firm. The broker allegedly is trading a number of currency pairs, bonds, stocks, energy, and precious metals, and binary options. Review, Company claims that it executes a trade at a fast speed. The entity states that it has top-security measures.  Therefore, investors’ funds are in safe hands. Unfortunately, this is an anonymous firm that is not licensed. Hence, making such a bold statement is only meant for driving sales their way.

Moreover, the venture also allows investors to trade using their mobile phones. They also have a friendly and professional customer support team that is willing to help their customers. There is a lot that is missing from their platform to consider them reputable.

Investors need to trade with genuine forex trading companies that are licensed by the appropriate government. Moreover, your safety should come first and you are not going to get that by engaging with offshore entities. Do not waste time with nasty fraudulent firms. Review

The entity is trading with over 250 assets in the market. The broker guarantee investors that it will take their trading activities to the next step. All this will be achieved by trusting their professional management. The team that is managing the money of investors allegedly has the best experience.

Therefore, investors have nothing to worry about with this firm. Sadly, the firm lacks transparency since they fail to introduce the people they brag about. Hence, the information that the company provides cannot be verified. Nonetheless, this broker states that it has over 180 trading tools

The equipment is of high quality according to the presented information. Investors get the best instruments that align with their needs. Despite the venture being suspicious it also boasts having tight spreads, the best trading interface, and commissions. states that it has the ability to grow the portfolio of its clients. The venture has five trading account that investors can select from according to their needs. The more amount that you deposit the high the trading volume you will execute. They also have bonuses awarded to their clients.

Trading Conditions of

The broker assures their clients of trading around the clock 5 days of the week. Once you venture with them you can start exploring the market. Scammers usually present a basic web trader interface that does not have attractive features. Review, Features

Investors can trade commodities, forex, bonds, stock, and options. The spread that it is offering is that of 1.8 pips. Unfortunately, we do not know the leverage that the firm is offering. Investors should be skeptical about this broker. Withdrawal and Deposits is a venture that is accepting funds via Neteller, MasterCard. Visa, Maestro, Piastrix, and Wire Transfer. The entity states that it offers payment methods that protect traders against fraudulent activities. However, it is impossible to verify whether what this suspicious venture displays as their payment method is indeed what they are accepting.

The company does not disclose the trading account that it is presenting to investors. Instead, the firm states that they are going to contact you and provide all the necessary info regarding the same. It proclaims of sending their investors trends and market news every month.

The minimum amount that you can deposit at this venture is $250. Sadly, this firm does not specify the least amount that their clients can cash out. Additionally, no fees are mentioned and we urge investors to stay away from this dirty scheme.

Nonetheless, you find multiple scammers in the market that accept money using methods that do not permit investors to issue a chargeback. A lot of information is not accessible from their website which makes us suspect their activities. Clients Testimonials

The company states that it has already served thousands of clients in the market. The majority of them are pleased with the services they are getting from the firm. Additionally, the entity is also improving the quality of its services. They continue to do this to make sure it is more professional.

According to the information, showcases the firm has an excellent customer support team. The issue that investors faces are addressed on a timely manner. Moreover, the company calls back its clients to resolve any challenge.

Additionally, the false testimonials also highlight that the trading conditions of this venture are great. Clients can also trade multiple assets that they please. The people that are managing the funds of investors are also professional.

These anonymous reviews do not have images attached to them. Furthermore, there is no proof of payment that can prove the broker is indeed paying their clients. Scammers like are tactical and write the testimonials themselves.

You are not going to get anything positive by entrusting this firm with your money. To avoid the misery of going after your funds to no avail it is best to look for other alternatives in the industry.

Regulation and Registration is a company that proclaims it segregates the funds of its clients in separate accounts. The platform is allegedly focusing on the safety of its customers. The broker views itself as a trustworthy firm that does not have hidden charges.

Once you trade from anywhere in the world. However, this is a platform that is violating a number of rules for their clients. The corporate that is managing the operation of this broker is Widdershins Group LTD.

It has a registration certificate from the Commonwealth of Dominica.  Unfortunately, this place does not license forex trading or any other online investment services. It lacks a financial watchdog and due to this reason, there are several scammers who claim to be located there.

Your money is not secure in this venture. Moreover, there is no segregation of account. is not working with a reputable financial institution. The money that you deposit will go directly into the scammers’ account. Invest only with platforms that have a regulatory document.

Contact Details is a platform that does not have a customer support team. The company is allegedly accepting investors from all over the world apart from Canada, Afghanistan, the USA, France, Iraq, Ukraine, Japan, Iran, Israel, and UAE.

They have the audacity of not presenting their email address. Therefore, investors can only reach the firm by filling in a contact form. This is an entity that has no intention of helping its clients when they face any problem.

You need to research a venture and know the quality of service to expect. In most cases, fraudsters are only looking after their own personal needs. Therefore, avoid them for the sake of your safety.

Final Verdict is a firm that is not worth anybody’s trust. To get information about their trading activities and the platform being used you need to contact the company. However, this firm lacks a trading history which is another red flag.

Invest with reputable and licensed forex trading companies that are transparent and legit. You are going to get reasonable returns and your safety will be observed. These companies have also been in the industry for years. Make sure to read their happy clients’ testimonials.

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