TPC Invest Review: is an Unregulated Broker

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TPC Invest Review
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they purport to have educational resources and a 99% customer satisfaction rate. They have also included some customer reviews, and suspiciously, all of them are positive. No company can be faultless, and TPC Invest is no exception.

TPC Invest has gone to great lengths to conceal its dubiousness. The firm makes bold claims about how it can grow traders’ accounts. However, all these are lies and there are enough red flags to prove it.

TPC Invest Review, TPC Invest Company

Forex trading has become a popular means of earning passive income as people look for more opportunities to earn money. Unfortunately, it has also welcomed scammers who take advantage of novice traders. To avoid scammers, working only with honest and trustworthy brokers is crucial.


The website is full of fake promises. Apparently, you can trade more than 1000 instruments anywhere, anytime. These include stock indices, metals, energies, stocks, forex, and CFDs on cryptocurrencies. They also claim to offer expert advice and guaranteed security for your money.

Further, they purport to have educational resources and a 99% customer satisfaction rate. They have also included some customer reviews, and suspiciously, all of them are positive. No company can be faultless, and TPC Invest is no exception.

Founders and Team

Keeping information about the company founders and leadership is to deny customers the opportunity to learn more about it. A legitimate company must be transparent about where it came from and where it is going. If customers are to invest in it, at least they should know the leaders.

This broker is, however, hiding this crucial information. A legitimate company should be proud of its founders and leadership. They should include their names and photographs on their website for all to see.

Contact Details

The broker has only provided an email. This is never enough. As a trader, one should be able to access the broker anytime. An email can take a long time to get a response.

A broker should also have a physical address. In case of a serious issue, a trader should be able to visit the broker and have their issue addressed. If the broker does not have these details, they are hiding something. This anonymity is a major red flag.

TPC Invest Regulation Status

An unregulated broker is dangerous. They can easily take your money; unfortunately, there is very little the authorities can do to assist. One of the most notable things about this broker is their claim that European Financial Security and FISEU regulate them. All these are false claims, and what’s more disturbing is that FISEU is not a legitimate financial oversight agency.

TPC Invest also lacks any certificate to prove its legitimacy. If the broker were regulated, they would appear in the main regulatory bodies’ website. In March 2024, the Belgian government, through its Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), added TPC Invest to its warning list, citing it as a fraudulent trading platform.

Trading Conditions  

Traders usually choose brokers with the lowest spreads, commissions, and minimum deposits. TPC Invest’s spreads range from 0.7 pips for EUR/USD to 1.3 pips for USD/JPY. These are favorable as many brokers offer similar spreads.

The 500:1 leverage on currencies is, however, worrying. It is too high, and regulators like the FCA in the UK would not allow it. Such a high leverage is very risky. Although this broker claims to help beginners, such leverage is detrimental.

TPC Invest Deposit and Withdrawal

The broker allows traders to use various payment methods, such as Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum. This is one of the methods scammers use to steal from people. Cryptocurrency transactions lack oversight and are irreversible.

In most cases, the brokers make depositing very easy, but it becomes complicated when you try to withdraw. Without a reliable address, traders have a hard time getting their money back.

Final Verdict

There are too many red flags associated with TPC Invest. In light of these, we conclude that the broker is a scam and must be avoided at all costs. As a trader, always invest with honest crypto brokers. These firms are transparent, and you can only lose money if a trade goes against you, but not through dubious means.

Ensure you conduct enough background checks before trusting any broker with your money. There are many reviews you can check online.

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