Trade Horizon Review: A Menacing broker

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Trade Horizon Review
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Trade Horizon does not provide any regulation documents. Also, the company does not appear under the radar of any legit regulator. Furthermore, it is illegal in most countries is not to have access to public funds without adhering to regulation policies.

Trade Horizon is an online trading company that claims to be the leading in its services. The company allows you to benefit from forex crypto stocks and commodities among other assets. The company guarantees maximum exploration of the trading world through its software. Also, they brag to have multilingual support and despite your location language is not a barrier. Moreover, as a smart trader, you should consider several factors before opting to invest in any entity.

Trade Horizon Review, Trade Horizon Company

Thus as you proceed to read this unprejudiced review on Trade Horizon we highlight the red flags it exposes. Meanwhile, these reliable forex trading platforms apply tried-and-tested strategies. You can rely on them for pleasing outcomes unlike investing your money in Trade Horizon. The company looks forward to providing massive investment returns. However, the returns they estimate are barely attainable even in well-established companies within short periods.

Trade Horizon has a terrible website and at first glance, you begin to question its services. You can tell they have a hidden agenda which is to swindle your hard-earned money. No expert trader would waste a single coin on the platform. Trade Horizon mix trading seems like a walk in the park yet they hardly have any suitable methods of operation. Review guarantees returns on Investments via sophisticated tools. Moreover, as much as automatic trading is preferable to humans, you should be cautious not to purchase the wrong tools while avoiding emotional interference. The company does not elaborate on the kind of algorithm in software users. You might end up relying on tools that will not generate any returns your way. Scam companies also promise the use of sophisticated tools and you should be cautious of such traits.

Trade Horizon not only fails to provide information on its operation. The founder’s data and that of the employees remains a mystery, raising more doubts about its services. There is no certainty that you’re relying on professionals either because qualifications data is missing. Thus relying on on-trade direction from anonymous people is inadvisable. 

Accordingly, Trade Horizon just like every other scammer maintains the anonymity of the highest order. They fail to provide personal data because they open clone companies and attempt to rob more money from innocent traders. Also, they claim to provide news and market analysis that comes from third parties who are mysterious.

How Operates operates in a very questionable manner. The company does not reveal any details of the founders or how the software operates. Moreover, it showcases numerous similarities to fraudulent companies. So expecting them to function any differently is absurd and unlikely.

Trade Horizon assures customers of low investment costs. Also, they claim no commission charges while investing and they guarantee fast trade execution. Accordingly, scam companies will find ways to persuade you into making hefty deposits. They will urge you to seize one-time offers. Also, you may come across bonuses on the first deposit of up to 100%.

Nevertheless when you fall for the catch and make a deposit with Trade Horizon consider any business between you and them over. Scammers will result in denying you access to the website and the services it offers upon receiving your money. Additionally, you cannot withdraw the reward money even after completing the tasks they render.

Trade Horizon does not showcase any evidence of trade activities ongoing on the platform. Also, they might be attracting negative returns and this explains why similar information is missing. Moreover, trade history for at least 3 months or more assists in estimating returns to expect from the company.

Trade Horizon software is not compatible with MetaTrader or any well-established trading platform. Hence the web trader they provide might expose you to third-party attacks. Nothing the company does or promises traders makes any sense.

Trade Horizon Funds Safety

Trade Horizon does not guarantee any safety of funds. Therefore investing even a single dime in the entity is at your own risk. The company operates anonymously and this not only keeps your money at risk. Personal data may fall into the hands of criminals leading to scam activities. In addition, the security of your money should be a top priority to consider in any entity.

Trade Horizon is only after your funds and they hardly showcase any investment standards. The company does not have any positive feedback from customers to expect preferential treatment. Trade Horizon does not feature a demo account to familiarise with the company before investing real money. They do not showcase any evidence of swift transactions made by customers.

Therefore Trade Horizon only benefits the unsung people behind its operation. Since they do not provide any banking information they might result in keeping your money in personal accounts. 

Deposit and Withdrawals

Trade Horizon minimum investment amount is unknown. The company also fails to reveal the funding options that you can use to put money into your account. Furthermore, wire transfer and cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. So you should consider using the credit or debit option for 540 days chargeback. 

Trade Horizon does not have a refund policy to reclaim your money. There is no data to prove evidence of successful withdrawals made by customers. Hence you will have a hard time trying to access money from your account. The company does not provide any withdrawal request information or any relating data.

You should have instant access to your funds upon withdrawal. Trade Horizon like every other scammer will find ways to hold on to your money 4 long. You will eventually give up on receiving your funds back.

Trade Horizon Customer Support

Trade Horizon fails terribly when it comes to transparency. The company does not feature any location where robots address. Even so, there is no certainty in the customer information they provide. You can only contact them via email.

Trade Horizon will cut off communications with you upon receiving your money since it’s the norm among scam companies. If you’ll receive an instant reply to your queries relating to the company. Working customer support helps in boosting more trust between you and the company. Also, they can hardly be any friendly interface without proper customer relations.

Trade Horizon Regulation

The platform does not provide any regulation documents. Also, the company does not appear under the radar of any legit regulator. Furthermore, it is illegal in most countries is not to have access to public funds without adhering to regulation policies.

However, you can rely on these regulated companies for transparency. You can easily find and verify the regulation documents they provide with the responsible watchdogs. Unregulated companies do not last for long in the market and often they break trade rules as they please. 

Accordingly, scammers cannot afford regulation fees and they quickly faced bankruptcy. Trade Horizon does not reveal information about the founders because they risk facing criminal charges.

Final Verdict

Trade Horizon brags to have won awards that are non-existent in the market. They also do not appear under the radar of any regulator nor do they use any reliable trading platforms. The company is only after your money and there are no trade activities ongoing.

Trade Horizon exposes numerous similarities to scam companies. Therefore you should consider these forex trading companies for sensible prophets. They apply a suitable trade approach and you can count on them for a prison trade experience, unlike which is only after your money. 


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