Trade Nation Review: Scam or Legit?

Trade Nation Review, Trade Nation Company
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Trade Nation Review
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Trade Nation is a licensed venture. They provide fund safety but their trading conditions are shady. Moreover, we do not know the minimum accepted deposit. Invest only with the best forex trading companies that are genuine.

Trade Nation is a company that promises investors a new trading approach. The platform has established itself well in the industry. Moreover, this entity target traders from various countries around the globe. They allegedly create an ideal gateway to the financial industry.

The venture guarantees that they will maximize their clients’ returns as they minimize the risk of losses. Furthermore, the entity also has a fixed cost. They assure that the charges won’t be high when the trading conditions are not favorable.

Trade Nation Review, Trade Nation Company

Trade Nation has a very active presence in the market. They have offices in well-jurisdiction areas. Additionally, the entity is operating legally. They have multiple features to offer traders in the market. In a world full of scammers, it is a good thing to find a reliable trading partner.

The platform deals with indices, forex, currency pairs, metals, oil, Silver, and Gold. The entity has over 15 trading pairs of forex assets. They view themselves as a reliable firm that is looking out for their clients.

They brag about having the best support system in the industry. The company is paying its customers. The entity is offering fund safety to its clients. That being said, their transparency is of great essence. Clients can make money with the broker. Review

The platform is still new in the market. The company, unfortunately, faces some huge criticism from traders. There is essential information that is missing from their website. The trading cost data, and leverage cap is missing.

For those who are skeptical about Trade Nation, you can invest with top forex trading brokers reputable. You will earn great returns. These entities have been in the market for a long duration.

Their web-based platform does not have multiple features. Investors can also trade with mobile. The withdrawal requests are processed within 5 business days. They do not subject investors to paying withdrawal or deposit fees.

Trade Nation provides a tutorial platform for its customers. They will teach you how to place an order. Moreover, the entity also presents trending news. They show traders how to use the info on the news to their advantage.

The entity warns investors of the volatile nature of the market. Therefore, they do not guarantee high returns. It is realistic since scammers take advantage of naive traders. The company claims that it helps investors to think critically and be ahead of the market.

The company states that it wants to transform the market. They want to provide better trading conditions for investors. The venture states it want to create a fair platform that will help both novice and expert investors.

Trading Conditions

Trade Nation registration process is tedious and not like other legit brokers in the market. Investors need to take a test to shows their level of trading forex. This helps the company in knowing the skills that their traders possess.

The platform has two trading accounts. One of them is a demo to help traders practice. The other one is a live trading account. In case you lie about your trading history, the system won’t permit you to trade. The company requires investors to share a large data of info regarding themselves.

However, we must note that this is not the same with other brokers. The entity offers a web trader platform for its clients. Their spread is that of 0.6 pips for EURUSD currency pair. It is low, but it helps traders in that they will enjoy low transaction fees.

It’s disheartening to see that they do not have an MT4 platform. Investors who adore this interface might not settle for these brokers. Multiple features come with this platform. It has charts, customized templates, Fibonacci replacement, among other features.

Trade Nation Withdrawal and Deposits

The company does not disclose the minimum or the maximum amount that you can deposit. However, investors can cash in using Skrill, credit cards, and bank transfers. The platform considers an account dormant after 3 months of inactivity.

The account manager will reach out to the client. Unfortunately, we do not know the charges that apply to inactive accounts. The company appears to have bonuses, but no further info is displayed. Therefore, we do not know the conditions to which investors are subjected to.

Regulation Status on Trade Nation

Trade Nation brags that it is a regulated venture. The company is allegedly licensed in the Bahamas, United Kingdom, and Australia. We decided to check them in the database of these remarkable financial watchdogs.

The platform is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK. It is among the trading names on Funds European Limited list. Clients can trade in peace. Moreover, they are also regulated by ASIC of the Australian. The firm is requesting investors to trust them for a better outcome.

Nonetheless, the database of SCB does not have Trade Nation. The FCA protects clients against negative balance. Additionally, an investment venture must segregate clients’ funds in separate accounts. Investment companies also deposit an initial capital of 730K EUR.

The money act as compensation in case the venture faces bankruptcy. The ASIC of Australia has different requirements. For instance, financial investment firms must deposit an initial capital of 1 AUD million. The platforms are not obliged to compensate clients.

Instead, brokers are subjected to take care of their clients in case of unfavorable trading conditions. Trade Nation company has established its trading activities to suites the need of its clients. Invest wisely and settle with a better broker.

Trade Nation Customer Support

Trade Nation assures investors that their customer support is always ready to help. The team is professional and responsive. In case you have a query, they urge you not to hesitate and contact them immediately.

Trade Nation Scam Review, Trade Nation Customer support

The company has active social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Moreover, you can also reach them via email or telephone. Their offices are open from Sunday to Friday at 10 pm GMT. Moreover, this venture has offices in London, Sydney, and Johannesburg.

Clients Feedback

During our research, we encountered several clients’ testimonials. Trade Nation is being considered as an excellent reliable trading broker. The entity has been around for a number of years. There is no negative review.

Seeing happy clients Feedback might act to an advantage of the platform. The platform seems legit. We shall keep an eye on them and update our audience in case of any emerging issues. Before you invest in any venture, ensure that you research and determine the credibility of a firm.

Final Verdict

The corporate that manages Trade Nation. The company seems to be legit, but they also have some drawdown. For instance, the trading conditions of the broker are not put up clearly. The least amount that you can deposit is unknown. The firm should have a standard payment that all their customers use.

The leverage that traders will enjoy also remain undefined. Investors will sign up for this venture without knowing what they are getting themselves into. Nonetheless, this broker is regulated, which is one of their major advantages.

In case you are having doubts regarding this broker, you can invest with top forex trading brokers with better trading conditions. They are transparent and upfront with the necessary info that their customers might require. Try them today to earn reasonable returns.



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