Trade TheBit Review: Dirty Investment

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Trade TheBit Review
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Trade TheBit is an exploitative venture that you should not waste your time or money with. If you want to trade wisely we recommend that you deal with leading entities in the industry. Furthermore, we are yet to encounter anyone that has cashed out.

Trade TheBit is an investment company that claims it aims to help investors to trade with confidence. Clients enjoy the flexibility and tight spreads. The scheme attributes its success to its analytic tools. The firm states it has multiple trading assets that clients can choose from. 

Trade TheBit Review, Trade TheBit Company

Their products are; crypto, stocks, forex, commodities, and indices. All of them are volatile, and it is difficult to predict the next direction the market will take. The entity claims investors should choose them instead of their competitors because the firm wants them to succeed. 

The phrase action speaks louder than words apply in their case. Trade TheBitas has nothing to prove they are trading. The broker should instead present their trading results. Their performance would prove the scheme is indeed profitable. Moreover, there are no inventors that have earned from the entity. 

The company is bragging about the essential features that are expected from every trading venture. Things like a responsive and fast interface should apply to all. We do not see any unique characteristics. Before trading with any firm, we suggest that you research thoroughly. It could save you from dealing with fraudsters. Experts, marketers, and researchers are always on the lookout for and provide reliable data. Review

Trade TheBit claims it has over 200 products. Their team operates 24/5, and if you have an issue, you can rely on them. However, this is a scam that fails to use anonymously. The information of the founder is missing. We are also not confident if there are professionals involved. Legit platforms endorse their team by featuring their qualification and pictures. 

On the other hand, scammers will try their level best to remain discreet. The entity lacks transparency. They do not offer safety of funds. Your data is also not in safe hands. Offshore schemes could sell your data to third parties. They can also manipulate you into giving them more money. 

Trade TheBit is offering investors bonuses. At first, their offer may appear lucrative. However, it would help if you did not accept these incentives before reading the terms and conditions. 

Con artists tend to expect traders to meet absurd trade volume for them to cash out. It is an attempt to withhold withdrawals. Moreover, the regulatory bodies do not allow licensed firms to offer bonuses. This should show you that you will be dealing with con artists.

If you want to generate reasonable returns invest with some of the best crypto trading companies in the market. You will earn real time returns without risking your safety. Moreover, the customer support is friendly and professional. 

Features of Trade TheBit

Unfortunately, Trade TheBit is a platform that does not provide sufficient information regarding its trading activities. The entity is only promising investors high profits. However, when it comes to providing proof, the venture has nothing to show. Sadly, the scheme is not after helping individuals realize their potential. Review, Features

The scheme provides a web trader. The spreads of the bogus system are unfair to clients. The firm offers a spread of 4.5 for the EURUSD pair. The limit is not lucrative. You will be required to pay more. The leverage is 1:100. Risky and beyond what the financial bodies permits.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods are Bank Wire, MasterCard, and Maestro. Trade TheBit is a typical scam. The entity fails to disclose the minimum amount that investors can deposit. You need to contact the customer to get the figures. It is weird. The best companies have everything displayed, and traders can make a sober decision if they want to join the entity or not.

The least amount that you can cash out is 100 EUR. Clients should have the liberty of withdrawing whichever amount they please. It takes 10 days for the firm to process the withdrawal request. The venture also charges a withdrawal fee of 1%. Percentage form fees are unfair to the clients. 

Trade TheBit is an exploitative venture that you should not waste your time or money with. If you want to trade wisely, we recommend that you deal with leading entities in the industry. Furthermore, we are yet to encounter anyone that has cashed out.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The company does not provide its actual address. Don’t you think it is a bit odd for the investment scheme to expect traders to trust them with funds while they cannot leave their office address? Scammers are the only ventures that embrace anonymity. The platform features a phone number and an email address.

However, we cannot guarantee the scheme will maintain professional communication for their customers. Once fraudsters realize their victims have run out of money, they cut them off. They can blacklist you or become rude. Con artists will not bother hiring an ethical team. 

All this time, you will be in communication with their sales rep. They are extremely good at what they do. They persuade clients into depositing more money. If you become a nuisance and start asking the whereabouts of your funds, they won’t take your call. Stick to legit trading companies. These are platforms that value their customers. They offer world-class services.

What do Trade TheBit Clients have to say?

We found nil results after spending time navigating online searching for the reviews of Trade TheBit. Client feedback helps investors to understand how a  scheme operates. You know what to expect. Ponzi schemes will either lack reviews or use their shady marketers to promote their services.

There is a high need to be cautious. If the entity cannot provide proof of payment and uses anonymous people as reviewers, it is best to refrain from doing business with the schemes. The best companies that operate in full transparency have nothing to hide.

Trade TheBit Regulation Status

Trade TheBit comes up with a random name for their parent company. After thorough research, we did not find a registered or licensed corporate by the name World Brand. The scheme is a tactical scheme. The legal documentation of the entity states the venture is abiding by the rules and regulations of SVG.

The country does not oversee the operation of online investment firms. Therefore, if the venture decides to exit the market today, clients will not receive compensation. Additionally, the broker can change their terms and conditions whenever it pleases without anyone holding them accountable. 

Trade TheBit is not segregating the funds of traders. The company is not working with a financial institution. The funds of investors can be misused. There is also no proof that the scheme is trading. For all, we know the sham firm has the capability of manipulating the prices.

Unlicensed platforms are dangerous. Find a genuine broker that is operating as per the requirement of financial bodies. You will enjoy numerous benefits. The trading conditions of legit firms are also sound.

The Domain Insight

Trade TheBit domain name was registered in March 2021. The entity should at least have trading results. Their registration expires after one year. The individuals behind the scheme are unknown. The traffic and trust score of the venture is also low. You are not safe with the broker. 

Final Verdict

Trade TheBit is an offshore broker. They will eventually leave the market unceremoniously. The trading conditions of the broker are not ideal. You can lose everything in the blink of an eye.

Invest with some of the best cryptocurrency trading companies that do not advertise unrealistic profits. These are ventures being run by professionals. Moreover, they adhere to the rules of the financials watchdogs. You 

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