TradeIFX Review: a Broker without a Trading Platform

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TradeIFX Review
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TradeIFX will say anything to grab the attention of investors. Sadly, the entity does not even have trading software. They steal the spotlight of the MetaTrader by claiming to provide the interface.

TradeIFX is allegedly a trustworthy broker that upholds fund safety. They avail several assets that investors can trade. The big question is whether this is a genuine forex broker. The firm displays several red flags that we are going to expose. 

TradeIFX Review, TradeIFX Company

The entity calls itself a legit investment firm, yet it does not have trading accounts. The company does not recognize the rules of financial bodies. A venture must have a license before starting up its business. Moreover, the scheme lacks a trading interface.

Why would anyone want to sign up on this platform? TradeIFX will only scam their clients. The trading conditions that the firm inflicts on their clients is only meant to fraud them. The venture is dangerous.

The location of the company is unknown. You will trust such a shady entity with your personal data, yet they cannot disclose where they operate. This is a big mistake. The entity does not even have a trading platform. They are looking for victims from every corner of the world. 

There are thousands of legit forex trading companies in the world. These are ventures that are reputable and genuine. Traders are earning decent returns. The trading results are available for viewing. Invest wisely and yield desirable profits. Review

TradeIFX claims it helps investors in making the right investment decision. They are accepting both rookie and experienced traders. The entity has an accounts type that allegedly matches the needs of every trader. The venture also boasts having both the MT4 and MT5 interface, which turns out to be nothing but a fat lie. 

The scheme guarantees users free access to forex education and signals. It is. However, a bold claim coming from a broker that does not have trading services and products. The platform states it is committed to operating in full transparency. However, it lacks even the decency of introducing its team to the public. The entity lacks ethics and expects unprofessionalism from its team.

TradeIFX displays a variety of assets. These include; forex, indices, stocks, cryptocurrency, and commodities. The venture also has other lucrative features that they have not featured.  Traders need to sign up for their newsletter to receive notifications when promotions are available. This is a big red flag as regulatory bodies are against such lucrative. This is because there are stringent requirements that clients have to meet for them to cash out. It is usually unrealistic trade volumes.

Trading Conditions 

The broker claims it has a demo account, but we cannot spot one. The educational program that the firm enchants about is not available. The entity is using false information to steal from naive traders. There are also no account managers. Furthermore, TradeIFX brags it has won multiple awards in the industry.

They are allegedly recognized for offering the best trading education, being the most integrity broker, and providing the best customer support services. This occurred between the years 2019 to 2019. This is unbelievable, considering that this timeline had not established the entity.

TradeIFX will say anything to grab the attention of investors. Sadly, the entity does not even have trading software. They steal the spotlight of the MetaTrader by claiming to provide the interface. What this scheme provides are useless charts that cannot help investors in real-time trading. The venture is advertising leverage of 1:400, which is ridiculous considering they are not trading. Additionally, this is a risky limit that proves this is an offshore scheme.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The scheme takes a minimum deposit of $250. The venture is accepting payment via wire transfer and cryptocurrency payment. However, this is not what you get when cashing in a suspicious option of Razorpay appears. It proves investors are dealing with a scam. 

Keep in mind you cannot issue a chargeback. We cannot validate if there are fees as TradeIFX doesn’t provide this information. The company does not have legal documents. The legit platform will have all the necessary information for their clients. This is a Ponzi scheme to avoid.

TradeIFX Trading Accounts

What the entity presents are bogus investment packages. These are not forex trading accounts based on the features they present. The company is promising a monthly profit of 100%, which is absurd. The legit investment entities in the market try their best, with some even finding it hard to generate 10% fixed ROI in a year. Review, Trading Accounts

This should show you the seriousness of the matter. They have five accounts: Basic, Islamic, Gold, Platinum, and the VIP account coming soon. package. Basic plan investors are not assigned a specialist, the spread is that of 1 pip, and the support is available 24/5.

The Islamic account comes with free signals. The gold package has a trading specialist. You will only lose money if you proceed to trade with this nasty scheme. 

The Domain Insight is a platform that was established in April 2021. The company is registered for a period of 3 years. The founder information is missing. The traffic visiting the company is low. They are targeting citizens mainly in the UK. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

TradeIFX only claims to be based in London, England. This is a scheme that does not want to blow up their cover. The company not leaving behind an address ensures the clients and the government does not come after them. The people behind this platform are tactical. 

Furthermore, this scheme does not have trading results. No client feedback can show the experience of traders. Avoid dealing with this bogus entity. A reputable venture will have investors reviewing its services.

Regulation Status of TradeIFX

Since TradeIFX claims to have offices in London, the venture should have a license from the FCA. Financial Conduct Authority is a reputable body that is determined in protecting investors. They have tough measures that all investment schemes based in the country must abide by.

Upon exit of a licensed platform due to insolvency, clients can get up to 85K EUR. A broker must deposit at least 750K in their name. A firm must reveal the parent company and team behind its activities. This ensures there is full transparency. 

The FCA requires a venture to report its daily trading activity. This helps in keeping records of a platform. The platform cannot manipulate prices. If they do, the watchdog will revoke their regulatory form. TradeIFX is an illegal risky firm. 

We recommend that you trade with the best investment schemes in the market that operate legally. There are several advantages traders get from engaging with the firms. The trading conditions are also ideal.

Final Verdict

TradeIFX claims it is a reputable forex trading company. They also feature other assets on their website. However, the entity does not have a trading platform. Therefore, they can’t offer investment services. The entity is also faking its geographical location. 

They do not have a license from regulatory bodies to be operating legally. The people behind this Ponzi scheme are running the whole show behind closed doors. If you know what is best for you, avoid dealing with this nasty venture. 

There are several legit forex trading ventures in the market you can use instead. These are companies with great reputations. They have helped numerous investors to generate real-time returns. 


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