Tradelivefx Review: Continental Scam

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Tradelivefx Review
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Tradelivefx is not licensed. It is a dirty scheme that you should refrain from entrusting with your hard earned money. We recommend that you stick to investment companies that are licensed by reputable financial bodies.

Tradelivefx is one of those brokers that claim it will revolutionize your trading experience. Once you visit its website you would think that this is the best investment company in the market. However, there is more than what meets the eye.

In this review, we shall expose the shady characteristic of this broker. Despite this being a fraudulent venture it makes investors believe it has the best privacy policy. The platform claims that investors will trade with confidence after joining them.

However, you risk the safety of your data and money if you engage with Tradelivefx. They do not segregate funds. Moreover, your information can be sold to a third party. Once this company exit the market and come back they will continue to contact you make even more promises.

Tradelivefx Review, Tradelivefx Company

The platform is also offering education to traders. They allegedly have the best coaches in the market. Therefore, by following the strategies that have been availed you will get a better outcome. Never take a word of an offshore entity seriously.

Here are some of the best forex trading ventures that have been serving multiple clients. They are genuine and will help you to have the best outcome. These companies do not make unrealistic promise. Additionally, they operate in accordance with the law. Review

Tradelivefx only requires investors to sign up in their platform to enjoy high returns. Therefore, you are going to get the best experience. Moreover, the entity also assigns every client with a personal broker to help them in their trading activity.

It brings up the question of how many employees does this entity has? According to the information availed they must be having thousands of the alleged brokers. Unfortunately, we do not know the experience that they have.

Tradelivefx is a discrete venture that does not provide information regarding the people managing their money. The entity does not care about the experience of its clients. It is only after defrauding multiple clients.

The company states it has innovative tools. Therefore, investors execute the trade at a high speed.  Moreover, the platform also states it has multiple assets to offer. They guarantee clients of the timely withdrawal process.

Unfortunately, there is no existence of customer feedback. Hence, it is not possible to verify the information which the firm avails. Our main concern is that the entity is not licensed. Therefore, it can choose to operate as it wants.

Trading Conditions of Tradelivefx

The broker claims it is trading indices, Forex, cryptos, stocks, and commodities. The available trading interface is web-based. The spread that you are going to get from the entity is that of 3.8 pips. It is not an attractive limit.

Traders will have to pay more which is not beneficial to them. The leverage that the entity is offering is that of 1:200. Multiple investors lose trade and the reality is that it is only 30% of them that win.

High leverage might appear attractive to investors. However, if you do not have a high appetite for risks avoid such limits. Additionally, the US financial watchdog cap the leverage to 1:30 whiles the EU at 1:30. This should show you the seriousness of the matter.

Ensure you trade with a company that avails MT4 interface. The features are amazing. You will have multiple trading tools, trading signals, VPS, financial calendar code, trading EAs, and analysis indicators.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Tradelivefx accepts a minimum amount of $25. There are better legit investment schemes that accept at least $10. Therefore, the entity is overcharging its clients yet there is nothing exceptional about its trading activity.

There are three trading accounts for investors. The minimum amount that you can cash out using depends on the initial method that you used to deposit money. For the credit card, the least withdrawal amount is $100 while for wire transfer is $500.

Additionally, if you select their macro account which is the trader plan you will pay withdrawal fees. However, for the rest, there are no charges involved. Tradelivefx is offering bonuses. There are trading volumes that you must meet to cash out.

They are very high and most times investors don’t attain the volume. Therefore, you should not accept the lucrative offers as they expose you to more risks. Additionally, regulatory bodies have banned trading bonuses. Therefore, it is only scammers that will entice you to use them.

Regulatory and Registration of Tradelivefx

The address of the company shows it is operating from SVG. St Vincent and Grenadines does not have a regulatory body. Moreover, the government of this country has issued a statement that it does not oversee the financial investment.

The area is a hot spot for scammers. This is because to register an entity you can do it virtually. There is no need of being there physically. Tradelivefx is a venture that is operating as it wants following its own rules.

However, the broker also appears to be based in Vanuatu. The financial watchdog of this area is Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (FSC). It is an offshore regulator but to operate in the country a broker must deposit capital of $50,000.

Unfortunately, Tradelivefx is not licensed. It is a dirty scheme that you should refrain from entrusting with your hard-earned money. We recommend that you stick to investment companies that are licensed by reputable financial bodies.

You are going to get maximum protection from them. Additionally, you stand a chance of being compensated if the company becomes insolvent. Funds are also kept in separate tier one banks. Therefore, the broker you settle with cannot use the money for its own greedy needs.

Customer Support

The venture states that it offers 24.5 customer support services to investors. You can reach them if you need help with your trading and investment or account opening query. The address of the company is allegedly at Get Financial LTD, Methodist Building Granby Street, Kingstown, St Vincent, and the Grenadines.

Clients can reach the broker via email or phone. However, there is no guarantee that you are going to get a response from them. Scammers are very tactical and their only need is to get access to your money. Scam Review, Tradelivefx Contact

You usually find that there is no team involved. Therefore, their phone will not be going through. The platform will treat you unethically. It is best to deal with licensed brokers that have a word-class customer support team.

The Domain Insight is a company that made its first digital footprint in July 2020. The domain is expected to expire in July 2023. The information of the registrar is not available since the firm is privately registered.

Unfortunately, the traffic visiting this entity is low. Therefore, it shows that this platform is not popular in the market. We suggest that you stay far away from them to avoid facing severe danger.

Final Verdict

Tradelivefx is an unregulated offshore company. The broker does not have any unique features. It can choose to close down its business without giving any reason. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to look for a better alternative.

Invest with legit forex trading company that is transparent. You are going to earn genuine returns. Moreover, your safety is guaranteed. These platforms have their trading results readily available for investors.

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