Tradelly.Ai Review: How Trustworthy is Tradelly.Ai?

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Tradelly.Ai Review
  • Regulation
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Tradelly.Ai  leaves out information about its regulatory status. After checking on several financial bodies database we did not find the name of the broker. Unregulated schemes are dangerous as they tend to exit the market prematurely

Tradelly.Ai is a company that has been in the market for only a short duration. The registration of the domain shows the firm made its first digital footprint in 2024.

Tradelly.Ai Review, Tradelly.Ai Company

The broker has not built its reputation in the industry. They do not have audited their performance and neither have their existing customers reviewed their services. 

It is a blind move to trade with such a firm. The main reason is that you do not know what you’re getting yourself into and what is the average win rate and drawbacks of the company. Trade wisely by engaging with trustworthy crypto companies with a solid trading history.

Tradelly.Ai Review 

Tradelly.Ai claims it works with experienced investors. However, the broker fails to credit the account manager, financial analyst, and founder. Without knowing who is behind the platform traders put their money at a greater risk. 

Typically, you will find a broker indicating a fake operation center. However, in the case of this website, nobody knows where the firm is operating from. There is no phone number or email address. 

The venture has not hired professional customer support. Therefore, clients won’t enjoy ideal customer service. Invest with authentic companies that understand the importance of top-notch services and quick response rates. Offshore schemes only respond when they need more cash from their victims.

Tradelly.Ai Trading Conditions and Accounts 

Tradelly.Ai lists payment products such as; CFDs, cryptos, forex, indices, and commodities. They offer a web trader interface. The venture advertises a spread of 23 pips. The cap is unprofitable and extremely high. The average market standard is 1.5 pips. The leverage range from 1:10 which is unprofitable to 1:50 which is limited in the EU but acceptable in the USA. 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

The entity accepts funds via credit/debit cards. Luckily, with this method, you can issue a chargeback that is if the entity has not transferred the cash in multiple offshore accounts. Investors can deposit a minimum amount of £500. 

Do not risk such an amount of capital when an entity is operating in a shady manner. Genuine platforms are accepting $5 and above. Traders can only cash out funds after 90 days of registration. Such limits are only used by rogue schemes. 

Tradelly.Ai Review, Tradelly.Ai Features

Tradelly.Ai is also using bonuses to entice more traders. Such lucrative opportunities lure in rookie traders who are less knowledgeable of how such things work. An account can only cash out after meeting a particular trade volume. Therefore, ensure you read the terms and conditions keenly.

Tradelly.Ai Regulation Status 

Tradelly.Ai  leaves out information about its regulatory status. After checking on several financial bodies database we did not find the name of the broker. Unregulated schemes are dangerous as they tend to exit the market prematurely. They are also unethical and frivolous about the security of investors’ funds and data.

The platform does not offer negative account balance protection. This means traders can lose more funds than their initial deposits. Another shortcoming of dealing with offshore schemes is the entity doesn’t report daily transactional history to the authority. They can easily manipulate the market price without facing the consequences. 

Tradelly.Ai does not work with any reputable bank to segregate traders’ accounts. Money goes directly to the con artists’ pockets. Unfortunately, you cannot issue a chargeback once you cash in. They don’t participate in insurance policy. Therefore, there is no segregation of funds. 

Final Verdict

Tradelly.Ai is a dirty entity operating without a license. The scheme is doomed to fail but this does not mean they won’t remerge using a different domain. 

The only way out is to trade with a reliable crypto company. Such ventures safeguard the safety of their clients. 

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