TradeMetar Review: is a Shaky Broker

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TradeMetar is allegedly using the best strategy to generate profits. You will attain high investment growth by trading with the broker. How is this possible? The scheme is a Ponzi scheme that has several red flags.

TradeMetar focuses mainly on offering forex trading services. They market their scheme as an innovative and venture you can rely on. Unfortunately, this is a straightforward scam that we cannot refer to anyone. The website interface is terrible!

TradeMetar review, TradeMetar Company

Moreover, the scheme brags it has over 100K clients. Their claims cannot be verified. The broker’s timeframe in the market cannot have won them such a high audience. It takes time to build a positive reputation in the industry.

The market has thousands of investment companies. All of them are trying to be seen as the best. The broker without a trading history tends to use false information to trap in more victims. TradeMetar is on the warning list of the Spain government.

Them being an exposed scam, it is best to refrain from engaging with them. Moreover, the Ponzi scheme is also bragging with a registration document. Time and again, we have emphasized that the document is useless and what really counts is having a license.

You should never trust a company that you don’t know its country of origin. The Ponzi scheme leaves behind multiple false statements to appear as though it is transparent. However, they are only looking for people to steal from. Review

The Ponzi scheme is targeting investors from Australia without having legal documents. They are also eying for victims from the EU. The company makes it sound as if their main concern is traders. The whole time the broker only wants to steal from you.

TradeMetar is allegedly using the best strategy to generate profits. You will attain high investment growth by trading with the broker. How is this possible? The scheme is a Ponzi scheme that has several red flags.

They even lie about minor details. There is no transparency, and if the venture is legit, it shouldn’t show us how they are performing. The scam is hiding under technology. It claims it uses the latest technology. They also have two investment plans for customers to choose from but present 4.

TradeMetar is accepting investors from across the universe. They do not give a hoot of the regulatory requirements. Nothing can stop them from stealing from innocent people. The only way we can stop such a scheme is to invest with licensed forex trading companies in the market.

Numerous advantages come with regulated entities. For instance, the EU legit companies can compensate you in case of bankruptcy 85K EUR. They are also helpful, and their main aim is to make their clients successful.

TradeMetar Investment Packages

The suspicious broker feature four investment plans on their website. The minimum amount to deposit is $50. The company has mind-blowing unrealistic returns. The starter plan guarantees 10% profit after 24 hours.

There is also a referral bonus of 5% in all the plans. The rest of the account’s ROI is 20% after 48 hours, 35% after 78 hours, and 45% after 5 days. There is no legit investment firm that will award you such ridiculous figures.

This is because the industry is affected by several factors. It is not a surprise to find TradeMetar is not trading. The company is a pyramid scheme that is looking for naïve traders to steal their money. The moment your account, you won’t be able to process the withdrawal.

Another question that investors should ask themselves before proceeding to cash in; is if the platform is profitable as it claims, why does it need your money? The scheme is unworthy of the trust of investors. They are only going to leave you high and dry.

Customer Support and Contact Details

TradeMetar brags that it has an award-winning customer care team. They operate around the clock handling the challenges that investors are experiencing. The team is allegedly also professional. They interact with clients, and in case you have burning questions, the company welcomes you to ask.

The platform features an address that indicates it is operating from the UK. However, this is false information. The entity is not genuine, and the real locale of the scheme remains a big mystery. Moreover, given the scam nature of the company, it is highly likely they won’t respond to customers upon following up on their money.

Moreover, your data is not secure at TradeMetar. The scheme can sell it to a third party or misuse it against traders. This risky company does not deserve to be reconsidered. We suggest that you only deal with transparent ventures.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The available payment methods at TradeMetar are; Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. You cannot use Visa or MasterCard. Forget about issuing a chargeback because you won’t be able to get your money back after giving it to these scammers.

The company does not disclose the minimum amount that customers can cash out. We cannot confirm whether there are fees or not. However, with Ponzi schemes, you can expect the worst. The entity is only looking for ways to defraud you.

Trading Conditions of TradeMetar

The company markets itself as a forex broker. However, the leverage and spread information is missing. They also don’t have a trading platform. There are no investment services or products available for investors. The scheme is not fit to refer to itself as a broker. Reviw, Plans

Regulation and Registration

The broker states it has all the necessary licenses and registrations forms. Therefore, this is an officially registered broker. The headquarter of TradeMetar is in London, UK. The entity is promising 100% result.

However, the scheme does not offer fund safety to clients. They are supposed to have an FCA license if they are operating from the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the broker is operating from an offshore area.

Additionally, they ought to have a license from the ASIC since they are accepting Australia. The CNMV has slapped the company with a warning. They should not be offering their fraudulent services in Spain.

The firm cannot afford to meet the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority. They should deposit 730K capital in their name. Additionally, TradeMetar should be reporting its trading activity to the watchdog. The broker terms and conditions should protect consumers.

The Domain Insight

TradeMetar state that it was establishes in 2017 by expert forex traders. It is ridiculous that most of these schemes lie about their history in the industry when anybody can check when a venture was formed. data reveals that the entity made its first digital insight in October 2020.

Another red flag is that the entity is only registered for a period of one year. It is most obvious that they won’t be coming back. Once scammers realize no funds are coming into their system, they end up closing their business.

Final Verdict

The kind of returns TradeMetar advertises should lead to millions of traders flossing into their scheme. However, this is not the case. The entity is a fraud. They are not genuine, and they only feature high payouts to attract naïve clients. They are not regulated. There is also no proof of payment of trading.

The best way to invest is to look for a genuine forex trading company with a sound trading account. You will know what you are signing up for since the leverage and spread information is accessible to all. Furthermore, they have a reputable MetaTrader interface.

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