Tradergy Review: is a disgusting Investment Broker

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Tradergy Review


Tradergy is a company that does not have a reliable customer support service. Moreover, the entity is not licensed by any government in the market. Investors should avoid such platform to avoid making loses. Invest with legit forex trading companies instead.

Tradergy is a tragedy investment scheme that will leave many high and dry. The company is very convincing when they approach investors. Investors should not fall for the narrative of this dirty scheme.

There are misguided sols that claim that this entity is legit. Unfortunately, you cannot trust an offshore entity. This is because you will never know the time they will call the shots and exit the market. Exercise caution and only rely on the best of the best forex trading brokers.

Investors can trade Forex, Indices, Commodities, and stock. The diverse platform boasts that it has leading trading tools in the industry. Investors are also promised real-time data, low spreads, and multiple assets to trade. Review


The platform claims it is assigning trading mentors and account managers to their clients. Additionally, the broker is also offering technical support and educational opportunity to all their customers.

According to the firm, there are many benefits that come with entrusting your fund with them. They have a premium webinar that is mean to aid traders. Additionally, the firm also states it has over 1000 trading assets.

However, you should not be extremely joyful once you come across this broker. This is because what they promise is not actually what they deliver. Therefore, you should be smart and learn to distinguish a legit entity from a scam.

It is easy to know which of the best forex trading companies in the market are regulated by the appropriate financial watchdogs in the market. Moreover, they put the need of their clients first. You will never hear of a client that has been scammed.

Tradergy Contact Details

Tradergy purports that it is trading from the UK. Sadly, this broker is registered in St Vincent and Grenadines. They use a virtual number to deceive investors that they are contacting them from the United Kingdom.

However, once their marketing reach trader they notice an accent. The company is mainly contacting investors from Canada and the United Kingdom. Stay vigilant and avoid this dirty scheme at all costs. Expect bad experience from unethical entities like this one.

Tradergy is purchasing potential client data from the black market. Afterwards, they will keep calling till you give in to their demands. The platform brags that their trading activities are being supervised by experienced professionals.

Sadly, we do not see the qualification of these individuals. We can only assume that the company is using false information to lure innocent victims into their entity. If indeed they have a team of experts there would be no reason for shying away from presenting the information.

Tradergy also states that its customers are in full control of their account. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Your money will never be secure with an offshore entity. The reason behind this is because the ventures do not observe any rules.

Trading Conditions of Tradergy

The platform claims it provides live data feeds and custom charts to traders. Additionally, investors can trade using a Desktop, tablets, or mobile. Their educational opportunity is available for all level of forex traders.

The training process is availed using live webinars, and technical charts. Moreover, Tradergy states that educational services are conducted by leading analysts. They believe that their clients choose them because of their use of advance technology.

Tradergy Regulatory Status

Tradergy is a platform that does not have a license from the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) or the FCA. It is the requirement of the financial watchdog that any financial investment scheme acquire a trading license before embarking on their business.

The company is not secure since its operations are not being monitored by a reputable corporate. Additionally, the information of investors is at high risk of being sold to a third party. Trusting a discreet entity with your data is an unwise decision.

Tradergy also states that their support will respond to the query of their clients on time. Sadly, this is not true. Scammers end up changing their terms and conditions whenever they please. This inconveniences their customers.

The entity also claims it has a demo account but testing it as a complete disaster. It does not work. Such mistakes are not common with legit entities. They are also offering an MT4 platform. The platform offers leverage of 1:200 which is way too high.

The company is offering a spread that ranges from 1 up to 1:5 pips. The venture also states that its clients can trade without paying any fees or commission. Their trading conditions can make traders fall into this scheme narrative.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that investors can deposit at Tradergy is $250. You can cash in using Wire transfer or Debit/credit cards. It is also not easy verifying if these are the methods that the entity is using. Nonetheless, investors can only withdraw $50 for credit cards or $100 for the wire transfer option.

Despite claiming not to charge any fee we found out that the broker requires investors to pay a fee of 3.5% or $30 as service charges. Unless you invest with their Gold or Platinum account that the only time you won’t pay any fees.

Domain Insight is a broker that made its first digital footprint in January 2020. Their domain has been extended for another year. It will expire on January 2022. The company is registered privately therefore it is hard knowing the people that are behind the organization.

The platform has an Alexa ranking of 3,432,321. It is not much and you should not venture with an entity that is not reputable. The real geographical location that their clients are coming from still remains unknown.

Client Feedback

Luckily we came across investors’ feedback during our research. The information shows that Tradergy is not a reliable trading partner. Investors are complaining regarding how this broker is running. The firm is a scam that wills cold you without your consent.

The sales team of the company is very persuasive. The entity brags that it sends investors the best signals that win a trade. It is very easy for newbies traders to fall for such schemes. The moment you deposit money that will be the last time you hear from them.

Tradergy reply to the allegation of being a scam by claiming it does not find those that state they are a scam in their database. The majority of these people state they have already lost a great amount of money using this entity.

The company keeps asking for more money from their clients. Every time they have a different sweeter narrative promising more money. The platform can ask for more funds up to $5000. The moment you make an unwise decision to trade with them you won’t access the fund.

Despite all these false claims, there are people who claim that this is the entity in the universe. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of investors earning from this entity. Make sure that you acquire the relevant knowledge before entrusting your money to anonymous people.

Final Verdict

Tradergy is an entity that offers luring investment opportunity to its clients. However, one of their biggest shortcomings is that the entity is not registered. Moreover, there are multiple complaints that show this is not a trustworthy entity.

Investors need to find regulated forex trading entities in the market. These entities are genuine and will earn you reasonable returns. All you have to do is to trust them and not to expect unrealistic profits.

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