Traderspros Review: Another good for nothing Blacklisted Broker

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Traderspros Review
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The majority of Traderspros past clients accuse the entity of being fraudulent. Investors are currently counting losses after entrusting their money to these fraudsters. The venture is also managing the fund of investors. Trust only the best forex trading companies.

Traderspros is a nightmare investment company that presents itself in an enticing manner. The entity claims that it will revolutionize the market by offering the best trading experience. However, all we see are loopholes surrounding this venture.

Once you decide to invest online, you need to ensure that your peace of mind is guaranteed. You do not to be awake in the night wondering if a site has gone MIA. Currently, there are several fraudulent entities in the market.

Tradersposts scam review

Ponzi schemes want to eat from where they did not leap. Traderspros is one of those firms that are too good to be true. The suspicious broker brags that it has a strong support system. The firm assures investors they will have professional advice.

Unfortunately, this offshore entity will leave you high and dry. Whoever designed this firm had one intention, which is to steal from innocent traders. Why give them this satisfaction? There are several other better brokers in the industry that are reliable.

Invest wisely and trust only the best-licensed forex trading entities in the market. These platforms are transparent and legit. Moreover, you have all the assurance that you need. Their trading conditions are also perfect. Review

Traderspros allegedly claims that it is licensed, which turns out to be another fat lie. The broker also states that it is a secure platform. Additionally, this dirty scheme is also offering educational services to their clients.

The broker also hosts webinars and workshops to educate their customers on matters related to trading. Moreover, they also send daily news to keep traders updated. However, all this does not mean much when the entity is infamous.

Traderspros is a proven scam that is to no good. They want to exploit innocent investors. The broker hides behind the technology. There is no trading activity taking place in their venture. They are offering high leverage that shows this is a dirty scheme.

Moreover, the payment method which this shady entity is using does not allow investors to issue a chargeback. Additionally, the team the entity is bragging about is not qualified. They also manage accounts on behalf of their customers.

It is risky to trust anonymous companies like Traderspros with your money. It gets worst because the broker is not regulated. Avoid this illegitimate scheme. Their sole intention is to enrich themselves at the expense of their clients.

Traderspros Trading Conditions

Traderspros claim it is trading Crypto, indices, commodities, forex, and stocks. The entity provided an MT4 interface for its clients. The benefits of this platform are endless. Moreover, the majority of traders prefer using it.

Tradersposts trading conditions

The platform grants their customers a spread of 3.1 pips on EURUSD currency pair. The tight spread is not profitable for investors. Moreover, the leverage is also too high. The entity promises a cap of 1:500, which is way beyond what the regulatory body permits.

Withdrawal and Deposits of Traderspros

Traderspros is one of the most expensive investment platforms in the industry. In fact, if you do not have money, it would be best to avoid them. The minimum amount that is acceptable by this dirty scheme is 5,000 EUR.

The more advanced account will leave your mouth wide open. You can fund your account using bank transfer, BTC, and credit card. The venture is charging a withdrawal fee of 4%, which is unfavorable for investors.

The company is offering bonuses to its clients. The more money that you deposit, the higher the outcome that you are going to get. However, we have constantly warned investors against accepting such deals. You will need to meet a high trading lot for you to withdraw your earning.

TradersContact Details

The real geographical location of Traderspros is unknown. The entity, nonetheless, is eyeing investors from the UK. The phone number that they provide is from the United Kingdom. The support can be reached via email as well.

However, their office is not known. Avoid this mysterious company at all costs. They are only going to steal your savings. Additionally, the firm will only contact you when they need more money from you.

Otherwise, once they milk you dry, you will become useless. Their call will not go through, and once you realize you have been scammed, it will be too late. Avoid all this by investing with entities that care about their customers.

The Regulatory Status

Traderspros claims that its operation is managed by AND Corp Limited. The corporate is allegedly based in Hong Kong. We decided to do a background check to see whether the entity is operating legally.

Unfortunately, we were not surprised to find them missing from the database of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HKSFC). Investing in this dirty scheme exposes you to several risks.

Moreover, the financial body of the UK FCA has already blacklisted Traderspros. The broker is operating illegally in their jurisdiction. Investors from all over the world should boycott the services of this dirty scheme.

Furthermore, Hong Kong is a country that is leading the globe as a financial center. They have put measures to guide financial ventures. A company needs to deposit an amount of $640000 to be able to operate legally.

The terms and conditions of an investment scheme must consider the investor’s needs. For instance, Brokers must compensate investors if what they offer is not suitable for them. Clients can also be compensated by the licensed entities.

The Domain Insight

Traderspros is a company that was registered in May 2020. Their domain will expire exactly one year from this timeframe. The platform appears to be operating from an undisclosed area in Hong Kong. Currently, the majority of their clients come from Malaysia. The entity has an Alexa global ranking of 1048814.

Client Feedback

The majority of Traderspros past clients accuse the entity of being fraudulent. Investors are currently counting losses after entrusting their money to these fraudsters. The venture is also managing the fund of investors.

The company is also being tagged as rude and unprofessional. Once they call you asking for more money and you do not respond, the entity will call you names. The broker is to no good, and their main intention is to steal from as many people as they can.

Traderspros will never grant you access to your money. They are shameless thieves that blacklist their clients. The entity is also shady in that they will try gaining access to your computer or telephone.

Once you confront them about the negative review being left behind, the entity will state that the information is coming from their competitors. However, take this very seriously and avoid this dirty scheme at all costs.

A company that has no intention of processing your withdrawal request should be your last option. At this point, it is evident what kind of a broker Traderspros is, and the best thing is to stay away.

Final Verdict

Traderspros is a blacklisted investment company that is unprofessional. The entity does not disclose its actual geographical location. Their trading conditions are also undesirable. Investors need to be cautious when dealing with this dirty scheme.

Invest with the best forex trading companies that are licensed. You will earn better returns. Moreover, your safety is guaranteed. Search for the better alternative in the market instead of jeopardizing your safety.


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