TradeXonline Review: an Outrageous Forex Broker

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TradeXonline Review
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TradeXonline is not working with a reputable tier 1 bank. Therefore, the money that you deposit most likely will go to their account. You cannot receive it back. Scammers do not follow any rules they perform, as they want. Once they realize no more money is coming in their website they close down the whole operation.

TradeXonline aims to help investors trade with confidence. There is a number of assets to trade this includes CFD, BTC, stocks, and Forex. However, we have reasons to believe that this is an untrustworthy firm. It is an offshore-unregulated broker.

Nonetheless, the suspicious firm states it has multiple payment methods for its clients. They also train newbies clients on how to trade. There are a number of currency pairs to exploit. These include; GBPCHF, AUDUSD, EURSEK, AUDCHF, EURJPY, CHFJPY, CADJPY, and AUDJPY.

TradeXonline Review, TradeXonline Company

TradeXonline proclaims that it will help you trade with style and class. They allegedly have the best trading interface in the market. Clients can also set stop loss and take profit limits. The company is accepting both novice and expert clients.

However, you will not find professional investors wasting money in this scheme. The interface that the venture uses only helps traders make profits. You should not take the word of a scammer seriously. The venture is a nasty scheme that is shady.

You can utilize licensed forex trading firms in the industry. These are the best firms in the market that will help you increase your trading experience. Additionally, you will earn real time returns. Make sure to check out their trading reports. Review

TradeXonline registration process is straightforward. Once you register, your account must be verified. Afterward, you can trade several assets and maximize your potential. They also have a referral program whereby clients are promised high returns.

The company also has a trading bonus for its customers. The entity markets itself as the best broker in the industry. The platform contradicts itself multiple times. The venture is an outrageous Ponzi scheme that you should avoid.

The firm country of origin remains a mystery. They do not have a license and the leverage to earn is left out. The person who is responsible for this broker avails insufficient information. It proves that they do not have experience in forex activities.

They also have multiple negative reviews from their customers. TradeXonline does not have trading results. We do not know what to expect from them. The broker is also blacklisted which is clear evidence that they are dangerous.

The firm also has four investment accounts that are exaggerated. The minimum amount to deposit is ridiculous. Scammers avail false information to try to confuse traders. The fact remains that this is a shady broker.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company accepts funds via WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, and Wire Transfers. The basic account allows a deposit of $10000. At most legit firms take $250 from traders. The venture also claims that investors can deposit as low as $250. Therefore, it is impossible to know what the exact acceptable amount is.

The best method to cash in is via bank. You can cash out your money when things go south. The requirements that the firm set shows that TradeXonline does not intend to release your money. The inactivity policy is also bogus.

Moreover, the withdrawal and deposit necessity are left out. TradeXonline takes 5% if you have not traded for the last 30 days. It is unacceptable since inactivity starts counting after 6 months. The percentage form fee is also murky.

Once you read the terms and conditions policy you will realize that this broker is fraudulent. They contacting themselves, which shows the firm, is hiding many data. They are also exposed as a scam.

Trading Conditions of TradeXonline

It is impossible for the investors to register in this venture. The page that is supposed to lead traders to sign up is broken. The venture has a trading platform known as Status. It is not innovative and has unattractive features compared to MT4. Review, Trading Conditions

The leverage of the entity is 1:1000. It is more than what many financial bodies permit. The risks that come with high leverage are multiple. You can lose all your savings in a matter of seconds. This is the reason regulatory bodies cap it to a less limit.

Regulation and Registration

TradeXonline allegedly has offices in the United Kingdom, Berlin, and New Zealand. All the above countries have strict rules for investment firms. The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK has already blacklisted this firm.

The firm is targeting investors from the three mentioned countries illegally. The company does not segregate funds. Moreover, you will not receive any compensation once the broker exit the industry. Traders are exposed to multiple risks by investing with an offshore entity.

TradeXonline is not working with a reputable tier 1 bank. Therefore, the money that you deposit most likely will go to their account. You cannot receive it back. Scammers do not follow any rules they perform, as they want. Once they realize no more money is coming in their website they close down the whole operation.

Furthermore, we do not know the company that is managing the operation of this broker. Their real location is also unknown. It is important that you customize researching about a firm before depositing money. If you venture with a licensed entity, you will sleep soundly.

TradeXonline Contact Details

TradeXonline has a number of phone numbers that investors can use. There are also multiple office addresses. The broker purports it has offices in multiple areas. However, they are notoriously accepting money illegally. It is an offshore firm that once they exit the industry it shall be impossible to trace them.

Investors can also fill in the contact form available on the website. Investing with the broker exposes you to uncertainty. The firm may not respond to your query. An exposed scam doesn’t waste funds hiring professional clients.

TradeXonline will use its sales representatives to milk more money from their clients. The companies are very convincing and will make investors deposit more funds. The information that you share with them can be used for identity theft. It is one of the serious and notorious criminal activities.

The sales reps will also call you tirelessly for you to deposit more money. Once the firm realizes there are no more funds coming into their system the whole operation will shut down. The broker is bogus and aims to exploit people that are more innocent.

Client Feedback

TradeXonline has several negative reviews. Investors are asking for help to recover their money. Many traders have already lost a substantial amount of funds. The platform is not processing the withdrawal request of traders. The clients warn traders to refrain from entrusting their money to this firm.

The company also is closing traders’ accounts without notifying them. The account managers stop responding to the investors immediately they request a withdrawal. There are several platforms that investors can make use of to generate real-time returns.

TradeXonline Domain Insight

The platform domain name suggests that the venture has been around since Mach 1999. Unfortunately, there are no trading results. Additionally, the registration shall expire in 2022. There are many red flags that prove this is not an ideal firm for investors. Their website traffic is low.

Final Verdict

TradeXonline is an infamous Ponzi scheme that has managed to defraud a number of traders. The company is also on the list of blacklisted firms in the market. The location of this broker is anonymous. Their trading conditions don’t suit investors. Make sure to read their trading results keenly to avoid the unnecessary outcomes.

Investors can use licensed forex trading firms in the world. You will receive  passive income without dealing with scammers. These companies have been in the industry for years and have a track record that validates they are trading.







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