Review: A Mysterious Fraudulent Scheme

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Summary is one of those schemes being managed by fraudsters. Nobody oversees their trading activities. Once traders stop believing their narrative, the scheme will have no choice but to close down their business. allegedly boosts the confidence of their clients. The firm promises a lucrative opportunity to traders that join their website. Some of the features that the entity is bragging about include; having a superior educational system. Their account managers are allegedly qualified to offer the best help. Review, Company

The venture also states it provides investors with trending market news. Therefore, they will be able to know what is happening and what could affect the prices. The education resources include; videos, ebooks, and tutorials. They also hold webinars to improve the skills of their clients. 

It is a virtuous act to have the best interest of traders. However, these promises are likely to go into a dirty trench. Our main concern with is that it has not done anything to clear up its name. The venture is operating illegally without minding what the regulatory bodies have enforced. 

We urge all individuals that are interested in trading first to perform thorough research before trading. You will be able to earn real-time returns with legit crypto companies that are transparent. The trading conditions of the firms are also clearly outlined. Review welcomes novices and traders to join them. It has a low minimum deposit to allow investors to join them. However, it would help if you did not trust a scheme like this one with your money. They also assure investors of low spreads, leverage, and zero commissions.  

The scheme does not have a security protocol. The data of their customers is not secure. Once you share your ID and proof of address, offshore firms can use it against you. The available products are volatile. Therefore, predicting the direction they are going to take is hard. Sometimes you earn while others lose. is allegedly offering a 1-0n-1 trading opportunity with account managers. The problem is that the venture fails to reveal who these experts are. We cannot validate they are qualified if there is no educational background data or team images. 

The entity provides generic information on trading how the plan to generate high profits is still a mystery. The performance of the venture is missing. Invest with only the leading schemes that have a sound reputation. 

Trading Conditions of

The trading interface of the firm can be accessed via phone or desktop. The scheme brags it has the best trading charts, indicators, and analytical tools. There are also several products that clients can choose from. You must diversify your risks. assures investors they have an effective risk management strategy. Hence, funds safety is handled. The available assets include; forex, stocks, commodities, indices, EFTs, Crypto, bonds, and options.

The leverage available is 1:100. The limit is not according to what financial bodies authorize. The EU body only arrows 1:30 while the NFA, on the other hand, has 1:50. Once you lose, the con artists will win. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The only payment method available is cryptocurrency. You cannot issue a chargeback with digital payment. Once you press the send button, it’s futile. Ponzi schemes use this as their means of payment as it helps them conceal their identity. 

The minimum amount that one can deposit is $50. A 4% fee is applicable. We do not know how long it takes for the venture to process the withdrawal requests. There is a high chance of the firm not responding to traders’ requests. Offshored entities tend to have hidden fees.

Is Regulated? claims it originates from Ireland. However, it appears the firm is not in the database of the Central Bank of Island. The scheme is hence targeting citizens of the region illegally. There are regulatory agencies that Ponzi schemes formulated.

 It goes by the name Global Financial Authority. Unfortunately, there is no fund safety or requirements for investment schemes to deposit capital in their name. Hence, clients will not be able to get compensated if the venture faces bankruptcy. Review, Trading Conditions

We do not know the parent company of The venture can change its terms to suit its own needs without notifying traders. The broker is unworthy of investors’ funds and time. There are dozens of genuine companies in the market that want the best for their customers. Never settle for a discreet offshore scheme. is one of those schemes being managed by fraudsters. Nobody oversees their trading activities. Once traders stop believing their narrative, the scheme will have no choice but to close down their business. Make sure that you are trading with a licensed firm. There are numerous perks you are going to enjoy.

Contact Details and Customer Support presents its office address. They purport to be operating from Ireland. The firm has a phone number and an email address. Scammers never bother to answer the queries of their victims. Once you deposit money and run out of more to give to the fraudsters, you become useless. 

It is only in legit investment schemes that you are going to get professional customer support services. It is impossible to trace down the fraudsters. Their actual location remains a big mystery. 

Fund Safety

Are investors’ funds safe at Unfortunately, fund safety is a luxury that offshores firms never provide. They ensure they run their whole operations behind the shadows. Scammers sometimes urge you to install shady software that gives them remote access to your website. 

They are gaining access to your data. The scheme provides both MT4 and MT5. These are some of the best software in the market. Do not take this as a green light to join the scheme. The people that are managing your money are anonymous. If they have nothing to hide, they will avail their location, team, and results.

The venture does not care about the privacy of its customers. It would help if you never trusted an offshore scheme with your ID. They will manipulate you until you do whatever they like. lacks testimonials from their customers. In most cases, you will find the experience of traders hassle-free. Scammers, on the other hand, tend to manipulate the reviews. They pay random people to review them or feature false endorsements on their websites. You need to be cautious and learn and learn to tell between the chaffs and the wheat.

The Domain Insight

Can you believe that has been in the industry for a year? Well, this is strange, considering there is no evidence of the scheme trading. If this were a genuine venture, it would do everything to win the trust of potential clients. 

However, considering that the firm is fraudulent, we are asking for too much. The domain name was recently updated. Therefore, it seems they plan to be around for another year. Eventually, the firm will exit the industry. 

Final Verdict distinguishes itself as a genuine forex company. The venture looks like a trustworthy scheme. It mainly targets novice investors. However, it is not licensed, and this is a major red flag. The trading conditions are, however, not ideal. 

Invest with the best crypto trading companies that are regulated. These are platforms that have been in the industry for years. They have built a solid reputation. They also have a qualified team. Your money is in safe hands. You can also read the experience of their existing customers on third-party websites.


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