TradingOX Review: an Awful Scam

TradingOX Review, TradingOX Company
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TradingOX Review
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TradingOX is a scam entity acting as a legit platform to lure unknowing investors into making deposits. The company has several red flags, and you should not invest your money into their website. Conduct proper research and invest with the best crypto trading platforms.

TradingOX is another scam that targets innocent traders in the market. The company has multiple red flags. Their financial narrative is common with several fraudulent ventures that have invaded the market. They assure traders of quick riches.

The only thing that you need to do is to deposit funds. The entity utilizes a complicated web-based interface that manipulates data. If you invest with them, hoping to make the advertised returns, you will be disappointed.

TradingOX is allegedly involved in trading crypto assets. However, these assets are not a shortcut to making it in life. A lot of investors have been misled in the past only to end losing money. The first thing that we recommend is that you get the relevant skills.

Understanding how cryptocurrency work will save you a great deal of time. Do not be lazy to research on a platform. The company uses a cliché technique to attract new customers. The founder of this firm is known as Dan.

There is a video whereby Dan claims to have earned a fortune using TradingOX. He states that he focused on trading BTC and Forex. The sales pitch in the form of a video sounds very convincing. The founder claims that he will be the next millionaire in the market. Review

TradingOX is a nasty scam. They are anonymous and uses fictitious characters to act as their founder. It isn’t very reassuring to put your hopes high only to end counting your losses. The company has a moving story of its developer.

The founder is allegedly a successful investor. The platform aims to educate the public on how to analyze charts and trade currencies. The founder of this company proclaims that he has transformed several people’s lives. He also contacts potential clients online and physically.

TradingOX Review, TradingOX Company

The company does not conduct investment services. Their main objective is to get their filthy hands at potential client’s savings. Joining them will only result in you being doomed. Find better platforms that care about your needs.

TradingOX will not amount to riches. If making money was this easy, then there would be no need for work. Everyone would be flocking at this website. Economic crises will be experienced from every corner of the world.

Invest with the best cryptocurrency trading ventures that offer reasonable returns. These firms do not make unrealistic claims. They are always on the lookout for their clients. You are assured of professional friendly customer support services.

How Does TradingOX Operate?

TradingOX brags of using a laser-accurate performance. The venture assures investors that it has an accuracy of 99%. Unfortunately, even the best crypto trading bots do not brag about anything close to this. The entity allegedly does not make any losses.

Every investment activity in the industry has a high and low season. You cannot only be making huge returns. The scam states that it has the ability to multiply, triple and even quadruple investor’s income. The venture states that the technology it is using is superior.

It has become the norm for these scammers to hide behind technology and defraud innocent investors. The website proclaims that it enters the market ahead of every other company. Moreover, the entity also states that it has won awards in various sectors.

Nonetheless, they leave out essential information regarding which organizations awarded them these titles. Unverified data ad claims are what the Ponzi scheme thrives at. Investors only need to register and fund their account with a minimum amount of $250.

Click a few buttons and start generating absurd profits. The minimum return that you can yield in a day is $950. The platform also requires traders to only work for a duration of  20 minutes. Logically speaking, this is just another fantasy, and once you realize it, a lot of money will be lost.


TradingOX is collecting money from investors across the world. Unfortunately, they do not present information on their licensing. We took it upon ourselves to research and saw whether this suspicious platform does not operate as per the law.

Some of the world countries have stringent measures when it’s come to financial investment ventures. This specific venture is operating on its own accord. They do not care about fan safety. Once you deposit your money, it will be hard to recover it.

Scammers tend to change their terms of service to suit their needs. They do not segregate accounts or compensate investors once they exit the market. There are better firms that you can use to gain Real-Time returns.

Contact Details

TradingOX is asking for an email address and contact information from their clients. On the other hand, this company does not present information that shows their address. The company does not have a telephone number that you can use for each of them.

It is unwise to share your personal data with a shady broker like this scam. You risk losing your info to a shady third party and exposing yourself to more risk. A legit investment company will have an office whereby investors can visit whenever they have an issue.

Fraudsters usually cut out communication with their clients after receiving funds. Avoid experiencing such a bad ordeal by investing with licensed companies. If the company is generating the advertised returns, it would not be a problem for them to hire a qualified customer support team.

Clients Testimonials

Reading client feedback used to be a great insight on the quality of services to expect from a platform. Unfortunately, you can no longer rely on this information as scammers have found a way of manipulating information.

Unfortunately, the information that TradingOX uses has been used severally by other fraudulent firms. TradingOX copy-pasted this information, which has been recycled constantly. Clients claim to have retired at an early age.

The company provides a BTC formula that allows traders to earn big returns. The platform assures investors of quick riches. Traders are generating big returns than they ever thought. There is a new twist whereby clients state they can educate both their children and grandchildren to the university.

It is hard for new traders to detect the marketing ploy used by scammers. If they see these unverified claims, they will end up depositing money in the hope of making big returns. Watch out for these Ponzi schemes in the industry as they do not survive long.

The platform is still new in the market. They are not even a year old. They do not show their trading results or drawdowns that they can experience. Invest wisely and avoid scam ventures as they will only leave you high and dry.

Final Verdict

TradingOX states that there are no charges involved. The entity boasts that it is transparent and reliable. Moreover, they assure investors that the withdrawal process is swift and free. Unfortunately, the deal of this platform is too good to be true.

We are yet to come across an investor that has successfully withdrawn funds from this system. There is nothing positive that will come from this firm. The location of this company remain unknown. Avoid this broker at all costs.

Invest with regulated and promising crypto trading companies in the market. Your money and information is better off in transparent entity. The promise of getting rich quick is all false. The real owners running this company remain anonymous. Ensure that you deal with a company that is transparent.

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