TradoBit Review: CNMV Blacklisted Platform

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TradoBit Review
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TradoBit also markets its shady activity by claiming to be the best leading financial body in the world. However, the firm does not have trading results. When it comes to investment, we focus more on a company’s evidence rather than narratives.

TradoBit is an investment company that is not legit. The entity is in the Spain list of the blacklisted entity. Unfortunately, this entity is not legit. Trading with them, you are blazing yourself in the fire. Make sure that you read this review before making a rash decision.

TradoBit Review, TradoBit Company

The investment firm does not have a license from any recognizable financial body. Regardless of where a platform is operating from, they must acquire a license. Unfortunately, this scheme ignores the law.

Moreover, TradoBit also markets its shady activity by claiming to be the best leading financial body in the world. However, the firm does not have trading results. When it comes to investment, we focus more on a company’s evidence rather than narratives.

Availing statistics would save them the trouble of being suspected to be a Ponzi scheme. Moreover, the entity’s location is also a big red flag; The Commonwealth of Dominica does not have a regulatory body.

Therefore, the country is a haven for Ponzi schemes. The majority of the companies based here turn out to exit the industry prematurely, leaving their clients high and dry. We recommend that you trade with the best investment companies in the market that won’t compromise your safety. Review

The entity brags that it is advanced online trading software. They have over 10o tradable assets. Some of their products include; Forex, stock, CFDs, EFTs, and Crypto. The company is tactical fraud. They do not leave sufficient information to shed light on their business.

Legit investment companies in the industry will market themselves to win over trade. The information of their business is publicly accessible. It helps to build confidence with the trader. Unfortunately, TradoBit does not see the need to disclose its trading activity.

It would help if you took the red flag very seriously. Moreover, the entity does not have advanced features. The trading platform the company provides has basic features. They do not have an interest in helping investors to achieve their goals.

We highly doubt trading activities are happening at this entity. They even claim to have educational resources for clients. However, we cannot validate that the information you get from them is worthy. In most cases, scammers take materials from the internet without even editing. You end up paying for something that you would have attained freely.

Invest with legit forex trading companies in the industry. These platforms will never compromise your safety. They work to ensure the betterment of services. Investors can expect world-class customer support services and guidance from the firms.

TradoBit Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity has several payment methods listed at the footer of its website. Investors can allegedly deposit funds via Bitcoin, Visa, bank transfers, MasterCard, and SEPA. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if these are indeed the option available for clients.

Scammers often mistreat their customers and use options that limit investors from issuing a chargeback. Therefore, if this review fails to prove TradoBit is a bad choice, the broker deposits money via Visa or MasterCard. You at least stand a chance of getting your money back for a period of 540 days.

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250. The platform does not plan to release your funds. Investors must meet a turnover of 40 ties the bonus they accept. Sadly, meeting such criteria is not a walk at the park.

Trading Conditions and Available interface

The entity permits leverage of 1:200 to traders. They are pushing their clients to risky measures. The entity has a web-based trading platform. There is nothing unique about engaging with the company.

Moreover, there are several complaints from people that have traded with the venture in the past. They accuse the firm of being fraudulent. The skills and experience that TradoBit brags about cannot be verified.

The people behind the venture have done their level best in concealing their identity. They also haven’t enforced measures that protect investors from losing funds. The company only has an SSL and DDoS certificate that is nothing unique.

Your data is not safe with a suspicious offshore entity. They will sell it to criminals without any second thoughts. The registration form of TradoBit does not serve them any good. Stay away from this shady unregulated entity if you know what is best for you.

The Domain Insight boasts of being in the markets since 2011. However, this is a false statement. We checked on only to find out that the registration happened in June 2019. They have recently updated their domain. However, this does not make them legit,

The venture lacks transparency. If they can lie about such minor details, what else might the entity be hiding? It is also absurd that they can fake their history when anyone in the market can check up on the age of their corporate.

Customer Support and Contact Details

UniCap Trade ltd is the corporate that manages the activity of TradoBit. The location of the firm is at 27 Great Marlborough Street, Roseau, Commonwealth Dominica. This is an offshore platform in the market.

In case you have an issue, the support can be contacted via email. They do not have a phone number or available social media pages. It is going to be a nightmare getting hold of the people behind this entity.

The best thing that you can do is to avoid them. Ponzi schemes do not intend to cater to the needs of their customers. You will be frustrated trying to get hold of the con artists. Invest with only the best ventures that have multiple communication channels.

TradoBit Regulation and Registration

The greatest mistake that you can commit is to invest in an unregulated company. Moreover, TradoBit is flagged as a scam by the CNMV. The entity is collecting funds from Spain citizens without observing the rules of the financial watchdog.

A platform that is ignorant about the law has nothing in stock for you. There is no fund safety in this firm. There are several advantages that traders who choose a licensed entity to enjoy. For instance, your data is safe and will never be shared with third parties.

Legit companies also segregate the fund of investors in separate accounts. Additionally, they must report their daily activities to the watchdog. It is uncommon for such entities to manipulate trades. This is because the regulatory bodies would punish them accordingly and even revoke their license.

Customer protection is what financial watchdogs strive to ensure. Hence, make sure that today you make the right decision. Don’t compromise yourself in a dirty scheme. Invest wisely and be on the lookout for the nasty Ponzi schemes.

Final Verdict

TradoBit does not qualify to offer financial products or services to investors. The main reason you should bit even be thinking about entrusting your funds to them is the lack of a license. The venture has also received a warning from the Spain government.

Investors should take their safety seriously. The only way to protect yourself from Ponzi schemes is to refrain from doing business with them. Additionally, you can educate yourself on matters regarding online trading.

Invest with the best forex trading EAs in the market. These effective trading bots will help you attain your full potential. The companies are legit, and the third party verifies their trading results. Moreover, their support is also responsive.

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