Tradoiq Review: Utopia Investment Scheme

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TradoIQ Review
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TradoIQ is a get-rich-quick scheme. The broker assures investors it will offer them the best knowledge and advice. Therefore, they will be able to leave a legacy behind and enjoy their lifestyles. However, forex and crypto trading activities cannot make you rich overnight.

TradoIQ claims it is using technology in becoming the best broker. The platform allegedly avails all the necessary materials that investors need. Their services and products will help you to have a tremendous experience. The only thing you need is to click a few buttons.

Additionally, it is not necessary to download anything. The firm states it is using an award-winning platform. It is therefore straightforward and you won’t miss out on anything. The assets which the entity is dealing with are highly volatile.

Therefore, you cannot determine the returns that you are going to generate. Additionally, you cannot have the same returns. Legit investment ventures try to minimize risks. Therefore, they do not make unattainable promises. Review, Company

Moreover, TradoIQ states that it has a great reputation. According to the venture, it provides the best to investors. They guarantee you will acquire high-quality services. The entity relies on its team for its success. They have the appropriate experience.

However, we have a problem with this company. First, the traffic visiting the website is low. Secondly, the platform does not have reviews from those that have used their services. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on their word. Review

TradoIQ states it is a secure venture. Therefore, investors have nothing to worry about. The platform leaves out information regarding the banks it is working with to protect funds. The entity leaving such critical information out shows that they are working alone.

Hence, the money will go to their pockets. The company only uses excellent sales pitch to market its activities. We highly doubt there are professionals involved. The platform additionally, brags it is famously known for generating winning plans for investors.

TradoIQ is a get-rich-quick scheme. The broker assures investors it will offer them the best knowledge and advice. Therefore, they will be able to leave a legacy behind and enjoy their lifestyles. However, forex and crypto trading activities cannot make you rich overnight.

You need to put in hard work. This means getting the appropriate knowledge and perfecting your trading skills. The company is targeting investors that do not have much knowledge of how trading works.

Invest with licensed forex trading companies that are transparent. These are entities that have been in the market for years. Therefore, they will not walk out on you when you need them the most. Additionally, you are going to trade with confidence.

Trading Conditions of TradoIQ

The platform is allegedly dealing with stocks, indices, forex, and commodities. The available trading interface is web-based. The spread that you will get for trading EURUSD Is 3.8 pips. Unfortunately, this is not beneficial to traders.

Moreover, the market standard is 1.5 pips. Investors will have to pay more. The leverage cap is 1:200. The limit of the legit ventures operating in London is 1:30. Therefore, this is a clear indicator that TradoIQ is not licensed.

You should trade with companies offering the popular MT4. This will help you to enjoy several features at your disposal. Your security and safety of funds should your main focus. Therefore, you should settle with the broker that can offer you these benefits.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company is accepting money via BTC only. Crypto payment will not allow you to reverse the transaction. Moreover, it is a perfect way for hiding the identity of the people managing this scam. The minimum amount to deposit is 2 BTC.

This is a lot of money over $10000. We do not understand why this firm is charging this much. There is nothing unique about their services. Moreover, the information regarding the time it takes to process withdrawal requests is missing.

TradoIQ is a company that does not disclose if it is charging fees. They have four accounts that exaggerate their services. Them leaving out essential information shows the platform is untrustworthy. Additionally, the account dormancy data is left out as well.

TradoIQ Regulation and Registration

The company is ignorant about the law. It does not even discuss whether it is licensed or not. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to determine the legitimacy of this platform. We checked on the database of Financial Conduct Authority but didn’t find the firm there.

It means that TradoIQ is collecting money from UK citizens illegally. The firm has not deposited a capital of 730K EUR with the financial watchdog. Therefore, clients will not be compensated once this scam leaves the industry.

Additionally, the venture does not segregate funds in reputable financial institutions. Your hard-earned money will go directly into the pocket of the con artists managing this website. The firm does not also report its daily trading activity to the FCA.

Therefore, your money will go directly to their hands. There are multiple financial watchdogs in the market that will help you trade with confidence. These include the FCA, CySEC, NFA, and ASIC. Avoid offshore firms.

Contact Details

Investors can reach the company via email. Their offices are also open from Monday to Friday. It features an address indicating it is operating from London, UK. The broker is targeting traders from this country.

However, this is an offshore firm. It will be hard to get hold of them. This is because fraudsters never reveal their location. You will be shocked when you visit their office address and find that a different business that has no association with TradoIQ resides there.

TradoIQ Review, TradoIQ Contact

Moreover, the responsive support that the company brags about does not exist. Your email will never receive a response. Therefore, we urge you to search for a venture that is transparent. It is odd sharing your personal detail with a broker that cannot avail its geographical location.

Furthermore, with the kinds of rewards that the venture is promising they ought to have massive endorsement from traders. However, there is no single customer review. The scam is infamous. Once you perform a background check you will only see negative reviews from investment analysts.

The Domain Insight is a new investment company that was registered in January 2021. Just like all other scammers in the market, the firm aspires to be in the market for only one year. The information regarding the founder is left out.

The geographical location of the broker remains a mystery as well as of their customers. Additionally, the global Alexa ranking shows that the entity is not getting much traffic.  You need to be careful with this venture.

Final Verdict

TradoIQ is a nasty scam that operates without having a license. The entity does not care about its clients. Their main aim is for you to deposit money for them to steal all of it. Additionally, the minimal amount to deposit in this broker is unaffordable.

It also only accepts funds via crypto which is a big red flag. Their area of operation remains unknown. There is nothing great that you will get from trading with TradoIQ. There is also no customer support team. Therefore, we do not know how your issue will be handled.

You can trade with confidence with the top forex trading brokers in the market. These are genuine and proven entities that will generate real time returns for you. Moreover, they have been in the market for a number of years. Check out their trading history.

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