TrendsTurbo Review: Ambiguous Broker

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TrendsTurbo states that their clients always come first. They even avail detailed market guidance to help investors in getting the best outcome.

TrendsTurbo is a company that claims it has a simple-to-use interface. Even if you do not have experience in trading, the firm welcomes you to join them. One may think that the scheme has the best interest of their clients. However, the reality is far from the narrative that the scheme presents. This is a typical scam that will soon be out of the market. 

TrendsTurbo Review, Company

The venture states that they do not charge withdrawal or deposit fees. The platform does this to erratic the stress of their users as the charges are usually unfavorable. Sadly, giving this scheme a chance will only lead to you making significant losses. This is a ploy for them to win you over. 

Additionally, TrendsTurbo also claims it segregates the funds of investors in separate accounts. They leave out vital info behind; the financial institutions they use to safe keep the money. It would help if you did not easily believe what an offshore scheme states without double-checking. 

The customer support is allegedly also in operation around the clock. Clients can reach them whenever the need arises. However, we highly doubt that the broker will care to maintain contact after realizing they are low-life fraudsters. We shall disclose all the red flags that the scheme presents. 

In the meantime, check out some of the best forex trading brokers. These are legit schemes that have been in the market for years. You will get a desirable outcome. They use tried and tested mechanisms to generate money. Review

TrendsTurbo claims it has over 100 assets for its clients. They advertise profitable spreads to their clients. There is also no commission or fees. Investors are guaranteed the use of the main MT4 interface. The broker also sends news and analysis to their clients. 

The company claims it helps individuals kickstart their profitable trading activities. The available products are; indices, commodities, forex, shares, and futures. Once you register and deposit funds in your account, you are good to go. The entity promises nothing but better returns. 

The broker falsely claims it has been in the industry for years. A decade is a long time, and at the same time, we are wondering where their results are? Why is it that their domain name indicates the entity was recently established? Something is highly fishy with TrendsTurbo as they also do not mention existence using a different name. 

The company will go every mile to win the trust of investors, even if it means lying. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you stay away from them. You can earn real-time profits if you trade wisely.  They are only hiding behind technology. 

Trading Conditions of TrendsTurbo

The venture allegedly has five trading platforms and over 450 trading instruments. You can also trade from any location. All you need is an internet connection. The MT5 is one of the reputable interfaces in the market. It allows investors to use EAs and customize various features. There are also numerous indicators.

The individuals that are behind TrendsTurbo are willing to spend to get their hands on your money. However, the spreads that the company is offering are wide. You won’t get profit from them. It ranges from 2.8 pips to 2.5 pips. The average market standard is one pip. The leverage is 1:400, which is another proof that this is an unregulated entity.

Withdrawal and Deposits

TrendsTurbo accepts funds via bank wire, debit cards, and credit cards. The minimum amount that one can deposit is $250. Nonetheless, for you to get the best trading conditions, you should deposit $10,000. This is a complete rip-off. The venture handles all the withdrawal requests within 7 days. 

TrendsTurbo Review, Features


The least amount that clients can cash out is $50.  The venture does not have fees. This is a dangerous entity. If possible, refrain from giving the individuals access to your money. You will only lose if you decide to give the platform a chance.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The entity is based in St Vincent and Grenadines. They have a phone number and an email address that clients can use to reach the support. TrendsTurbo is an offshore platform. Therefore, there are certain aspects that you need to understand. Going after this scheme is a nightmare. 

Their support can also be unethical, and there is nothing you can do about that. They will only respond if it is beneficial to them. Moreover, your data is not secure in this scheme. 

Regulation Status of TrendsTurbo

TrendsTurbo is a company that is on the blacklist of the FCA. The scheme is operating without having a license. The SVG does not license financial investment schemes. Your money is at great risk if you join this company. The scheme has been targeting the citizens of the UK without meeting the set guidelines. 

For instance, all the brokers that operate from the country must have a compensation scheme in place. They deposit capital of 730K EUR. The user’s account is segregated. Therefore, you have the assurance that your money will not be used for the wrong purposes. 

TrendsTurbo is not working with a prominent bank. They also do not report their daily trading activities to anyone. Furthermore, the venture is anonymous. Avoid trading with this evil scheme. You can invest wisely with some of the best-regulated companies in the market. 

Client Feedback

The scheme has several misleading data online. False reviews are coming from their clients. The problem with these remarks is that the people that endorse the firm are anonymous. They do not link their social media accounts or leave proof of payment. The reviews are too good to be true. 

Invest wisely but invest only with the best transparent schemes. These are companies that have the endorsement of their customers on third-party websites.  Fraudsters use nasty marketers to promote their services. 

Be careful with the information that you read online. Ensure that you get the relevant skills before venturing into any business. The market is frauded by various con artists. The safety of your money should always be your primary goal. The best schemes in the venture will help you trade profitably. 

The Domain Insight

The entity domain name was registered in March 2021. The domain name will expire after one year. The individuals behind this platform are anonymous. No data reveals who they are. The scheme is also not getting much traffic. To be on the safe side, refrain from trading with the company. 

Final Verdict

TrendsTurbo states that their clients always come first. They even avail detailed market guidance to help investors in getting the best outcome. Account managers and other professionals are available to assist you. Unfortunately, the scheme does not provide evidence to support their claims. 

The people that are behind the scheme are anonymous. Therefore, it is hard to know if they are capable of handling investors’ funds. If you want to trade wisely, avoid offshore platforms as most of them end up frustrating clients. 

Invest with some of the best forex trading brokers in the market. Your investment is safe with the ventures. You will generate real-time profits. The safety of your money is their priority. They also hire a professional support team. 


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