Tripeak Review: a Distasteful Broker

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Tripeak keeps assuring clients that the withdrawal process is fast. However, they do not have client feedback. Hence, their statement is unverified. The platform brags it meets the tough measures of various financial watchdogs. However, not even one of these agencies permits the firm to collect funds from their citizens.

Tripeak is a company that deals with forex trading. In a world full of thousands of brokers, each trying to outshine the other in the midst of them, stand several frauds. If you do not have adequate trading knowledge, you may end up becoming their victim.

Tripeak Review, Tripeak Company

The platform is accepting individuals and institutions as clients. The venture claims it operates in full transparency and gets its liquidity from its partners. Another feature that the broker brag about is being cost-effective.

The company allegedly has the best strategy of generating returns for users. Review embraces technology and has tight spread and high leverage. It would help if you were not quick to trust every firm you encounter simply because they claim to be the best. 

Providing their trading results is one of the best ways to validate their statements. Tripeak boasts it offers a quality trading experience to investors. They are accepting investors from all over the world. The big question is, does this entity operate legally? Unfortunately, it does not.

Invest with some of the leading forex companies in the market. These are ventures that operate in full transparency. Any information that you may need to make the right decision is easily accessible. Review

Tripeak keeps assuring clients that the withdrawal process is fast. However, they do not have client feedback. Hence, their statement is unverified. The platform brags it meets the tough measures of various financial watchdogs. However, not even one of these agencies permits the firm to collect funds from their citizens. 

The entity also accepts both rookie and expert traders. Nonetheless, you will not find professional traders wasting their time in a losing scheme. The venture allegedly customized accounts for clients. 

Tripeak has a monthly contest. The best traders will win a bonus of $10,000. Bonuses are another feature that shady brokers use to exploit users. The terms and conditions are shocking and unfavourable. 

Sadly, this is a platform that does not have a legal document. Therefore, you register without knowing what you are getting yourself into. The venture can have hidden charges for its customers. You cannot report them to the authorities as their location is unknown.

Moreover, the company is not accepting new clients. We do not see any advantage that you will get for signing up with the venture. There are numerous genuine investment firms in the market for you.

Tripeak Trading Conditions

Tripeak is trading cryptos, metals, and forex. Traders can execute their orders at lightning speed. Their leverage is 1:1000, a lucrative cap that will trigger most investors into signing up for the venture. Nonetheless, it is best to know what you are getting yourself into. This limit pushes you to severe risks, and you can lose all your savings in a second if you are starting up and do not have a high-risk appetite avoid such caps. Review, Accounts

The venture provides an MT4 interface that is the best trading platform in the industry. It has several customizable features. The leverage cap of EURUSD is 1:500. The legit firms do not have high limits. You are dealing with a shady venture that operates discreetly. 

Who are the People behind

Tripeak brags it has the best team that has sufficient knowledge in the financial sector. Sadly, this is a ghost team that is not credited. Chances being, there is no team involved. The company features its Chief Market Officer who is Carolina May.

The venture fails to show the public the educational background of the individual. We decided to check him up on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Unfortunately, our attempt hit a hard rock. There is no tangible evidence showing Carolina is a qualified financial expert. 

Tripeak Withdrawal and Deposits allegedly handles withdrawal requests of clients instantly. The company is accepting funds via cryptocurrency. Electronic payment has transformed the industry, and you can receive your money in seconds. 

However, fraudsters use this feature to their advantage. One client makes a deposit using digital currency. They cannot issue a chargeback. Moreover, traders cannot know the people that receive their money. 

Tripeak lists payment options like Bank wire, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Local bank transfer, and Fasa Pay. They claim bank cards and China Union Pay payments will be available in the future.

We do not know the withdrawal requirements that the firm has set into place. Chargers may apply, and since we have yet to encounter a client who has successfully withdrawn funds from this entity, we suggest you refrain from doing business with the broker.

The Domain Insight

Tripeak has been in the market since March 2019. They have survived this long, yet the firm has nothing to show in terms of its performance. The identity of the founder is concealed. The registration expires in March 2023. Nonetheless, we do not know where their main clients originate from. The traffic visiting the entity is also not much.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Tripeak allegedly has customer support in 10 different languages. Unfortunately, we cannot tell where this company originates from. There is no office address. The only way users’ can reach the firm is via email.

The chances of getting a response from the broker are very minimal. The venture is likely going to ignore you and never resolve the issue that you are facing. These kinds of platforms tend to exit the market after getting sufficient funds from their victims. 

A legit entity would not destroy their PR. They hire a professional support team as they understand the importance of meeting clients’ satisfaction. Tripeak does not have customer testimonials. The entity has been in the market for years, yet nobody endorses them. This is a big red flag, and you are better off without this entity.

Regulatory Status of Tripeak

Tripeak does not speak about its legal status. Signing up with this broker exposes you to hazards. The company has not met the capital requirements that various regulatory bodies set. For instance, in the UK, an entity must deposit 730K EUR in its name to acquire a license. 

Moreover, the venture must submit the names of the financial analysis and the parent company. This shows that the people dealing with traders’ money are indeed qualified. Funds are also segregated in top tier 1 banks. It ensures customer funds are not misused. 

In case an entity manipulates its price, the financial watchdog can revoke the license. The regulated brokers take the security of their customers seriously. The accounts are also protected against negative balances. 

To make matters worse, Tripeak lacks a terms and conditions policy. No genuine platform would operate without having this document. Investors should always first check whether an entity has a license before depositing their hard-earned money. 

Final Verdict

Tripeak is a tricky investment entity. The platform is operating illegally without having a license. If you register into their system, know you are entrusting your money to anonymous people. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. 

If you want to trade successfully, then you should choose a legit forex company. You are better off with a proven venture that has a track record. Trade wisely and watch out for fraudsters that have flocked the industry. 

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