Turbo Cycler Review: TurboCycler.com A Cash Gifting Scheme

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Turbo Cycler is a long-running cash gifting scheme. It has been operating since 2010. TurboCycler.com does not provide any information about the owner of the company. In fact, the website only has a single capture page. Moreover, the company has a YouTube channel through it engaged with many viewers and potential investors. It is basically a cash gifting scheme, and the only way to participate in Turbo Cycler is by becoming its member. Let’s review this company in detail and learn about its various aspects.

Overview of Turbo Cycler

Turbo Cycler is an MLM cash gifting scheme that promises your complete financial freedom. The company is claiming to be using modern and reliable software that is able to generate millions of dollars. However, there is no proof that you will be able to make this huge amount of income.

TurboCycler.com has a single page. It seems like a lot of work is done on the website to attract users by narrating personal stories and explaining everyday financial problems. Yet, the content of the website seems highly unimpressive. It urged you to buy affiliate membership so that you can keep up with the times and use modern technology.

However, there is nothing new about Turbo Cycler. It is like any other MLM gifting company. It completely relies on the investment of affiliates and does not have any external source of income.

Owner of Turbo Cycler

TurboCycler.com does not give any information about the founder of the company. However, my research indicates that Peter Wolfing is running the company. He appears in several videos uploaded on the YouTube channel of Turbo Cycler. Wolfing’s LinkedIn profile shows that he is working as the president of Multiplex Systems. However, his profile does not mention Turbo Cycler, which raises some serious concerns about the company’s legitimacy and origins.

Wolfing refers to himself as the online tool guy and has an extensive history of working at Multiplex Systems. In fact, Multiplex Systems funds several MLM companies like Infinity Downline and Turbo Cycler. Most of these companies have identical business models and income structures. Wolfing also promotes TurboCycler.com on his personal Twitter account.

It is important to note that Wolfing and Multiplex Systems have a very long history of spamming people through lead generation services. Infinity Downline collapsed in 2011, after which the marketing of the Turbo Cycler got intensified. It shows that Turbo Cycler is a basic MLM gifting scheme run by an experienced spammer.

Turbo Cycler


TurboCycler.com offers several marketing services. However, these services are only limited to affiliates. There are no other retail products that you can buy from the company. You must invest in the affiliate member to make use of the marketing techniques. It describes its products and services as wide-ranging facilities that cover several industries. Software like SMS Blaster, Email Blaster, and a professional Lead Scrapper are mentioned as some of the products of the company.

Most of these tools seem spamming tools. We know that the owner of the company is involved in spamming. Hence, it is not surprising that Turbo Cycler is advertising spamming tools. The website also claims that it has a webinar video library of more than 100 hours. Yet, it does not give any specific information about such videos or any other way to access them.

How to Join Turbo Cycler?

Compared to many other MLM companies, Turbo Cycler is a very expensive company. The member costs $39.95 per quarter. Moreover, you will have to spend at least $200 to take part in the compensation plan from the lowest matrix. You can also invest $500 or $1000 to enter a higher matrix and earn more profits.

Despite the company’s claims that you can start with a little bit of money, you must have considerable amount of money to take part in the income structure. In return, the website promises you substantial training and support. Yet, there is no proof of any such customer support or a way to contact the managers of the company.

It simply that you have to invest at least $239.95 to start getting any kind of compensation from this company. It is a very huge amount, especially considering the fact that you must pay $39.95 every quarter. Hence, it would be better to avoid investing in this company. Instead, you can invest in crypto cloud mining companies that allow you to mine your own crypto coins. These companies have a very good customer support and flexible account plans, which increases your chances of earning profits. 

Compensation Structure of Turbo Cycler

Turbo Cycler has a business model of a traditional MLM company that involves three 2×2 matrices. An affiliate is at the top of the matrix, while there are six positions under an affiliate. Participating in the compensation plan is very expensive as the three matrices cost $200, $500, and $1000, respectively.

TurboCycler.com also mentions a $100 package. However, once you proceed to buy the actual membership, it only gives the option of investing $200, $500, or $1000. It shows that the website has not been updated since a long time now.

One aspect of the income plan of TurboCycler.com that makes it different from other companies is that it promises to pay 100% of the fee to the primary owner of a matrix. For example, if four members are joining your matrix, you will get a $1200 commission. A similar plan is implemented in a $500 and $1000 matrix.


However, it is important to remember that these are only the company’s promises. There is no way to validate these claims. Even if you were to get this kind of compensation, you should remember that once you cycle out of a matrix, you will have to pay the fee again to enter the next level matrix. In the end, it is highly likely that you will be paying a lot of money to Turbo Cycler while getting a very little amount in return.


Turbo Cycler is heavily promoting its 100% commission plan and divert your attention from the fact that you must pay a quarterly management fee. The entire business structure makes it very clear that the company is a traditional gifting scheme that is taking money from the new members to pay the old ones.

Even though it promises you 100% commission on recruiting new members, it is not clear how this amount of money will be transferred to you. TurboCycler.com does not mention any of the methods to provide you with a commission. It means that you might not generate much income from this scheme.

Moreover, it is important to note that recruitment can stop anytime. The company has been operating since 2010 and is seeing a rapid decline in its traffic. There is a very high chance that the Turbo Cycler will collapse due to a lack of recruitment. In such a case, the members will suffer heavy financial losses as most of the money will be in the hands of the founder. You will have to keep hiring new people to ensure a continuous income. Otherwise, you are bound to lose your money due to large investment fees and quarterly admin charges.

Hence,  you should avoid investing in an MLM gifting scheme like Turbo Cycler. Instead, you can invest in crypto cloud mining companies that provide you with greater chances of earning profits. These companies have transparent working procedures which you can trust. Moreover, reliable customer support and efficient mining tools of crypto cloud mining companies allow you to earn money by mining your crypto coins and participate in the booming crypto industry. 

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