UMarketz Review: Watch out for this Scam

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UMarketz Review
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UMarketz states that it is transparent they state there are no hidden charges. There are a number of cryptos that you can also trade. However, this is a dirty investment scheme that you should avoid. Invest with genuine firms brokers.

UMarketz is a company that is not worth your time. The broker is operating illegally. Investors allegedly promise their clients financial freedom. Their trading platform is easy, simple, and fast to use. Investors only need to complete the registration process to start earning.

However, this is just another Ponzi scheme in the market. It brags about having over 360 trading instruments. Additionally, traders are assured they can deposit funds via more than ten methods. The problem with scammers is that they use false information to entice new clients.

UMarketz Review, UMarketz Company


UMarketz also states it has three trading platforms. You should not be surprised if you find there are no trading activities taking place. The company is a get-rich-quick scheme. They ask investors to stop working and join the venture for a transformational opportunity.

The company states that traders can work in the comfort of their homes. It also brags that it offers the security of funds to all its customers. The venture claims it has partnered with a reputable financial institution.

Therefore, investors need not worry about fund safety. However, the firm fails to provide the necessary information or the name of the bank it deals with. Moreover, this is a venture that boasts it offers the best trading education.

The information is availed using eBooks, and Videos. The entity also claims it offers VIP customer support services. The information availed on their website cannot be verified which is a big red flag. Review

UMarketz is a broker that is allegedly dealing with commodities, forex, indices, and stocks. The firm allegedly is using the latest technology and cutting-edge trading tools. The online market has numerous opportunities which investors can exploit.

However, there is a high need of being careful since there are many scammers in the industry. They will say all sorts of things to make you believe their narrative. Their trading conditions are also irresistible.

It is therefore not easy to know the real and the illegal investment schemes especially if you are a  novice trader. UMarketz the trading software of this executes trades at a high speed. You need to understand that the assets which the broker is dealing with are very volatile. What the majority of companies do is minimize the losses as they maximize the profits.

The company states that it is transparent they state there are no hidden charges. There are a number of cryptos that you can also trade. However, this is a dirty investment scheme that you should avoid.

Trade with the best forex trading platforms in the market today. You are going to generate high returns. Moreover, your safety is a top priority. Trade with them and you will grow your portfolio as you gain more skills.

Trading Conditions of UMarketz

UMarketz is a platform that offers online academy trading. Investors are assured they will receive an economic calendar, market news, technical analysis, and advanced charts that are updated.

The company is allegedly offering an MT4 and a web-based interface to their customers. However, we cannot attest that this is the trading software that the venture provides to its clients. The platform does not avail links to download the platforms.


therefore, we are left with multiple assumptions but the best one is that there is no trading happening on this website. Therefore it is best to avoid them. The information regarding the leverage and spread is not availed.

UMarketz Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount that you can deposit at UMarketz is 250 EUR. You can cash in via credit cards, and bank transfers. However, the terms and conditions of UMarketz claim that the only acceptable payment method is wire transfer.

UMarketz Review, UMarketz Features

It is risky for the investors because you cannot issue a chargeback. The funds go to the fraudster account. The withdrawal request is handled within 5 to 7 business. There is a fee of 5% for the credit card cash out.

UMarketz is a platform that has no intention of releasing the cash of traders. They aim to enrich themselves using other people. Trade with caution and avoid ventures that are suspicious.

Contact Details and Customer Support

UMarketz office address is at Milutina Milankovica Blvd 9z Belgrade 11070. You can contact the support via email or phone. The firm is in Serbia. However, the entity is presenting false information and there is no method of verifying that this is their actual location.

Moreover, there is no way that fraudsters will set themselves up like this. The company is an offshore venture that operates as it pleases. Therefore, it can choose to exit the market today and there is nothing that you can do to track them down.

UMarketz is a nasty Ponzi scheme that is not worth your time. They will not respond to any of your queries pertaining to the withdrawal of funds. A company that has no intention of giving you back your money should be your last option.

Moreover, there is no customer feedback regarding this broker. Investing with a broker that is not reputable exposes you to severe risks. We recommend that you trade with ventures that have been in the market for years. Their trading history is verifiable.

UMarketzRegulation Status

Serbia Securities Exchange (SEC) is the financial body that is responsible for overseeing the operations of investment companies. We checked in their database and we were not surprised when we did not find UMarketz.

The company is, therefore, an illegal venture that will defraud multiple investors. Additionally, this venture states that the agreement of the firm and traders are governed by the law of Marshall Island.

Sadly, this beautiful Island does not license forex trading activities. It is evident that UMarketz is operating as it pleases without being managed by a corporate or government.

Investing with them is putting your fingers on fire. You will make losses and nobody will come to your rescue. The platform nonetheless is collecting funds from traders all over the world. You need to be cautious with them.

The Domain Insight is a broker that was established in August 2020. The entity aims to be in the market for one year. The registrar of this firm is not known. They are dealing with the funds of investors yet the entity lacks transparency.

Scammers do not register their platform for more than a year. This is because by the time this duration passes they will either be exposed or no funds will be coming in their website. The company will have no other choice rather than to close down their business.

Final Verdict

UMarketz is a suspicious company that is not worth investors’ funds. The broker is operating as it pleases without having the necessary documentation.  Traders who join this firm need to have provided their promo code to proceed. Additionally, this platform is using false information to entice new clients.  Watch out!

This shows that the broker is advertising its fraudulent activities using its marketers. There is no evidence of trading activities taking place on this platform. The people that are managing investor’s funds are also anonymous.

Instead of wasting time with UMarketz trade with legit forex trading companies that are reputable. These are platforms that have been serving their clients diligently. Their customer support team is also responsive.


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