Uni Capital Review: Uni-capital.com a Cheeky Scam

Uni Capital Review, Uni Capital Company
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Uni Capital Review
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Uni Capital is a company that has been existence for many years. The company claims to be a reliable crypto broker that is dealing with legit partners. Unfortunately, the platform is not regulated, and your fund safety is not assured. Invest with the best cryptocurrency trading websites to experience professional services.

Uni Capital Group is allegedly a universal investment company. They are accepting investors from Europe and all over the world. The entity is dealing with a number of services. For instance; they offer consultation on technology information, asset management security brokerage and investment portfolio.

However, one of their speciality is managing private assets. The entity was merged by two companies Uni Fin Invest LP and Uni Capital Group, LTD. The platform was allegedly established in 2012.

Uni Capital Review, Uni Capital Company

However, after searching for their domain name on Whois.com, we found out that the venture came into existence in October 2010. We do not know why there is a huge difference in the dates. They are offering a loan to their customers.

Uni Capital Group brags that it has been a successful venture for the past eight years. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up their narrative. The venture assures investors of profitable opportunity that are reliable. The entity validates their success by claiming to have an expert team of brokers.

Additionally, it also boasts of having an initial capital of over 10 million Euros. Since the venture fails to provide the financial institutions’ information, it partners with we believe this is another mere ploy to lure in more clients. Furthermore, this entity also states it has 12 offices in various countries.

Uni-capital.com Review

Uni Capital Group claims the EU financial body regulates it. The experience of the company allegedly plays a critical role in its success. Once you join the broker, you stand a chance of acquiring multiple benefits.

The venture claims it conducts investment services with both legal entities and individuals. They also have trading bonuses for their clients. However, it would help if you avoided entities that offer such lucrative offers; this is because they have strict requirements when it comes to withdrawal requests.

Uni Capital Group has private clients, rich investors and corporate clients program. The venture encourages individuals to open a saving account that will be yielding them high returns. The entity allegedly uses the latest technology and quality trading tools. They also have digital currency fully managed accounts. Investors can keep an eye on their history.

The entity also has a wealth manager who optimizes on the goals of investors. They keep your investment and goals in line. You can again trade on the European exchange. The venture urges its clients to venture to incorporate that have high margins.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies that are not blacklisted by the financial conduct authority. These ventures are legit and transparent. You will be able to earn genuine profits and request withdrawal.

How Does Uni Capital Group Work?

The company boast about having the best reliable management team handling its investment services. They further state that the group comprised of expert and leaders are driven to offer customer satisfaction.

They are accepting funds via MasterCard, Union Pay. The entity is governed by various values; young talents, leadership, professionality, innovative mind, and social responsibility. Unfortunately, the team which Uni Capital Group praise is not credited anywhere in their website.

Therefore, we do not know if indeed, these people are qualified. The company highlights some of the milestones that it has accomplished. They feature several companies that they have ventured with. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up their claims.

Contact Details

Uni Capital Group claims that it is based at Unit 42057 Ground Floor, 30 Bloomsbury Street, WC1B 3QJ, London, United Kingdom. They also have an Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel.  The venture states it has offices in the Czech Republic, and Prague.

The platform keeps changing its office address. They earlier claimed to be based in Belgium Moreover, this entity also state sit is dealing with commodities, forex, indices, metals, and CFDs.

We do not know whether the support of Uni Capital Group is responsive and trustworthy. Scammers will treat their clients; however, they please without minding the outcome. When investing ensure you settle with the best broker in the market.

Registration and Regulation

Uni Capital Group is registered under company number 8198463. The registration documents are cheaply and easily accessible in the United Kingdom. What you should be looking for is a license form from the watchdog of the UK.

Unfortunately, this is an outlaw that is operating on its own accord. They do not care about the law or the safety of their clients.  The people running this venture are only focused on making themselves rich. The entity lies about its license status, which is a big red flag.

Uni Capital Group will say anything so long as it generates sales for them. How this entity invest the funds of investors remain a mystery. Their trading conditions are also outrageous. The company charges monthly fees and commission to their clients.

They charge a commission of 0.083% every month. Percentage form deductions are unfair, and you cannot find such features with a legit entity. Moreover, Uni Capital Group also takes 20%commision of the total net profit every month.

Furthermore, there is also an activation fee of 50 EUR, which apply immediately you open an account. We find this platform to be an exploitation firm that is only after investors funds. We do not recommend the shady venture to the public.

Clients Feedback

We find it very suspicious that Uni Capital Group has been in the industry for over 8 years, yet they do not have clients feedback. According to Alexa.com, the total traffic visiting this entity is that of 2,452,526. It is very low, and the actual geographical of their customers is not known.

Avoid infamous companies that have nothing special to offer. It shows that investors are not interested in the services of this shady platform. The palm to launch their own crypto coin. Unfortunately, this did not come to pass.

Is Uni Capital Group Legit or not?

Uni Capital Group does not seem to be a reliable venture. This entity is not legit, and you should walk away from their services while you still can. We do not recommend their business to investors. The appropriate authority does not regulate the platform.

They do not offer fund safety. Moreover, the entity is only bluffing about depositing a handsome amount as their initial capital. The platform has survived long in the industry, but their services are not legit. They can decide to wake up one day and close down their business.

Uni Capital Scam Review, Uni Capital Features

Nobody will hold them accountable since their address is not valid. The customer support seems to be operating via email address. Therefore, it might take forever before getting a response. This is not a reliable investment venture.

We recommend that you only venture with licensed companies by the ASIC, NFA, Caused, or FCA. These are some of the best watchdogs in the market. Stay away from offshore ventures at all costs.

Final Verdict

Uni Capital Group is a company that is not worth your time or resources. The minimum amount that you can deposit in their platform remains a mystery. We do not know their duration that withdrawal takes. Additionally, this entity is exploiting its customers by charging hefty fees.

Invest with the best cryptocurrency trading companies. These platforms are transparent and genuine. The safety of their customers is their primary focus. Additionally, you can view their trading results.



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