Unicity International Review: Do not buy membership of Unicity.com

Unicity International
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Unicity International Review
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Review Summary

You should not invest your money in an MLM scheme like Unicity International because you will not be able to make any significant profits from this company. It is much better to use the reliable Forex robot for trading. These Forex trading bots can help you in generating a significant amount of profits.

Unicity is a corporation that has been running for more than a decade now. However, the company has gone through various transformations. Nowadays, it is known as Unicity International or simply Unicity. According to the website of the company, Unicity.com, the company is working to form an extensive community of people and provide them a quality lifestyle.

The MLM side of the business has attracted a lot of negative attention over the years. The primary focus of this article will be on reviewing the income structure of the company to determine whether you can trust this MLM scheme or not. Let’s get started.

What is Unicity International?

Unicity International is a part of a large network of corporations. It was established after the merger of Rexall Showcase and Enrich International. Moreover, the owners of Unicity.com have also changed over the period because it has been sold from one corporation to another.

Stewart Hughes has been running the company for several years now. It would not be wrong to say that Unicity International has an extremely controversial history. Its origin corporation, Rexall Showcase, was investigated by the US regulators back in 1994.

Similarly, Stewart Hughes was also under the scrutiny of Flordia’s AG investigators. However, there is no definite information available about how these issues were resolved. There has been no major scandal about Unicity.com since its formation. Yet, it is important to keep these regulatory issues of the parent corporation in mind because they have a significant impact on Unicity International as well.


Registration Process of Unicity International

Unicity International is asking for a large amount of investment to provide any significant income opportunities to the users. The company has a simple affiliate membership that costs $40. However, there are no significant income opportunities in the basic package.

Other than the basic affiliate membership, users have to buy a series of packs to participate in the MLM side of the business. Unicity.com mentions a number of packages that the affiliates can buy. The cost of these packages is anywhere between $215 to $6900. The company is claiming to provide a ‘Healthcare Professional Options’ package for $6900.

The price of these packages varies from each other because each package has different income opportunities. The primary focus of Unicity International is on making more and more affiliates buy these packages so that the company can generate massive profits while providing limited earning opportunities to the affiliates.

You should not invest this kind of money in an MLM scheme like Unicity International because you will end up losing your investment. It is much better to use the reliable Forex robot for trading. These Forex trading bots can help you in generating a significant amount of profits. 

Income Structure of Unicity International

Despite the fact that Unicity.com has an extensive product catalog, the main focus of the company is on the MLM scheme. Unicity International is offering residual commissions as well as bonuses for people who keep climbing the affiliate ranks of the company.

It will become easy to understand the income structure of Unicity International by breaking it down into the following major parts:

Membership Ranks

Unicity International has a total of 13 main membership ranks. These are:

  1. Junior Manager Rank
  2. Manager Rank
  3. Senior Manager Rank
  4. Director Rank
  5. Senior Director Rank
  6. Executive Director Rank
  7. Presidential Director Rank
  8. Sapphire Rank
  9. Presidential Ruby Rank
  10. Presidential Diamond Rank
  11. Double Diamond Rank
  12. Triple Diamond Rank
  13. Diamond Rank

All of these ranks have complex eligibility criteria. These criteria normally include recruiting the new affiliates, generating personal volume, and making money in group investment. However, the company has strict criteria, due to which it can be extremely challenging for the users to climb these ranks.

Fast Start Bonus

Other than the traditional rank bonuses, Unicity.com also promises a ‘Fast Start Bonus’ to attract more investment. The website provides the following breakdown of these bonuses:

  • Members of the Director Rank can earn a 3% bonus.
  • Members of the Senior Director Rank can earn a 3% bonus.
  • Affiliates of the Executive Director Rank can earn a 3% bonus.
  • Affiliates of the Presidential Director Rank can earn a 3% bonus.
  • Members of the Presidential Sapphire Rank can earn a 4% bonus.
  • Affiliates of the Presidential Ruby Rank can earn a 4% bonus.
  • Members of the Presidential Diamond Rank can earn a 5% bonus.

Unicity.com makes it clear that all of the compensation is made on the basis of the rank of the affiliates. If the members want to generate any additional profits, they will have to focus on maintaining a good position in the company and participate by recruiting more members.

Recruitment is a big part of the income structure of Unicity International. This kind of business model is common in various other MLM companies. By asking users to keep recruiting more and more members, Unicity International has managed to survive for a long period of time. 

Unicity International

Lifestyle Bonus

Unicity.com heavily promotes the ‘Lifestyle Bonus,’ according to which the company will be providing massive profits to the members at high affiliate ranks. Unicity International provides the following breakdown of the bonuses in this part of the income structure:

  • Members of the Director Rank can generate $200 per month for the period of 1 year. 
  • Members of the Senior Director Rank can generate $300 per month for the period of 1 year. 
  • Affiliates of the Executive Director Rank can generate $400 per month for the period of 1 year.

However, you should keep in mind that it is quite difficult to reach these affiliate ranks in the first place. It is possible that the company is only promising such bonuses because only a very few people will qualify for them.


Unicity International certainly presents itself as a well-established platform. The hierarchy of the company is quite difficult to understand due to its complex and controversial history. However, thorough research of the company shows that it is not focusing on its retail and selling products. 

The entire focus of Unicity.com seems to be on making people invest in the affiliate membership of the company. It is also possible that the company is only offering products to seem like a genuine company and not a common Ponzi scheme. 

The income structure of the company is also disappointing. Unicity International is asking users to spend a considerable amount of money on the company. However, there is no proof that you will actually be able to reclaim this investment and generate any significant profits. 

The company does not give any reliable information about the retail commissions, which also points to the fact that the primary focus is on residual and recruitment commissions. This type of business model is only beneficial for the company as it will be making a large amount of money, 

Unicity International is not a suitable investment for you because recruiting a large number of affiliates every month is not feasible. The product catalog of Unicity.com has also not been updated for a long time now. This is further proof of the fact that the company is not focusing on the products.

The bottom line is that you should avoid investing your time, energy, and money in Unicity International because you will not be making any significant profits from it. Instead of wasting your money in such MLM companies, you should consider learning Forex trading. You can use reliable and efficient Forex trading bots that are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. 

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