UniteCommerce Review: UniteCommerce.world Ambiguous Broker

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UniteCommerce is a shady investment scheme. Their motive is clear you are only going to lose every coin that you deposit. We haven’t seen a trader that has successfully gained from dealing with a Ponzi scheme.

UniteCommerce is a platform that allegedly provides the best trading conditions for investors. You won’t experience slippage or requotes when trading with them. You will get excellent services regardless of being of opening a long or short position. The platform state it aims to revolutionize the market by offering competitive services.

UniteCommerce Review, UniteCommerce Company

The entity has promotional bonuses. Traders that lack adequate knowledge of the industry may see this as an ideal opportunity. Once you sign up, you receive $200. Con artists introduced bonuses to withhold the withdrawals. Moreover, various regular bodies are against entities offering incentives. The money belongs to the entities. The trading volume that you must meet to qualify to cash out is insane.

UniteCommerce flag itself as a trustworthy platform. They are targeting novice and expert traders. However, you will not find qualified investors wasting their time in the losing entity.  Instead of building the confidence of traders, the shady firm will steal from innocent people. They also do not have an educational program.

Instead of risking your funds with an illegitimate scheme, we suggest that you invest with a reputable forex trading entity. A venture that has a trading impact is better than a firm that is starting. You can view the experience of those that have tried them before.

UniteCommerce.world Review

The company claims it has a tight spread of 1 pip. They do not have a dealing desk. There are many assets that the firm avails of. Clients can diversify their portfolios and minimize the risk. The listed products are; energies, stocks, commodities, indices, and metals. The entity state it has a superior trading interface.

Hence, investors can execute orders fast. Customers also have the liberty of using the strategy that best works for them. The scheme brags about having multiple bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs. It is important to keep in mind these are activities have hidden requirements. Ensure you go through the term and conditions before seeing it as a gold mine opportunity.

UniteCommerce claims it has a fast deposit and withdrawal process. Our main concern, however, is that the data of the client is not safe. They could decide to share it with criminals for monetary benefits. The scammers are only after serving their greedy needs. The promises they make will never be fulfilled.

Trading Conditions

UniteCommerce provides investors with leverage of 1:200. The limit is beyond what the regulatory bodies allow. The higher the cap, the greater the associated risks. It is only a handful of investors that make profits with such limits. However,  scammers push clients to risky limits for them to lose money.

They allegedly have a demo account. It helps investors familiarize themselves with the trading activity. They have four trading accounts. The listed amount that one can deposit is $250. The VIP account has multiple perks. It comes with a personal account manager, multiple trading signals, and the availability of all trading products. Moreover, it also protects clients with negative account balances.

UniteCommerce.world Review, UniteCommerce.world Features

Ironically, UniteCommerce expects investors to believe there are working with professionals. The analysts and experts the scheme is bragging about are nowhere to be seen. They expect customers to believe in them blindly. Unfortunately, you won’t enjoy peerless services.

You will be in communication with the sales reps, who are like leeches. They will milk you dry. They keep asking for more funds until you realize something is off. The firm has a disclaimer. It warns that trading associates severe risks. 73% of investors lose money. Hence, you must understand the ins and outs of investing before starting.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Clients can deposit money at UniteCommerce via Visa, MasterCard, and Wire Transfers. The only working options are BTC and bank card payment. Use the latter as it allows you to issue a chargeback. The venture is pressuring investors to leave behind their credit card information. Doing this will lead to more unfavorable conditions.

The entity is only after the funds of investors. The inactivity fee is 30% which is deducted from the total balance. The company also openly claims it can come up with additional fees whenever it pleases. This is a trait of a scam. The venture is looking for an opportunity to get more money.

UniteCommerce is a shady investment scheme. Their motive is clear you are only going to lose every coin that you deposit. We haven’t seen a trader that has successfully gained from dealing with a Ponzi scheme.

Customer Support and Contact Details

UniteCommerce states their main focus is to create a conducive trading environment. They do this by offering a reliable support team. Investors can allegedly reach them around the clock. They urge anyone that may have an issue not to hesitate and reach them.

UniteCommerce of Clients Review

The best way to determine the quality of services you will get from a scheme is by checking the statement from their clients. UniteCommerce is, unfortunately, an entity that does not have feedback. It seems nobody is interested in the shady services of the scheme.

Legit companies have nothing to hide. Investors endorse them, and those that are not pleased with their services also air in their thoughts. On the other hand, scammers go the extra mile of hiring random people who have not used their services before to leave positive remarks.

Their marketers also overwork themselves. They promote fraudulent activities, and in return, the scammers give them a fat commission. If you want to get, genuine reviews check from third-party websites. At least here, the entity can’t manipulate the information. Also, make sure that there is proof of payment.

Regulation Status of UniteCommerce

Group LTD is the parent company of UniteCommerce. Th corporate originates from the Commonwealth of Dominica. It is an offshore region that does not have a financial regulator that oversees online trading activities. Therefore, scammers carry out their services as they please.

The company assures clients it does not undertake fraudulent activities. We have lost count of the red flags that the scheme poses. Your data and money are at high risk. There are several regulatory bodies in the market. All of them set a certain amount of capital that investment schemes must deposit.

The amount proves the venture can withstand volatility. The investors can also receive compensation in case of insolvency. UniteCommerce does not segregate the accounts of investors. It is therefore easy for them to engage in fraudulent activities. Additionally, they can also withhold the withdrawal requests.

The suspicious scheme also claims it has the right to change its terms whenever it pleases. There is no one that you can hold accountable when they exit the market. Moreover, the broker does not report its daily investment activities to anyone.

Final Verdict

UniteCommerce is a company unworthy of investors’ trust. The entity is operating as it pleases without minding the experience of traders. If you know what is best for you, refrain from entrusting your money to a shady entity.

Here is a list of some of the best forex training entities in the market. These are schemes that have been in the market for years. You will sleep soundly knowing that all is taken care of. Moreover, they also have endorsements from existing customers. Make sure that you check out their trading results.

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