United Asset Finance Review: United-asset-finance.com another Scam

United Asset Finance Review, United Asset Finance Company
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United Asset Finance Review
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United Asset Finance is a shady platform that claims to have clients in over five countries. The company lacks professionalism, and it is easy to notice the red flags. It claims to be transparent but operates anonymously. United Asset Finance is only interested in collecting customer deposits and will ghost you when they achieve their objective.

United Asset Finance is a shady investment company that lacks originality. The platform puts everything under one page. They lack professionalism, and it is straightforward to spot the red flags. The firm claims that it is the best firm for traders.

Their main goal is allegedly to attain success for their customers. You can trade at your convenient time. There is a lot of reputation in the content that the entity presents. However, the company fails to highlight its best features to the public.

United Asset Finance Review, United Asset Finance Company

United Asset Finance states that it is a transparent venture. Moreover, they also proclaim that it is constantly trying to improve the quality of their present information. Multiple loopholes are surrounding this venture.

They are allegedly working together with reputable financial institutions in the market. These include Barclays, HSBC, etc. Unfortunately, the company fails to provide proof of its claims. Therefore, you should not waste your time with United Asset Finance.

Invest with legit forex trading brokers that have been serving multiple investors. It is better to earn real-time returns rather than losing your fund chasing unrealistic returns. These reliable brokers can help you attain your goals.

United-asset-finance.com Review

The company claims that it is safe and secure. The platform is assuring investors once they choose them, there is no need to panic. However, trusting an offshore broker is a grave mistake. They are catering to over 10K investors.

Currently, United Asset Finance brags of having clients in over 5 countries. The domain name of this entity is suspicious. There is nothing exceptional or of great essence in regards to their trading activities.

The company is a bad choice to invest your money. There is a lot of competition in the market. Moreover, this entity does not disclose its founder,, which is another big red flag. The people who are managing this broker are operating anonymously.

Investors have the right to know the experts that are handling their money. The platform lacks transparency. Dealing with them will only hurt your pocket. We do not see any advantage that comes with venturing with United Asset Finance.

We do not recommend that you share your personal details with them. The platform can share your info with a third party leading to unethical phone calls. Since these are trained masterminds, they will say anything to steal from you.

Trading Conditions

The entity recommends their standard account, which requires a deposit of $250 up to $4999. They are offering a leverage of 1:100 to their customers. The platform uses a web-based interface.

The platform is common with scammers. It is also ideal since they can manipulate data. You will be able to see a high win from your end. However, once you proceed to real trading, you can only make losses. Scammers make money at the expense of others.

The entity is allegedly based in the UK. However, they offer a leverage of 1:100, which is above the financial watchdog of this area limits. The FCA allows a leverage cap of 1:30. This is to help investors against dealing with huge risks.

United Asset Finance has a spread of 0.7 pips for the currency pair of EURUSD. The spread is great but considering that we are dealing with a suspicious venture, it is always good to look for a better alternative.

United Asset Finance Withdrawal and Deposits

You can deposit funds via Visa, Master Card, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, QIWI, and WebMoney. The process of opening an account is allegedly fast. The minimum amount that you can cash out at United Asset Finance is $50.

Using the wire transfer payment method can only cash out an amount of $300 and above. We find these requirements outrageous and unacceptable. Furthermore, there are charges that you have to pay.

The Bank card cash out process is subjected to a fee of $20 for every withdrawal. As if that is not enough, there is also a $20 and 1% of the total amount for the bank account that you are cashing out. The withdrawal requirements of United Asset Finance are bad.

They leave out important information regarding the account inactivity. Legit companies have policies that govern their clients. The shady broker has a bonus scheme. Make sure that you read their T&C to know what you are signing up for.

Customer Support and Contact Details

United Asset Finance states that their clients’ satisfaction is their main objective. However, this is not true. The company presents several social media platforms on its website. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The problem is when you click these links, you will be directed back to their home page. It is a careless mistake that you won’t find in professional companies. You can contact the platform using their telephone number and email address.

United Asset Finance scam review, United Asset Finance contact details

The address of the entity is allegedly at 52-54 Lime Street, London EC3M 7BS. We highly suspect that this is not their real location. The support will only reach you when they need more funds from you.

However, once the attempt of withdrawing funds fails, there is nothing that you can do. The entity will cut out all the communication with you. Invest wisely and look for a better alternatives in the market.

United Asset Finance Regulation Status

Based on the information United Asset Finance presents, there are purport they are operating from the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, as we constantly state the UK is one of the countries with strict jurisdictions regarding investment companies.

You need to acquire a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) license before starting an investment venture. Your money is not safe at the hands of this entity. We checked them on this financial body database only to find that this is an illegal firm.

United Asset Finance does not deposit an initial capital of 20,000 EUR. The money act as compensation for investors in case the entity faces bankruptcy. Moreover, the legit entity also discloses to the bank that they safeguard investors’ money.

Unfortunately, if you venture with this broker, you might end up regretting your decision. The money would go directly into their account if we fail to convince you that this is shady entity, cash in using credit card option.

It allows you up to 540 days to be able to issue a chargeback. However, avoid unregulated brokers because they change their terms and conditions as it suites them. Look for a reliable platform to trade with.

Clients Feedback

United Asset Finance does not have client testimonials anywhere on the internet. We tried seeing the outcome of those that have invested with them only to find zero impact. There is no point in trusting a financial institution that is not reputable.

You need to know what you are signing up for before trusting an entity. Sometimes fraudster uses false information to gain sales. They will pay people to leave positive remarks. Additionally, you can see the testimonial section on their website.

Final Verdict

United Asset Finance is an illegal venture that is only concerned with getting funds from investors. The entity claims to be from the UK, which we highly doubt is false. There is no evidence to pin them in this area with strict jurisdictions.

Invest with legit reliable investment forex trading brokers. You will not regret trusting them with your funds. Moreover, you can also read their happy client feedback. The most important thing is seeing the result of a platform before venturing with them.



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