United Global Asset Review: Unitedglobalasset.com No Legal Documents

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United Global Asset Review
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United Global Asset is also trading Binary Options. These are some of the risky products in the market. It is more of gambling rather than investing. Investors are subjected to determining if the price is going to rise or fall.

United Global Asset welcomes investors from all over the world to join them. The entity markets itself as the leading forex broker in the market. The scheme even has a demo account to familiarize investors with the trading activities. However, once you grant access to the Ponzi scheme, they will manipulate your results. 

United Global Asset Review, United Global Asset Company

You will believe you are winning and open a live account. Sadly, you are going to lose everything. The entity brags it assists investors in attaining financial growth. The available assets include; CFD, Forex, Indices, cryptocurrency, energies, and metals. These are volatile assets.

Therefore, there are both good and bad days. Investment firms minimize the risk as to the mitigation measure. The scheme praises the copy trade. Additionally, clients can utilize several tools. United Global Asset falsely claims it has a low spread. Sadly, what the firm is offering is not lucrative.

Additionally, the scheme claims it has convenient payment methods. However, they do not bother to disclose the options. Customers allegedly can execute trade first. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the scheme is paying. Hence, it is essential to be cautious. 

Unitedglobalasset.com Review

United Global Asset has multiple assets for its clients. You must diversify your products. You have a better chance of mitigating your risks. Investors can also trade with your phone or computer. It seems the venture is only accepting those that have been invited to the entity.

The scheme features trending news. The platform brags it has been in the market for over 15 years. They target both novice and expert traders. However, you won’t find a professional investor wasting their time in a losing scheme. Furthermore, the entity is far from being considered as one of the best firms in the market. 

They are allegedly available in over 47 countries. Some of these countries have strict rules for investment firms. However, the entity does not care about the set guidelines. The statistics of United Global Asset are also misleading. 

If you want to trade genuinely then pick some of the leading forex trading entities in the market. The trading conditions of these entities are as per the requirements of the financial bodies. You can as well check the trading conditions of the firm.

Trading Conditions of United Global Asset

The entity has an MT4 trading interface. This is one of the best software in the market. Nonetheless, the trading conditions of the firm are not ideal. The entity has a spread of 2 pips. Investors will be required to pay more. That is $20, while there are investment firms that allow clients to trade with $5.

United Global Asset is only looking for opportunities to enrich itself. Their leverage is 1:200. This is beyond what prominent regulatory bodies require—the higher the leverage, the severe the risks.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The scheme fails to disclose the payment methods that investors can use to cash out. However, the entity being an offshore scheme, chances of using shady methods are high. They will limit you from issuing a chargeback. The minimum amount that clients can deposit is $250. 

United Global Asset is also trading Binary Options. These are some of the risky products in the market. It is more of gambling rather than investing. Investors are subjected to determining if the price is going to rise or fall. No matter what direction the market takes, con artists will always manipulate the results.

The scheme fails to provide sufficient information regarding the withdrawal request. The broker can choose to leave their clients high and dry. Moreover, they could also change withdrawal requirements without notifying the investors. The entity likelihood of having hidden charges is exceptionally high. 

Regulatory Status of United Global Asset

The parent company of United Global Asset is United Global Asset LTD. It has a license from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. Despite the entity being regulated, we do not recommend investors waste their time with the firm. It is still an offshore scheme. You cannot compare the rules that reputable financial regulators set with offset watchdogs. 

A company only needs capital of $50,000 to operate in Vanuatu. However, in areas like the UK, a firm cannot conduct an investment scheme without having a capital of 730K EUR, while in the USA, the amount is $20 Million. The entity is accepting investors from all over the world. Therefore, it should have licenses from all other bodies. 

However, it is an evil scheme. Fund safety is something that you are not going to get from the scheme. You could lose your money in the blink of an eye. United Global Asset is not reporting its daily trading services to the financial watchdogs. Moreover, it appears that the scheme also is operating from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The venture could choose to exit the market today, and there is not much that you can do. We recommend that investors only stick to genuine investment regulators. Your money is in better hands with transparent schemes. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

The entity has two addresses, one from Vanuatu and the other from SVG. Our niacin concern is that United Global Asset does not care about its PR. They choose to remain discreet. You cannot reach the support. Hence, if you encounter any problem, there is no way of resolving the issue. 

Unitedglobalasset.com Review, Unitedglobalasset.com Contact

Investors are needed to fill in the contact form. Email communication is convenient. A scheme can end up not responding to a single trader’s query. It is also unwise to share contact details and personal data with a venture that does not care about your well-being. 

If United Global Asset chooses to exit the market today, there is nothing much that you can do. Your money will be lost. You cannot trace the scheme. There is a reason why the entity is anonymous.

Are Funds safe at United Global Asset?

Unfortunately, your money is not safe with this broker. The firm is not segregating the funds of traders. They are operating in the USA, UK, Cyprus, and Australia.  These are some of the countries that have stringent rules for investment firms. 

Moreover, United Global Asset has not disclosed the banks it partners with to protect investors’ funds. The entity does not have a legal document. The venture provides insufficient information regarding the withdrawal. The chances of getting your money back are slim. It is also weird that there are no legit client reviews.

The Domain Insight

United Global Asset domain name shows the venture has been in the market since January 2009. The domain name is expected to expire in 2025 January. Up to now, there has been no trading performance of the entity. Their traffic is moderate. Unfortunately, we do not know where the potential clients of the firm are operating from.

Final Verdict

United Global Asset is a Ponzi scheme that does not have Terms and Conditions. Forget about withdrawing money from the entity. The entity is only looking for ways to steal from innocent people. The platform has nothing to prove it is a reliable entity.

If you want to trade successfully we recommend that you choose some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are ventures that have a license. Additionally, you can check out the experience of those that have invested with the firm in the past.

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