Universal Romana Markets Review: Unipaxromana.net Unregulated Firm

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Universal Romana Markets Review
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Universal Romana Markets does not have a compensation scheme in place. They have not deposited the required minimum capital that the watchdog of the United Kingdom requires. Therefore, you can lose all your savings in the blink of an eye. Avoid anonymous brokers.

Universal Romana Markets is a company that welcomes investors to come and trade forex. The scheme allegedly has tight spreads. The venture claims it utilizes technology to yield high returns. Other available assets are; cryptocurrency, indices, and stocks. They also avail educational resources for clients. 

Universal Romana Markets Review, Universal Romana Markets Company

It is a noble act to see a platform dedicated to improving members’ trading skills. Unfortunately, our main concern with this broker is that it does not have a license. Therefore, they may end up violating client rights. The company is also offering bonuses that are not approved by the financial bodies.

Offshore platforms provide such lucrative to limit the withdrawal of clients. Universal Romana Markets advertises high leverage. The offer may sound impressive, but the more risks you may be exposed to. They also brag about having multiple trading assets. However, the broker does not have trading results. Hence, it is hard to know what to expect from them.

The company is more into affiliate marketing. We bet this is how they can get more victims. Before you join any venture by invite, we suggest you do thorough research. It could save you from making huge losses. The markets of a scam can be pretty convincing.

Unipaxromana.net Review

The domain name of Universal Romana Markets is shady. One would think these are two separate companies. The platform commits a big mistake by misleading users it is operating legally. However, this is a dangerous company that can leave you high and dry. 

The founder and team information is missing. Investors must get to know the people that are handling their funds. It builds trust. The financial watchdogs also make it mandatory that investment schemes operate in full transparency. This would help to trace the firm down in case they exit the market. 

An SSL certificate cannot guarantee the safety of your data. Since Universal Romana Markets is an anonymous venture, you shall entrust your information to people you do not know their background. This is risky as your data can be sold to third parties for selfish gains. The scam can also use what you have shared to manipulate you into giving more funds. 

This is another Ponzi scheme in the making. Traders should not waste their time or funds. You will earn passive income if you stick to the regulated forex brokers in the market. These are schemes that have been in the market for years. You can always check their trading online. 

Trading Conditions of Universal Romana Markets

Universal Romana Markets praises its trading software. However, it appears that there is no trading interface as all the links are broken. You can stick to genuine investment schemes that have an MT4 or MT5. These are powerful platforms that have multiple indicators, advanced charts, and EAs. 

Unipaxromana.net Review, Unipaxromana.net Features

The company features leverage of 1:500. This is way above what the regulatory bodies in the market approved. For instance, in the USA and Canada, the approved leverage is 1:50, while in the UK, it is 1:30. This should show you that the entity is an illegal platform. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods are; Visa, Bank Wire, and Fasapay. The least amount that investors can deposit is $100. This is in line with the market standard price. However, we do not recommend wasting time with an unprofitable company. 

Universal Romana Markets is a scheme that lacks a legal document. They are offering benefits. As we always stress, one must meet unfavorable trading volumes for them to cash out the money. In the case of this entity, there is nothing to see. The dormant account policy is also unavailable. 

We do not know the minimum amount that clients can cash out. It is also most likely that withdrawal requests will never be processed in this dirty venture. If you want to trade genuinely, we suggest you find some of the leading brokers in the market. 

Regulation Status of Universal Romana Markets

The broker allegedly has a license from the Exchange Commission. Unfortunately, there is no such financial body in the market. The venture is only looking for means of stealing funds from innocent investors. The scheme also states it originated from the United Kingdom. 

Upon checking on the database of the FCA, we did not find the name of the broker. Therefore, this is enough evidence to refrain from dealing with the company. The funds of traders are at high risk. The scheme will not be accountable for your money. 

Universal Romana Markets does not have a compensation scheme in place. They have not deposited the required minimum capital that the watchdog of the United Kingdom requires. Therefore, you can lose all your savings in the blink of an eye. Avoid anonymous brokers.

Additionally, the scheme does not report its trading activities to the authority. They can manipulate prices. The broker lacks a terms and conditions policy. The parent company does not exist. Hence, there is nobody to go after when the scheme decides to close down their system. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

Universal Romana Markets only features an office address. This is a generic location as the government of the UK cannot allow such a fraudulent entity to operate in its territory. Furthermore, we find it weird that the scheme claims to make users rich, yet they do not have sufficient funds to hire a professional team. 

Invest with the leading forex trading companies in the market that understand the importance of having a good support team. They will handle your issue promptly. Furthermore, your data is secure in their platform.

A legit company would not risk their PR the way Universal Romana Markets has done. You will only lose if you grant the scheme benefit of the doubt. You can earn real-time profits if you trade wisely.

Universal Romana Markets Client Feedback

You might be wondering what do clients of Universal Romana Markets have to say about the venture? Unfortunately, the entity does not have testimonials or reviews from those that have used their services. This is a company that lacks a reputation in the market. Testing the waters with them will only lead to an awful experience. 

Feedback from customers helps to shed light to potential customers on what to expect. The best brokers in the market avail such information willingly. It would help if you also were mindful of scammers that use false reviews. We suggest you look for endorsement from reliable third parties. 

The Domain Insight 

Unipaxromana.net is a scheme that has been in the market since June 2021. The domain name will expire after one year. A short duration proves the broker is not reputable. The people that are behind the scheme are anonymous. The traffic visiting the firm is also insufficient. 

Final Verdict

Universal Romana Markets is a company that is comfortable operating without a license. The scheme has been in the market for only a few months. Moreover, they do not have a trading performance. The broker does not care about the experience that clients are going to get from their website. If they did, then professional support would have been hired.

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are genuine and transparent ventures. You can yield the best outcome. They value the safety of traders. Hence, touch security measures have been endorsed. 

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