Vaanex Review: is A Terrible Scam 

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Vaanex Review
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Consequently, the method of operation that is used by Vaanex Re is unknown and raises even more suspicion than trust amongst us. The style of operation and algorithm the software uses should be made known to you.

Vaanex is an offshore broker that we do not think is going to make any profits for you. There are multiple factors that you should consider before any trading activities.

Not unless you just want to give your money out to criminals then this review is not for you. Thus if you are looking to make considerable profits on your funds. Then it is only wise to you invest with tried and tested forex brokers.

Vaanex as an attempt to get you to deposit funds. Offers 100% welcome bonus. The bonus is definitely not withdrawable and you will have to trade with it or deposit money to access it. The services they mainly offer include; Forex trading on tight spreads ranging from 1 pip, Stock from as low as $0.5, and cryptocurrencies with $0 commission.

Consequently, the method of operation that is used by Vaanex is unknown and raises even more suspicion than trust amongst us. The style of operation and algorithm the software uses should be made known to you. Review, Vaanex Company

They also offer technical management through unknown features to help manage your investment. MT5 is the platform for trading and is somehow the only good thing about the company.

Vaanex allegedly has analysis tools that help determine the market’s movements. Meanwhile, they claim to lead the way in online trading but if this was the case the traffic margin on the website would be higher.

The ranking also would be high considering the fact that numerous traders are looking forward to earning profits through trading. Nothing adds up under Vaanex and the chances of making losses are higher than profits probability. They also feature a beginner’s guide towards understanding forex. Trade Center is the main partner that helps investors make the right trade choices in

Vaanex Review

Vaanex began its operations in 2010 and they consider themselves global leaders in online trading. Meanwhile, their main agenda is to deliver financial markets to the public. You can also auto trade cryptos and copy expert investors trading styles. Trading should be taken seriously because any slight mistake may have a significant impact on your funds.

The platform is available and accessible via IOS, Android, Windows, and web trader. You are perhaps asking yourself how are they not legit yet they offer so many services.

Read further as we help you save hundreds or thousands from falling into the hands of criminals. In addition, scammers will always claim to have a lot of products and services yet no evidence to support the same is available.

Vaanex Review, Vaanex Features

Traders can choose to open an account or use the demo account. We would definitely suggest that you stick to the demo account until they rectify all the red flags. Vaanex founders and the team of employees are anonymous and this should be a great warning to both expert and newbie investors. You should find every detail regarding the company owners and any qualifications available.

How Does Operates

If you cannot be able to afford the initial trade amounts you can be an affiliate and earn from the commission. Hence you will be inviting people to become scam victims and lose hard-earned Transparency is very crucial in earning your trust with most if not all investment firms.

Trading may require you to provide personal documents at times. Therefore if such information falls in the wrong hands we all know what might happen. Vaanex leverage is 1:1000 which is extremely higher than the normal trading leverage. Nevertheless,  as much as they try to seem legit a lot of data has been left out on the sales page and not a single coin is worth wasting with

Awards and Endorsement

Vaanex exposes two similar traits that showcase their hunger to rob innocent traders. Scammers usually try all methods possible to make you think they are legit.

They claim to be the main sponsor of Usain Bolt who is a famous athlete. Do they have any association with the athlete? The answer is no and he does not even know of the companies existence. They even risk getting sued for falsely using people’s names.

Moreover, you may think that they stop here they continue further. uses fake awards to try and seem legit. From fake testimonies to awards and endorsements scammers will really try to push you into depositing funds with them.

Funds Safety

Your funds are not safe in Vaanex. They accept various payment methods; Sticpay, Neteller,  and PayPal among others. There is no evidence of any successful withdrawals of any customer and the results are not likely to change when you invest.

Equally, they do not have any past trade data to verify trade activities. They should provide at least three months or more of past trade history most preferably through Myfxbook. Trade results will easily assist in knowing profits are being made and what to expect. Vaanex will swindle all your funds if you allow it to happen and it’s best to avoid any of their services.


Vaanex is not regulated by FSC or BVIFSC despite their claims of the same. Regulated forex brokers showcase a very high level of transparency and you can count on them to earn reasonable gains. 

Therefore, is generating funds from the public illegally. They may also go against trade guidelines since they are not bound to any laws and guidelines. 

Different countries have set up measures to protect their citizens from scammers. Hence any platform that is operating without following the correct measures may cause you unwelcomed losses.

Furthermore unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market as they disappear or get shut by authorities. The founders of Vaanex also risk facing criminal prosecutions and is definitely the reason for none availability of data that leads to their whereabouts.

Vaanex Contact support

They provide telephone contact and email support at +442036958789, respectively. There is no guarantee you will receive any customer service support. Investment firms that operate like will only call you until you deposit funds. Then your business with them is over. The location address; 27. Old Gloucester Street, London is definitely made up.

Working contact support is very important and you will easily gain confidence investing with such companies. Meanwhile, scammers barely reveal any day that leads to their whereabouts. This is because they result in opening new companies and try to rob more innocent clients.

Final Verdict

Vaanex is not transparent in its method of operation and a lot of details are hidden from us. Transparency should be your top priority and any company that operates otherwise has a hidden agenda.

Regulated platforms showcase a high level of transparency and your funds are always safe here. You also risk sharing delicate data with criminals.

The endorsements and awards they claim to have won are unrealistic and raise more and more doubts about the investment firm. Besides if they were making any profits then the same should be verified through past trade data.

Therefore Vaanex is a shady investment firm one that we would not recommend to any investors. There is not a single positive feedback regarding them. You should perhaps try to invest with legit forex brokers and see significant changes in your profits.

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