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Vandera is busy promising clients profitability from all their investment plans. The kinds of returns they are promising are hard to come by in any market. Invest with Legit forex trading companies in the world

The forex space is full of opportunities to make money. As such, many companies are promising to transform you into a successful trader. One of these companies is Vandera. They are promising clients the best trading signals and high-frequency robots. However, this company is far from what they want you to believe. Vandera has nothing good to offer you.

For starters, this company has only been around for a little over a year. There is no way they are already the best investment option for you. The best companies in the space have more years of service under their belt. Only such companies can offer you professional services.

You need to do enough research to ensure you are not investing in illegal operations. Most of the companies in the market do not have the go-ahead from regulatory bodies. Even worse, the majority of such companies operate with little or no transparency.

Save yourself some trouble and avoid companies like this. Invest only in the best legitimate forex brokers for your peace of mind. Such companies have professionals who know what they are doing. Moreover, they have a proven and impressive track record. Review

At first glance, you may not tell what services this company is offering. The information on is all over the place. The founders do a poor job of explaining exactly what clients receive from them. You do not want to invest with such individuals. That is the beginning of a disaster story.

Nonetheless, the company promises the best trading platform in the market. They are offering clients a high-frequency trading platform for their operations. However, we did not find an actual trading platform. There is no way to execute any trades on forex or commodities. Yet, the company guarantees clients some profit on different investment plans.

Vandera Review, Vandera Company

Further, the people behind are complete liars. They claim to be the first blockchain-based copy trading broker. However, we can assure you that there is no blockchain technology in use here. They are only using the word blockchain to ride the hype behind blockchain innovation.

Even worse, the customer care from this company is abysmal. The only way to contact the team is by emailing them at Otherwise, you can leave a message by filling out a contact form on the contact us page. But, there is no guarantee that they will get back to you. Such contact forms may go months without a reply.

Trading Results

Vandera is busy promising clients profitability from all their investment plans. The kinds of returns they are promising are hard to come by in any market. The least that this company can do is present us with the trading results of their systems.

Unfortunately, the people behind this company do not care about that. There are no trading results to show us that they have a proven track record. The only way we could trust their services is if they present us with an impressive Myfxbook account. Otherwise, this is just talking without any substance.

Moreover, we did not find any trading platform. Therefore, this is just another scam to steal from people. Avoid like the plague. There are better companies that will offer you better service in the market.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Unsurprisingly, the deposit and withdrawal process for Vandera is exceptionally shady. They claim that Debit card deposits are only available for select countries. However, we doubt that this is the truth. We suspect that the only deposit option is through Bitcoin deposits. That is why they spend time telling you where you can buy Bitcoins.

If that is the case, then there is a problem. There are a lot of risks involved with Bitcoin deposits as a payment option. Bitcoin transactions are permanent. Therefore, it is impossible to recover your funds after sending them. Additionally, it is hard to track cryptocurrency payments, especially for novice traders.

For those reasons, we advise against using Bitcoin deposits to fund your accounts. Make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy entity before sending your funds.

In terms of withdrawals, Vandera promises to process payments within five business days. They claim that it can be faster depending on the payment options. However, we doubt that this company has plans to send anyone their money.

Founders and physical Location of Vandera

It is paramount to know the people behind a company before investing your hard-earned cash. This is a great way to determine whether you are investing in people with trustworthy backgrounds.

Unsurprisingly, the people behind do not introduce themselves. There is no mention of who they are or the kind of experience they have in the markets. This is common in fraudulent operations. They hide their identities to ensure that the law cannot track them down. Do not invest in people with unverifiable identities. There are too many risks involved.

The only good thing this company did is to provide us with the address of their headquarters. However, considering how shady they are, there is no reason they wouldn’t be lying about this location. It would not surprise us if we found out they are not located at this address.

Regulation and Fund Safety at Vandera

You should only invest in companies that have regulations. Remember that regulatory bodies are there to protect you. They oversee company operations to ensure they are within legal requirements.

When looking at the regulation of this company, we found more reasons to stay away. Vandera assures customers that they are a certified entity in three different countries. These include Singapore, The United Kingdom, and Malta. The regulatory body in the United Kingdom is FCA. We searched its registry and found no certification details for Vandera.

We also searched the registry of Singapore’s forex regulator, MAS. What we found was even worse. The Monetary Authority of Singapore issued a warning to its citizens against using Vandera’s services.

Clearly, this company is operating in these different countries without regulation. That makes it an illegal operation. As such, there is no way the people behind this company can assure you of your funds’ safety.

Vandera’s Mode of Operation

Vandera displays on its website their two top female traders to celebrate them. They claim that they award these individuals a price of $2,000 each. However, like many other things on the website, this is fake.

Vandera Review, Vandera Features

We used Google Reverse Image search to see who these people are. It turns out that the company is using stock images and claiming those are customers. This is how far this company is willing to go to convince you that they are a legit firm. You should not fall for such antics.

Final Verdict

This is one of the shadiest companies in the market. Vandera has all the characteristics of scam operations. We have no idea who is behind this terrible operation. They are hiding their identities for a reason. They do not want the law or anyone to track them down.

This is because they are operating without regulations. This is an illegal operation with no shame. The individuals behind Vandera are only after investors’ money, and they will do anything to get it.

Save yourself some trouble and stick with companies that have a proven track record. Only invest in the best legitimate forex brokers in the market for your funds’ safety.


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