Velox 10 Review: A Major Crypto-currency Scam To Avoid by All Means!!!

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For quite some time, the Velox 10 system has been making headlines on the internet for all the wrong reasons. Everyone has been talking about this supposed digital currency solutions company, which has conned many traders of their hard earned cash!

Although several Velox 10 reviews can be found online, one need not trust everything because some reviews are completely biased, totally misleading and are probably written by unscrupulous bloggers who collude with the individuals behind this system.

Do not buy any story that seems to shed a positive light on Velox 10, because this system has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be a scam, thanks to those who took the time to investigate it objectively.

There are a lot of scammers who want to ride on the wave of digital currency success and we are here to thwart their efforts. It is our duty to scout the internet for digital currency scams and expose them accordingly so as to prevent traders from falling into the hands of the bad guys.

With that said, we would like for you to read our true and in-depth Velox 10 review below and learn everything you need to know about this crypto-currency trading system and why you should stay away from it at all costs.

What Exactly Is Velox 10?

It is important to take note that Velox 10 is not a crypto-currency per se, but rather a crypto-currency exchange platform. According to the Velox 10 website (, this company provides digital currency investment as well as payment solutions for traders who would like to invest in any kind of digital currency and pay for items, using the money.

Velox 10 promises daily and monthly returns of up to 1.2% and 36% respectively for traders who will invest with them. But don’t get too excited about it because all these are empty promises as you will learn shortly.

How Does the Velox 10 System Work?

New members are required to join by first paying a membership fee of $100. This gives them the basic membership, which supposedly doesn’t offer much. To make maximum profits either daily or monthly apparently, the trader is required to upgrade to the highest package by paying an additional $200. They make you believe that you will be able to make up to $4000 daily and up to $120,000 monthly with the highest package, but there is no proof of anybody that made such amounts with Velox 10 neither are we are told where the supposed payouts originate.

Proofs Velox 10 Is a Total Scam

1. The Velox 10 Website which is Not Even In English Contains Scanty Information about the Company

Any legitimate business that offers investors significant returns such as the above returns will have a website that properly breaks down everything about the business to potential investors in a language that everybody understands. The business’s website will contain information in English, answering all the questions investors may have and addressing all the concerns they may have. There will also be adequate details about the business in social media and in other places online to complement the website.

The Velox 10 website is a different story all together. Everything on is written in Italian and there is noticeably very little information available on it or anywhere else on the internet, making it impossible for anybody to learn about this company the best way possible.

We are told that the CEO of Velox 10 is a guy named Ricardo Rocha and that he is also the head of a Singapore based company called X7 Capital. Velox 10, however, is based in Brazil and obviously it’s associated with its Singapore based X7 Capital counterpart in many ways. We don’t know much about X7 Capital, except for the fact that it’s based in Singapore and headed Ricardo. Nevertheless, this individual isn’t a well-known person in the niche like other top executives are. In fact, he is a total stranger without a reputation at all.

Another thing that we know according to the company’s website is that Velox 10 offers four investment plans with various percentages of daily and monthly returns plus a range of digital currency solutions. Other important details like company address, registration, corporate team and the number of years of operation are not available to the public.

2. Velox 10 Promises Unrealistic Profits without Giving an Explanation of How It Generates Those Profits or Any Proofs of Anybody who Made Those Profits!

The Velox 10 business promises returns of up to 1.2% daily and 36% monthly. Since we have been in the game for a very long time, we can easily tell when returns on investment (ROI) offered by a crypto currency trading system are realistic and when they are unrealistic. In this case, they are definitely not realistic! These returns on investment are just too good to be true!

Nevertheless, we couldn’t uncover the source of the company’s ridiculous payouts. Whether these profits originate from members’ contributions or from trading crypto currencies, it’s a secret nobody knows.

Finally, we didn’t find any proof anywhere online, which shows that Velox 10 offers payment solutions as well as services as it claims. So, all the ROI and payout claims could just be a trick to lead you into the hands of fraudsters.

3. A Suspicious Waiting Period with a High Minimum Withdrawal Limit

The company states that new members will not begin making profits until after the 15-day waiting period is over. The question is; why does one have to wait precisely for 15 days before they can start making profits with this system? What’s so special about those first 15 days? There is something quite suspicious about this waiting period and there is no doubt about it.

On top of that, the company does not let you withdraw amounts less than $300. Before you make a profit of at least $300 dollars, you will not be able to withdraw even a single penny!

There is only one conclusion to make out of these ridiculous conditions. The people behind this shameful scam want to make it as difficult as possible for you to claim any payment from them once they take your money. They know all too well that you cannot make any profit via their platform and by adding a higher withdrawal limit on top of this, it literally means no cash for you!

5. Inaccurate and Misleading Trading Results

Velox 10 promises high returns on investment, but the truth about this company is far from what you could imagine. We analyzed its supposed trading chart and discovered a lot of inaccuracies and inconsistencies with facts and figures. The chart is misleading in every aspect so to speak.

First, it shows a history of the company’s trading results for the last couple of years yet there is no doubt about the fact that Velox 10 was only established last year (2017) around April.

Second, when you take a closer look at the chart, you will see that it does not feature actual prices, which makes it a totally wrong graphical representation of the company’s trading results over time.

Final Verdict

Velox 10 is a scam to avoid like a plague. Even though it may look like a legit crypto currency investment platform to the unsuspecting trader, we know the ugly truth behind it. We uncover that truth and bring it to light today for everyone to see.

If you are in search of a legitimate site that offers digital currency trading opportunities, recommends something else but not this one. We are always on the watch for scam websites in this niche and expose them for what they are. is just one of them and we are still going to expose more websites as time goes by.


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