VipGoldCash Review: a Horrible Scam

VipGoldCash Review, VipGoldCash Company
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VipGoldCash Review
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VipGoldCash is another scam entity posing as a legit crypto trading website. The company does not have a professional and dedicated customer support service or trading activity happening. Invest only in reputable crypto trading companies to enjoy reasonable returns and fund safety.

VipGoldCash is a company that brags about having a fast withdrawal process. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this firm is $0.1. The venture claims that you can earn over $200 within 24 hours. This is a huge claim that requires the firm to provide evidence.

Unfortunately, there is no proof of this entity paying traders. Moreover, the firm was established in January 2020. Their domain is expected to expire in the year 2022 January. Sadly, this platform is capable of lying about such minor details.

VipGoldCash Review, VipGoldCash Company

VipGoldCash states on its website that it has been in operation for 5878 days. The statics of the available accounts and number of transactions is nil. It is a big red flag because it shows the real nature of this firm.

The company urges investors to join their venture to transform their lives. You can start earning from anywhere in the world. They also claim that investors’ funds are secure, and you can trade without putting your money at risk.

VipGoldCash states that they are trading in Forex, bonds, stocks, and cryptos. The platform allegedly has years of experience in the industry. They assure their clients that they will earn stable returns. However, the assets which the venture is dealing with are volatile. Review

The company distributes returns to its clients daily. They utilize quality trading tools that assist them in generating high profits. It does not matter the market condition; this broker claims that you will be winning in your trades.

This is a bold claim that is hard for them to deliver. The deals of VipGoldCash are too good to be true. Their affiliate bonus is something else that is bogus. Investors need to register their account and deposit funds to start generating high returns.

The company shares its returns with its clients. You can cash in using Bitcoin or Perfect Money. These methods are risky as investors cannot issue a chargeback or trace down the people that receive the money.

We recommend that you find legit crypto trading platforms that are transparent. The withdrawal requests are processed on a timely basis. Moreover, the issues experienced by their customers are handled professionally.

VipGoldCash does not have Terms and Condition policy. This broker’s shadiness does not end there as the information availed on their website is also insufficient. Avoid this platform at all costs, as it will only leave you high and dry.

How Do VipGoldCash works?

The company allows investors to withdraw a minimum amount of $20 BTC and $2 in Perfect Money. The team of the platform manages the money of their customers. The trading conditions of this broker are not discussed.

Moreover, the firm is no longer paying its customers. They also claim that it is not often that investors make losses. The firm is a gold mine that every trader should join. Unfortunately, the market is plagued by several scammers.

They have the best sales pitch and easily convince investors to deposit funds with them. However, you should ask yourself what you are signing up for before joining any platform. Avoid sharing your contact details with infamous companies.

They will keep calling until you give in, and that will be the last time you have control over your fund. The entity has several red flags, and assuming them will only lead to regrets. Therefore, research and make sober decisions.

Investment Plans and Returns

VipGoldCash has four ridiculous investment plans. Their Bronze plan accepts a minimum amount of $0.1 up to $25,000. The withdrawal process is allegedly being handled on time. They promise returns of 200% within a day.

Sadly, even their competitors are not offering such lucrative offers. The Silver account offers a return of 300% within 48 hours. The Gold plan has attractive deals of 500% profits in 96 hours. The maximum amount that you can deposit is $75,000.

VipGoldCash Scam Review, VipGoldCash Accounts

If VipGoldCash is indeed offering these returns, then investors would be flocking to their website. You should ask yourself why this firm is offering such high returns than all other companies. Avoid this entity because it is a pure scam.

If they have the capacity to generate such high profits, then why does the entity ask for money from their customers. They can finance their operation without relying on external sources. The majority of these ventures with such offers end up being fraudulent.

Contact Details

VipGoldCash is a company that can be contacted via email, Telegram, Google Groups, and YouTube. The entity does not have a telephone number. Oddly, this is a money-making machine that does not have sufficient funds to hire an efficient support team.

The platform will end up not responding to your email. Scammers are tactical and will keep playing games till you give up the hustle of getting your money back. Legit companies will have several methods that their customers can use to reach them.

VipGoldCash features these communicational channels for transparency purposes. However, the platform does not intend to maintain contact or build a mutual relationship with its customers.

The physical address of this firm is not displayed. It is ridiculous that investors are willing to share their data with companies that operate anonymously. There will be nowhere to run to once their system collapse.

VipGoldCash Regulation Status

VipGoldCash is an ignorant investment venture that is not licensed by the authority. This entity is collecting money from investors across the world. However, the actual location of this broker is not known. The company does not deposit an initial capital.

Therefore, investors’ will never be compensated once this firm leaves the market. Additionally, the platform is not working with financial institutions. Hence, your money is not secure with this broker. Financial regulatory bodies exist to help investors trade securely.

VipGoldCash has not met the rules set by the government. It is an illegal scheme that does not care about its customers. Scammers do whatever they please without minding their clients. They can increase their charges or hold your funds.

Moreover, the platform can exit the market without any notice. We recommend that you check whether a firm is licensed before trusting your money with them. It will save you a great deal of time and resources.

Clients Feedback

VipGoldCash has many negative reviews from investors. Traders who had ventured with them before urge people to stay away. Moreover, clients accuse this firm of not processing withdrawal requests.

The platform has not responded to these reviews. The founder of this company is mysterious, and the information of the domain is privately registered. The firm’s ranking is also low, and it appears that investors are not interested in this entity’s services.

Final Verdict

The authority does not license VipGoldCash. The platform does not have a physical address or a support team. The company assures investors of very high returns. However, there is no evidence of investors receiving the money.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies that are reputable and trustworthy. These are some of the efficient and genuine ventures in the market. The testimonials from their clients are evidence that you will earn real-time income.

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