Vizionary Review: A Project of a Serial Scammer

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There is a lot of hype around Vizionary because it has been promoting its different schemes for a long time now. The company mainly uses social media for its promotion. Frode Berg, the owner of, has a very suspicious past, to say the least. He was involved in several scam MLM companies, which raises some serious red flags about this new venture. has marketed itself as a crypto company. Yet, its business model is like a traditional pyramid scheme that has nothing to do with any crypto coin or platform. So let’s get started with reviewing this company to get know about its business structure in detail.

What is Vizionary?

Vizionary was created in 2015 as an MLM company. At first, it only offered a simple cash pyramid scheme. Members had the options of buying $60 to $3000 different affiliate packages to participate in the pyramid scheme. Over time, these packages have evolved a lot. Moreover, now the company primarily focuses on ICOs and crypto networks. claims that the platform will help you in building your own business and establish a large network. It is evident that the company has managed to keep up with the times. It did not start as a crypto platform. However, due to the rising popularity of ICOs and crypto mining and trading companies, Vizionary reestablished itself as a self-proclaimed modern crypto network.

The site mentions the following three scheme of the company:

1.     OneGram (OGC)

According to, OneGram is the world’s first cryptocurrency that is powered by gold. It states that you can earn residual and team commissions by selling OGC. However, OGC does not exist anywhere outside the company, which indicates that you should not invest in it.

2.     CapriCoin

CapriCoin is described as a quick of making transactions. You must buy coins from the Vizionary Mining section. However, the company do not disclose the information about the technology it uses to mine crypto coins.


3.     Huulk

The company is targeting Middle Eastern countries with Huulk. It is said to be a revolutionary crypto mining and trading system. The site states that Huulk has state-of-the-art security systems and efficient trading tools. predicts that Huulk will become the fastest crypto exchange system, but it does not provide any evidence to support these tall claims.

Founder of Vizionary

Once you start looking at the origin and founder of, you will realise how big of a fraud it is. Frode Berg is the founder of this company. According to Berg’s profile, he is a qualified marketer and businessman with more than 20 years of experience. He claims that he was worked with many renowned companies as a marketing consultant. However, there is no way of proving his experience record because Berg never mentions any company’s name.

The only company associated with Frode Berg is Word Games, which was also a pyramid scheme like Vizionary. It collapsed in 2004, and more than 221,000 affiliates lost massive amounts of money. Similarly, in 2008, Berg was running T6 Poker, which was also a scam. By the end of 2008, T6 Poker shut down. mentions the name of several other people who are involved in the company’s international operations.

The work history of Berg shows that he is a serial scammer. A great number of people have already lost their hard-earned money by investing in his scam companies. It seems that he keeps forming new companies according to modern trends.


As expected from a company like, it does not offer any retail products or services.  The only way to join it is by purchasing affiliate membership. The company offers the following affiliate packages:

  1. $111 Fee for Bronze Package
  2. $340 Fee for Silver Package
  3. $1026 Fee for Gold Package
  4. $3314 Fee for Platinum Package

The website does not many details about these packages. The only difference between them seems to be the bonus time designated for a recruitment commission. Though the company claims to offer numerous crypto schemes and platforms, it mainly focuses on recruitment plans. It indicates that the Vizionary is acting as an illegal pyramid scheme. Therefore, you should not waste your resources in this scam company. Instead, you can earn actual profits by using the crypto trading bots for smart and less-risky trading options.

Vizionary’s Compensation Plan

Users have to invest any amount between $111 to $3314 to join Vizionary’s affiliate membership and participate in the income plan. At its core, the company is behaving like any other pyramid scheme. Most of the compensation is given to those members who recruit others.


The site claims that the company directly pay the affiliates as soon as they recruit new members. The breakdown of the recruitment commission is as follows:

  • $11 for recruiting a Bronze affiliate.
  • $34 for recruiting a Silver affiliate.
  • $102 for recruiting a Gold affiliate.
  • $331 for recruiting a Platinum affiliate.

Vizionary says that you can earn more commissions through the Momentum Bonus scheme. It states that whenever you recruit a new affiliate, he or she must use one of the crypto platforms of the company as well. In this way, you will get more commissions.

Moreover, bonus time is promised to the members on recruiting new affiliates. The following model is used to reward time balance:

  • Twelve hours for recruiting a Bronze affiliate.
  • Twenty-four hours for recruiting a Silver affiliate.
  • Forty-eight hours for recruiting a Gold affiliate.
  • Seventy-two hours for recruiting a Platinum affiliate.

These bonuses prove that the company is trying its best to attract as many people as it can. By promising compensations, bonuses, and various schemes, it wants to get investment from a large number of people before it collapses. However, you should not invest in this company because it is clearly involved in illegal and fraudulent activities like previous companies of its owner.


Other than the fact that Vizionary is founded by a serial scammer, there are many other suspicious things about this company. It has a very confusing marketing plan. At its website, it gives an introduction to three crypto schemes. However, the compensation plan of the company has nothing to do with any crypto coin.

Its vision states that the purpose of the company is to provide a legitimate way of exchanging crypto coins and build a community of crypto miners, traders, and developers. However, the entire business model is based on recruiting new affiliates, instead of any cryptocurrency.

It makes Vizionary a pyramid MLM scheme that has no actual way of compensating you in exchange for your investment. It is not surprising because its owner, Frode Berg, has a history of scamming thousands of people via different MLM companies. This company only uses crypto schemes and trading platforms for promotion to take advantage of the rising popularity of the crypto industry. In truth, it has nothing to do with any crypto service.

Therefore, there is no point in investing in this scam pyramid scheme. Every pyramid scheme is bound to collapse when its recruitment stops. As a result, you will end up losing a large amount of your money. Hence, you must avoid investing in Moreover, do not invest in any other company run by Berg because he is an experienced scammer. Instead, use the crypto trading bots that are reliable and give different trading options, signals, and support to earn maximum profits.

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