VMA Life Review: Do Not Invest in VMALife.com Pyramid Scheme

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VMA Life is a long-running health supplements company. Its initial name was Vemma Asia. According to VMALife.com, the company has been operating since 2004. Even though the products of the company seem really impressive, but the affiliate membership is not up to the mark. Moreover, there are many aspects of the company’s past, such as its evolution from Vemma Asia that are highly suspicious. In this article, you will get to know about all the various features of the company and why it is not suitable for investment.

Overview of VMA Life

VMALife.com describes the company as the leading organization of the health supplements industry. Moreover, it describes its missions as a company that wants to empower people by offering optimum financial independence to its members. Basically, the company is targeting both the health and business industry by acting as an MLM company.

It promises premium-quality health and wellness supplements that you cannot find anywhere else. Moreover, the company promises massive income opportunities to the members so that customers can promote the products and make money out of such marketing.

Origins of VMA Life

Kenneth Koh founded Vemma Asia in 2004. BK Boreyko was also the co-founder of the company. The company claims that Koh’s leadership has established this platform to be a renowned name in the supplements industry. The company has expanded its operations in several countries.

However, the expansion of Vemma Asia has faced several controversies and legal issues. In 2015, the US Federal Trade Commission alleged that Vemma was not actually a supplements company. Instead, it was only relying on the affiliate fee and was a pyramid company. At that time, the worth of Vemma Asia was estimated to be about $200 million. Most of this money was accumulated through the pyramid structure of the company. As a result, FTC shut down Vemma Asia.

VMA Life

Within a few months, the company re-emerged as VMA Life. The color and overall design of the company’s logo has remained the same, indicating the fact that it is almost the same revival of the company. VMALife.com clearly states that Kenneth Koh is still the CEO of the company. However, the role of BK Boreyko is not clear.

It is evident that the authorities are well-aware of the nature of VMA Life. It is hard to trust a company that had already shut down due to its business model i.e., a pyramid scheme.

Domain Insights

VMALife.com was created in August 2015 when this health supplements company changed its name from Vemma Asia to VMA Life. The website is enjoying a significant amount of traffic. The major source of traffic in China, Singapore and the USA. The company is mainly targeting the Asian markets, particularly Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.

Products of VMA Life

There is an extensive range of products offered by VMA Life. Most of the supplements are liquid-based. VMALife.com states that all of the company’s products are manufactured in Taiwan. The primary product of the company that it heavily promotes is Velixir. It is liquid nutrition that is produced from the combination of various fruits, organic tea, and aloe vera.

It is quite understandable that the company is trying to sell its products by declaring them to be revolutionary and dramatically beneficial that will boost your health and fitness. However, VMA Life makes some very tall claims about the products that are important to discuss. For instance, the founder of the company, Kenneth Koh, states that his brother’s life was saved from cancer by consuming a liquid-based supplement on a daily basis.

VMA Life Products

Such claims are not only suspicious but also extremely dangerous. If people start believing that only the supplements can cure major diseases like cancer, they will refuse to get the treatment that they actually need. Moreover, it is quite hypocritical of VMA Life that on one page, it is narrating the story of how liquid-based nutrition saved Koh’s brother. At the same time, the policies and procedures of the company categorically state that drinking VMALife.com’s products will not fully help you in treating diabetes, cancer, or other conditions.

Hence, the company has a contradictory marketing plan. It is clearly trying to attract all kinds of customers to get maximum money and investment from the affiliates. You should not trust such kind of company. Instead, you should use the Forex Robots that can help you in making maximum profits through smart and efficient Forex trading.

How to Become An Affiliate of VMA Life?

First of all, it is important to reiterate the fact that VMALife.com is a pyramid scheme. The company is offering and advertising products only to attract consumers. In actuality, it is primarily an MLM company. Therefore, to make any kind of bonuses or profits from VMA Life, you have to buy its affiliate package. The company is offering the following four options to the users:

  1. Buy the Basic Pack at the price of $445.
  2. Buy the Starter Pack at the price of $805. This package also contains eight packs of Velixir.
  3. Purchase the Pro Consultant Pack that costs $1155.
  4. Purchase the Builder Pack that costs $1515, containing 15 packs of Velixir.

All of these packages come with the basic products of the company. Moreover, there are some major differences between the income opportunities of all of these four Packs. The company is asking for a very large amount of money as you have to invest at least $445 in the cheapest package.


Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of VMA Life is a combination of different types of commissions and bonuses. The summary of these promised commissions is as follows:

  1. First of all, the company is promising bonuses on the basis of the Affiliate Ranks. However, the criteria for climbing these ranks are very challenging. The motivation behind this concept of the company is to entice users to invest a large amount of money in the company to earn maximum bonuses. Yet, the affiliate bonus criteria are two strict as you will have to keep recruiting and maintaining affiliates to earn any kind of bonus.
  2. Like any other MLM company, VMA Life is also promising recruitment and retail commissions. The website encourages the members to promote the health supplements on various platforms to promote the company, sell its products, and earn commissions. However, such bonuses are also insignificant, especially considering the fact that you will have to invest a very large amount to buy the initial packages.
  3. The company also offers Matching Bonuses. There are ten levels of earning such bonuses.
  4. Other types of bonuses and commissions promised by VMALife.com are affiliate pack commissions, autoship bonuses, and participation in the Global Pool to earn more profits.


VMA Life is trying its best to seem like a sophisticated company and a genuine MLM platform. It is providing good-quality health supplements to convince the users about its authenticity. Yet, the joining criteria and compensation structure of the company make it evident that the only motivation of this platform is to get money from as many people as it can.

You should also remember the fact that FTC had shut down this company in 2015 because it was acting like a pyramid scheme and had managed to gather $200 million from the users. It was revived with a new name. However, its business model has not changed. The entire business structure only benefits the owners and managers while the members cannot earn any considerable profits.

Therefore, you should avoid investing any kind of money in VMA Life. If you want to make a good amount of profits, consider using modern and reliable Forex Robots. These tools are user-friendly and useful for the beginners as well so they can fully understand the concepts of Forex trading and earn from it by relying on trustworthy Forex Robots. 

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