WalFlo Review: A False FCA Regulated Platform

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WalFlo Review
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WalFlo is ripping investors by claiming withdrawal is only possible after two weeks of investing. We have the full details as to why you should avoid the platform. Learn more in our detailed walflo.com review.

A black-themed platform, WalFlo is a high-risk investment platform. We recommend that you stay away from it and protect yourself at all costs. Wal Flo is here to rip off unsuspecting investors. Unfortunately, we have a platform that fails to help investors make any leeway. Those interacting with walflo.com have nasty things to say about the platform. Learn everything we know in our interactive WALFLO REVIEW.

About WalFlo

There’s no about us section on the entire homepage. We only have claims that the platform operates by standards set by international regulators. These are false claims as the platform fails to prove regulatory compliance.

WalFlo Pros and Cons

Since we don’t have an about us section, you can forget their mission and objective. We know that their real mission is to rip off anyone who signs up and deposits with them. Chances are that you are one of the victims if you didn’t read our review.

When it comes to investing, you need to use genuine tools backed by experts. That’s why experts recommend innovative forex robots supported by the forex community. Use these tools to advance your investing and trading.

WalFlo is yet another high-risk investment platform. Withdrawal is a problem as no member has made any withdrawals for the past six weeks. It’s now clear that we are dealing with another exit scam.

What caught our eye was the black-themed website which is far from ideal. Navigating through the website is also a major hassle. This is because the owners try to hide as much information from the public as possible.

Before you invest in any platform, we recommend doing some due diligence. First, try and find out what makes a platform tick. Then, interact with other community members to learn more about the platform in question.

Accounts WalFlo

WalFlo offers three account types to choose from. These include beginner, experienced, and professional. Each of these three comes with a different set of features. We will be looking into each account and what it brings to the table.


You have to make an initial deposit of $1,000 to get started with the beginner account. The leverage set is 1:20, with the account promising instant execution. Unfortunately, you don’t get a personal account manager, and deposit insurance is out of the question.


For the experienced account holder, there’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $25,000. That’s a huge jump from the basic account’s amount. The account comes with PAMM account investing with no swap features.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $50,000 to get started. The maximum leverage is 1:100 with index and EFT trading available. In addition, you get a personal manager and access to cryptocurrencies and metals.

Account features

Accounts WalFlo

One of the features that caught our eye was the high minimum investment amount. Regulators have agreed upon the acceptable minimum deposit. The sufficient minimum deposit is $250 in all jurisdictions.

Any platform asking for more is taking advantage of investors. Furthermore, you won’t even get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That’s why you need to avoid platforms that ask for more and deliver less.

Account managers

Despite claiming to offer a personal account manager, these are far from professionals. The account promises a personal consultant for experienced and professional accounts. These are call agents used to fleece every penny from naïve investors.

These consultants are part of the larger scam on the platform. You will get calls from them with claims of having lucrative open positions. These consultants claim the position is available for a limited time to make it sound interesting.

The consultants will further state that you are the lucky individual among many members. If you mistake depositing more funds, that’s the last you will see of it. After that, these account managers will stop calling and disappear altogether.

Attempts to hold them hit a snag as the platform replaces them with a new manager. So you get an email claiming the previous account manager is on leave. And that’s the last you will hear from the platform regarding account managers.

Available trading instruments walflo.com

There are five classes of trading instruments available on the platform. These include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. Commodities found include coffee, cotton, gas, gold, and more.

The platform avails several digital assets, including Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. These assets get paired with major currencies such as EUR, GBP, and USD. Examples include BTC/USD, EUR, ETH, GBP/XRP, and more.

Forex trading is at the core of the platform’s trading activities. You get to spread your risks using major and minor pairs. Unfortunately, the platform fails to avail exotic currency pairs, which are volatile.

Thanks to the numerous open positions, indices give day traders a chance to profit. Thanks to major indices such as DAX, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, and more, you get to trade. In addition, these indices help shape prices in the international market stage.

Stocks also play an integral part in day trading. You get to trade stocks of leading companies from all over. These include companies from all sectors, including manufacturing, mining, tech, textile, and more.

Are funds safe with Wal Flo?

Business holder

What makes the platform a high-risk investment is its anonymous nature of it. There’s no transparency when it comes to the people running the platform. So you need to have such details to determine whether to invest or not.

There’s not even a valid business registry of the platform anywhere on earth. The disclaimer claims the company gets its registration in Vanuatu. And this makes Wal Flo an anonymous and offshore-registered platform.

With the lack of transparency, your funds are far from safe. Hiring recovery agents won’t do you any good for those who have lost funds. These agents don’t have the mandate to freeze bank accounts.

Compliance and regulation WalFlo

WalFlo doesn’t have a legit compliance certificate. Instead, the platform uses an invalid certificate and claims as its own. We see the extent the platform goes to fool investors with their falsified documents.

You need to invest in platforms with the right regulatory framework. Without consulting regulators, the platform will often instill harsh trading conditions. A classic example is the high minimum deposit on the most basic account.

Check and confirm with regulators whether a platform complies with set standard laws. Reputable regulators include BaFIN, CONSOB, CySEC, and the FCA. Others include CNMV, NFA, and the SEC.

Contact and support

You should check and test the platform’s efficiency in communicating with clients. For example, try and send an email and wait for a response. If a platform delays in responding, stay away from it. The platform in question even fails to list a phone number.

These are tactics used to control the communication process. It makes it easier for them to contact and ignore you simultaneously. Without any direct means of contact, it’s best to stay away from the platform.

Is walflo.com licensed or regulated?

Deposit Insurance WalFlo

Your funds are also not safe with an unregulated platform. The platform fails to offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients. Once you deposit funds, there’s no protection from regulators in the event of bankruptcy.

Final Verdict

After exposing all the red flags, we recommend AGAINST investing with walflo.com.

PS: Make the right investment decision by using dependable forex trading robots. It’s the best tool to have.

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