Wansen Capital Limited Review: Wansenfx.com a Sad Scam

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Wansen Capital Limited may require you to install malicious software on your computer. Never agree to such a requirement, as you may trust your critical data to fraudsters. You must run a thorough background check on any platform you wish to trade with.

Wansen Capital Limited is an illegitimate company not worth your trust. Their sole intention is to steal your funds. The entity has not made any effort to provide sufficient information regarding its business. They also provide false information to win the trust of the addict.

Wansen Capital Limited Review, Wansen Capital Limited Company

You will notice all the red flags if you can lick the attention. We do not recommend trading with offshore platforms. The majority of them end up abandoning their cause. Wansen Capital Limited is allegedly dealing with all financial products. They guarantee high returns. Investors will allegedly enjoy top liquidity. The scheme purports it has a top-notch trading interface. If this were the case, they wouldn’t shy away from showcasing their trading results. 

Moreover, we do not know the individuals dealing with investors’ funds. The financial bodies make it clear that investment schemes must provide the names of financial analysts, parent companies, and account managers. It helps in building trust knowing that qualified personnel and handling your money.

Wansenfx.com Review

Wansen Capital Limited provides genetic information. We only know they deal with indices, forex, commodities, and oil. The trading methodology and technique being used are not revealed. 

The scheme is not working with reputable financial institutions to segregate their customers’ funds. Investors’ money can therefore be used for all the wrong reasons. The entity is also targeting novice traders.

Wansen Capital Limited may require you to install malicious software on your computer. Never agree to such a requirement, as you may trust your critical data to fraudsters. You must run a thorough background check on any platform you wish to trade with.

We cannot highlight any advantages that come with investing with this scheme. The entity provides essential features that make them stand out. It is expected for all schemes to operate transparently and with high speed. The broker also states it provides the latest news for its customers. We cannot verify their claims. Investment is all about statistics, and Wansen Capital Limited does not have the data.

Here is a list of some of the leading forex trading and its in the industry. The brokers have excellent trading conditions. Investors can rely on them to generate passive income. 

Trading Conditions of Wansen Capital Limited 

Despite this being a dangerous offshore entity, it provides the leading MT5 interphase. The software allows clients to trade automatically and access multiple markets. They have advanced indicators and trading tools. The user-friendly platform has VPS that keeps track of your orders even when your computer is shut down.

You can also create custom scripts and copy the strategies of expert traders. Sadly, Wansen Capital Limited fails to provide information regarding its trading condition. We do not know the number of accounts available. Information regarding leverage, spread, commission and swap is not featured.

They allow clients to set leverage ideals to their needs. It ranges from 1:100 to 1:500. The financial body of the USA only permits a cap of 1:50, and that of the UK allows the leverage of 1:30. Trading on higher leverage opens an opportunity for higher returns. However, you could also make huge losses considering the market is volatile.

Wansen Capital Limited Withdrawal and Deposits 

The minimum amount you can deposit is $100. Investors can cash in via Tether, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The method will allow the company to retain all the deposits coming to the system. It is impossible to reverse transactions made via cryptocurrency to identify the wallet recipient.

Wansenfx.com Review, Wansenfx.com Broker

Wansen Capital Limited does not have a terms and conditions policy. Therefore, information regarding the withdrawal information is not available. Offshore companies tend to reveal hidden chargers when you request a cash-out.  

Customer Support and Contact Details

The office address indicates the entity originates from the United Kingdom. The information is misleading and false. Scammers use intriguing adverts. Once you click on their bait, they will request a phone number. The sales rep will take it from there, promising huge returns within no time.

They are engaging and friendly at the initial stages. They will keep asking for more money to increase your ROI. Unfortunately, once you request a cash-out, the narrative will change. The broker will start asking for hidden fees. They will even cut you off when you give them frequent calls.

Some even deactivate their phone numbers and refuse to respond to the email you send. Wansen Capital Limited is not worth your trust. Look for a genuine venture that cares for your needs. A transparent entity will not provide a fake address. They will also hire professionals to respond to all your queries in time.

Regulatory Status of Wansen Capital Limited 

Wansen Capital Limited claims it has a license from National Future Association (NFA). This body works for hand in hand with the Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC). A broker cannot operate in the United States of America without having a capital of 20 million dollars.

Additionally, it appears the NFA registers the broker. However, the venture is not recognized as an investment scheme. They are only registered as commodity pool operators and financial advisers. The agency also clearly states the firm is not under their umbrella, and the body doesn’t oversee their operation. 

Wansen Capital Limited provides an address indicating it’s operating from the United Kingdom. After checking on the database of the FCA, we did not find the name of this entity. Therefore this proves our suspicion that the broker is illegally in business.

Legitimate companies must operate as per the requirement of the law. They must also report their daily transaction reports. In case they manipulate the data, their license can be revoked. They can also face criminal charges. Clients are also protected against negative account balances.

The problem with dealing with offshore platforms is that you cannot sue the company if they violate your rights. They also tend to change their terms and conditions without giving notice. The fact that Wansen Capital Limited is an anonymous venture should make its way.

Clients’ Reviews of Wansenfx.com

Wansen Capital Limited is a company that is promising high-leverage and tight spread. If this were the case, investors would be lining up to their website. Sadly, nobody endorses the scheme. The platform has also not published its performance report. It is impossible to know the experience of their client.

The information we gather from whois.com shows this is a recently established organization. They have also registered the scheme for a short time frame. This raises eyebrows as con artists are fond of exiting the market prematurely. It will continue to strain that you stay away from suspicious entities without a trading history.

Wansen Capital Limited does not have any legal documentation. They may also ask for a taxation fee. In the future, ensure you watch out for ventures that provide false reviews. Scammers will go out of their way to remain relevant. 

Final Verdict 

Wansen Capital Limited is a discrete investment scheme that will leave many unsatisfied with its services. The scheme is a scam and does not have the best interest of its clients. The broker lacks client reviews and a regulatory form.

Invest in excellent trading ventures in the market. You will sleep soundly knowing the safety of your money is taken care of. Additionally, these ventures handle the withdrawal process of customers in time. 


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