Weownomy Review: Weownomy.globe a Dangerous Company

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Weownomy Review
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What about Weownomy? Who is the person behind this life-changing platform? The information is not featured, and neither do we know the team. Anonymous ventures tend to blow up and misuse the information of users.

Weownomy is a company that claims it is designed to help users make the best income. The users are its owners. Pretty convincing, right? The platform assures users they do not have to worry about losing their data as the venture has them covered.

The entity is operating like social media platforms. Their competitors are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, unlike these companies, the entity does want its users to benefit. The venture aims to distribute the advertising money with their customers.

Weownomy Review, Weownomy Company

It sounds like a plan and a better way of generating money for the clients. Unfortunately, you cannot join this platform for free. You must purchase Weownomy plans. The entity has three packages that you can choose from.

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $8.33 per month for the basic package. The advanced plan required clients to fund at least $59.24, while the premium account wants $177.72 in a month. Why would a social media platform ask users to pay?

Weownomy guarantees thousands of profits to users. Unfortunately, we find this company suspicious and untrustworthy. Their mode of operation has several red flags. Therefore, refrain from sharing your data with the entity. Sadly, there seem not to be services or products of investment in this venture.

Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency companies that are reputable and with a history in the market. The ventures have serving traders diligently and do not make false hopes. Your safety should be your top priority.

Weownomy.global Review

Weownomy has a unique narrative. The venture is paying users to use their platform. However, this is not a joy ride as you have to pay monthly. The scheme is launching a private beta test whereby they are taking the first 2000.

The client receives payment via a digital bank. You can send and receive payment using your account. The fantastic thing is that clients can take loans and pay them without any interest. The scheme also rewards points that can be transferred to real money.

The venture is different from the traditional financial institutions. Weownomy claims it is an ethical, legal, and sustainable project. They reward those that contribute to creating content. Your data is safe, and unlike their competitors, they cannot use it against clients.

The company was designed for future use and to help members earn as they interact with others. The company is in its initial stages, and there are factors to consider before counting your chicks. For instance, the founder of the venture is anonymous. Everyone in the world knows the founder of Facebook, and if you do not, you can easily research.

What about Weownomy? Who is the person behind this life-changing platform? The information is not featured, and neither do we know the team. Anonymous ventures tend to blow up and misuse the information of users.

How Does Weownomy Operate?

The platform claims it has its own bank to help investors monetize their profits. The registration process is free, and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. However, to earn, you must invest in their account.

The content that you create will generate 10% advert revenue. It does not matter whether someone used the information or shared it without your knowledge. Purchasing the plans will make you earn each month a certain amount of profit.

Weownomy aims to resolve the problem of misuse of data that investors share with various social media platforms. Some corporates end up selling the info to third parties for profits. Users are therefore prone to manipulation and getting certain targetted adverts that keep popping out.

The company wants to make investors feel valued by exploiting an existing gap. Companies have been misusing the data of clients, but you should not believe what every platform promises. At the end of the day, it is a man-eat-man society, and con artists are good at their jobs.

Regulation Status of Weownomy

Some may think that the company does not need a license to be in operation. However,  the entity collecting funds from investors and acting as a digital bank obliges them to have a regulatory form.

Weownomy is accepting investors from all over the world. The platform gives users 100% profits. Without anyone monitoring their business, it is easy for those behind the scheme to manipulate users or misuse funds.

Furthermore, the platform is operating in the United States. Therefore, the entity ought to have a license from the NFA. The company has not been in the industry for long. Their transparency is in question.

Weownomy should be reporting its daily activities to the authority. They should also deposit a hefty capital of $2 million before starting their business. The venture being suspicious, cannot afford this amount. They only have a moving luring narrative that will win them a number of naive investors.

Weownomy Contact Details

The firm office address is 256 Champman Road STE, Delaware, United States of America. The entity can be reached via email or phone that it features. Unfortunately, we could not verify if this is the real area of the venture.

The venture lacks a history in the world. They are new in the industry. We cannot pinpoint the real locale of this venture. The venture is also targeting Africans, and it is heavily advertised in the continent.

It would help if you were not naive to believe the information the marketers leave behind. The fact is that this is a nasty entity that will most probably defraud those that trust them.

Illogical Profits

The company has ridiculous returns awaiting users. If you purchase their basic plan, you will generate $800 every month. Sound like cheap money considering that each package is $8.33. We find it hard to believe that the scheme can get all these profits from adverts.

It would help if you did not rejoice but rather be wary of Weownomy. The venture is planning to start its business in December this year, but it already promises high returns. The number of users that the entity claims to have is also way too big.

Weownomy.globe Review, Weownomy.globe Accounts

The scheme is only a few months old. They are not reputable, yet they claim to have 3 million users. A complete bluff. They are selling services without adhering to the law. Therefore, it is unsafe to invest with the platform.

There is no existing client feedback that can show how the entity has been performing. A genuine platform will acquire client feedback indicating the kind of services that they got. The scheme can cut you off once they get access to your money.

Final Verdict

Weownomy is selling shares to its users. They subject investors to buying their shares. Therefore, the company needs to have a license from the relevant financial watchdogs. The venture does not make attempts to show its legitimacy.

The entity is operating against the law, and the people behind the scheme can face criminal charges. The platform has concealed this info as the users are anonymous. The financial agency of Lesotho has issued a warning that they do not authorize the scheme to operate on its soil.

Instead of gambling with your safety in a shady platform, you can invest with proven cryptocurrency trading companies that have top-notch trading tools and assets. These are entities that will help you get the value of your money.


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