WestMarket Limited Review: Westmarketlimited.com a Clone Platform

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WestMarket Limited Review
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WestMarket Limited is a company that is operating illegally. This entity does not have existing offices or past trading results. Invest with the best forex trading ventures in the market to get better results.

WestMarket Limited is a platform that presents a new horizon for investors. The entity claims it wants to help traders become successful with their trading activities. Their main aim is to avail a genuine trading platform for users. The entity purports it operates in full transparency.

WestMarket Limited Review, WestMarket Limited Company

However, they do not care to introduce the team behind the scheme. Without knowing the individuals running the firm, you lack the knowledge to determine if they can generate passive income for you. Additionally, this is a broker that fails to present its past trading results. 

The company has 5 trading accounts. WestMarket Limited states it is available in over 15 countries. They also brag about having over 10K existing clients. How they came to attain such a high audience within a short period raises questions. There is a high chance that the scheme is coming up with fake figures to appear like a reputable venture.

The entity claims it uses cutting-edge technology to become the best cryptocurrency trading venture.  They are accepting both novice and expert traders. Though we doubt professional clients will waste their time in this scheme. The entity also holds that it exceeds the expectation of customers. The timeline that they have been in the industry is short.

Invest with a company that conducts genuine forex trading activities. You are better off with a scheme that is legit. A platform that has a license from a reputable entity is far better than an offshore scheme. You have  a guarantee your information is secure.

Westmarketlimited.com Review

Upon opening an account with WestMarket Limited, they assign a dedicated account manager to handle your account. Their qualification, as mentioned, is unknown. We do not know the trading history or educational qualification of the individuals. The entity also has bonuses that they assign to traders, which is enough evidence the entity is operating illegally. 

The broker is also trading currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. It is a great thing to see the scheme has an educational program for traders. They conduct live webinars, send analyses and market reports. Clients can also expect trading signals. 

Nonetheless, we are yet to come across an investor that has earned using this scheme. Therefore, we cannot validate if the information this entity provides is genuine. The safety of your money should be your main concern. However, this is a scheme that is operating in only God knows where. They also lack a regulatory document making them dangerous.

The assets that the venture is providing are volatile. Therefore, trading with them requires skills. Do not jump in and expect to be making huge returns overnight. The safety of your money should be your main concern. Trade wisely and get real-time passive returns.

Trading Conditions

WestMarket Limited is a tactical entity utilizing a top-notch marketing strategy. They speak highly about their trading software; however, they are only offering a web-based interface. The features are undesirable and incomparable to theMT4. Investors can also not trade automatically.

Westmarketlimited.com Review, Westmarketlimited.com Features

The venture has a spread of 0.6 pips. It is an ideal limit as traders can make better returns. However, the problem is that this is a shady venture that lacks an investment history. Their reputation is also at stake. Customers’ money will only be lost in such a scheme.

Their leverage is above the approved limit. WestMarket Limited provides a 1:200, which is above the regulatory scope. The highest that the financial watchdog accepts is 1:50. This should show you the seriousness of the matter.

WestMarket Limited Withdrawal and Deposits

WestMarket Limited has several payment methods. They list; Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller, and Bitcoin. The least amount of funds that you can deposit is $250. The venture operates in a murky manner. 

The least amount that client can cash out for wire transfers is $300, while the other listed payment is $50. There is a fee of $20 for wire transfers and 1% of the sum. For other options, investors need to pay $20. The entity is overcharging traders. Accepting the bonuses of this scheme is a big red flag. The venture requires clients to attain a trading volume of 40 times.

This is absurd. If you do not meet the requirements, the venture will take a penalty fee of 25%. The entity will most likely withhold payment to investors. They do not care about fund safety. We recommend that you invest wisely and look for a more reputable broker. 

Customer Support and  Contact Details

WestMarket Limited purports it has offices in London. They feature a phone number and an email address that clients can use to reach them. However, we have enough reason to believe this is not the actual location of this firm. The government of the UK does not recognize a platform by this name.

Moreover, it is also a big red flag for the venture to call themselves transparent, yet they cannot reveal their actual office address. You must know the office of the platform you invest with. This helps in reaching the scheme in case of any problem.

Fraudsters usually feature false information, and once they leave the market, traders cannot reach them. Trusting an authentic broker comes with the advantage of receiving sound support services.

Regulation Status of WestMarket Limited

This platform is a bogus scheme that impersonates a regulated legit company based in the UK. The entity has not met the requirement to operate legally in the market. WestMarket Limited uses everything from the address, license number, and name. Clone investment ventures are hazardous.

They leave traders high and dry when they choose to exit the market. The entity also wants traders to believe it is operating in Japanese and British legally. It is a common trait among fraudsters. Unfortunately, after checking the database of these firms, we found this to be another false statement.

WestMarket Limited Client Feedback

The broker claims it has been in the market for years. However, they have nothing to show. The entity does not have client feedback. One great form of knowing how the entity is performing is by checking on the experience that customers have. Without knowing what you are signing up for, you are getting yourself into more trouble. 

Legit investment schemes have nothing to hide. You will encounter client reviews on third-party websites. Moreover, information on their past trading records is also accessible. 

The Domain Insight

WestMarket Limited is a scheme in which its registration took place in June 2021. The entity is only registered for a period of one year. The people that are managing the company are anonymous. We do not know their qualifications or their identity. The global traffic visiting this scheme is low. 3,390,363 is not impressive. Therefore, watch out for them.

Final Verdict

Using other business information is unethical. WestMarket Limited is a platform that hides behind the success of a genuine scheme. The entity does not have a license. Fund safety is something you should not expect from them. 

Focus on getting a legit forex trading entity that is actually investing. The safety of your money should be your main concern. These are entities that have been in the market for years. Their reputation outshine in the industry.